Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya

English translation of Sri Madhvacharya’s Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya

Source: Kannada Translation of MBTN by Sri Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya, MBTN as part of Sarvamoola Granthas published by Sri Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya, last 50 shlokas of Chapter 9 relied on the English translation by Sri B Gururajah Rao.

  • Chapter 1 – Sarvashastraartha Nirnaya (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter1 )
    • Contents: The creation of the Universe, Lord Hari’s greatness, the right shastras, the right philosophies, the five differences, the route to Moksha, the hierarchy
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
    • Part 5
  • Chapter 2 – Bharata Vakyoddhara (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter2)
    • Contents: The greatness of Bharata, the need for a decisive commentary, the order of hierarchy in Kshatriyas and others, the hierarchy amongst women, the explanation of the shlokas of the Bharata
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
    • Part 5
    • Part 6
  • Chapter 3 – Sargaanursarga Pralaya Pradurbhava Nirnaya (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter3)
    • Contents: Continuation of the creation of the Universe, the birth of Brahma, Vayu and others, the creation of the world, Matsya and other avataras of Lord Hari, Lord Rama avatara
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • Chapter 4 – Bala Kanda Katha Nirupana (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter4)
    • Contents: Killing of Tataka, Control of Maricha, Ahalya Uddhara, Breaking of Shiva’s bow, Wedding with Sita, the union of Rama and Parashurama
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • Chapter 5 – Hanumaddarshana (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter5)
    • Contents: Exile in forest, devotion of Bharata, Vayasa episode, Sharabhanga episode, Killing of Viradha, Killing of Maricha, alternate form of Sita, Upliftment of Kabandha and Shabari
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • Chapter 6 – Hanumadvardhana (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter6)
    • Contents: Meeting Hanuman, friendship with Sugreeva, killing of Vali, Sugreeva becoming king, Assembly of monkeys, Search for Sita, Hanuman’s devotion to Lord Rama, Hanuman getting ready to jump across the ocean
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • Chapter 7 – Hanumatpratiyaanam – SundaraKanda Katha Nirupanam (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter7)
    • Contents: Crossing of the ocean, Mainaka episode, Surasa’s defeat, Killing of Simhika, Defeat of Lankini, Darshana of Sita’s form, Giving of Angulika, Destruction of Ashoka Vana, Killing of Ravana’s army, Killing of Aksha Kumara, Brahmastra, Message to Ravana, Burning of Lanka, Handing over of Chudamani
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • Chapter 8 – Yuddha Kanda Katha Nirupanam (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter8)
  • Chapter 9 – Rama Svadhama Pravesham (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter9)
    • Contents: The glorious rule of Rama, Birth of Lava and Kusha, Shatrughna establishes Mathura, Lord Rama returns back to His abode
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
  • Chapter 10 – Vyasa Avatara (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter10)
    • Contents: Samudra Manthana, Birth of Lord Vyasa, the various activities of Lord Vyasa
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • Chapter 11 – Sri Bhagavadavatara Pratijnana (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter11 )
  • Chapter 12 – Sri Krishnavatara Pandavotpatti (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter12)
  • Contents: Birth of Lord Krishna, His initial leelas, birth of Pandavas
  • Chapter 13 – Kamsa Vadha (Complete chapter – single PDF file mbtn-chapter13)
  • Contents: The leelas of Bala Krishna, up to the killing of Kamsa
  • Chapter 14 – Uddhava Pratiyaanam
  • Contents: Gurukula vaasa of Lord Krishna, the defeat of Jarasandha, the passing away of Pandu, the arrival of Pandavas in Hastinapura, the childhood heroics of Bhima

30 Responses to “Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya”

  1. Adarsh Achar Says:

    Dear Mr.Hari,
    Is Pramanyabodhini Grantha is available with you or any reference can be given with respect to that as it speaks related to authenticity and validity of Swapnavrundavanakhyana.
    Can you suggest on this.
    With regards
    Adarsh Achar

  2. srivathsa Says:

    I have a question about madwa philosophy
    1) for madwas there are 5 bedas
    *)jiva -jiva
    *)jiswara-jada and jiva-jada
    BUT TODAYS SCIENCE HAVE PROVED THAT THERE IS NO JADA-JADA BEDA…..i:e according to madhvaacharya ,gold can never become silver….but todays science have proved that by changing electronics configuration we can change gold to silver….WHICH ACCORDING TO MADHVAACHARYA IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!!!…because nothing,or jada loose their prakruthika guna according to madhvacharya,….
    2)jiva-jiva beda:
    accoring to dvaita each jiva is suguna and his prakrutika gunas are his own gunas.
    1)me myself, i am human i see another human in kama,but if i become dog in next janma,i see dog with kama… prakruthika guna kama is not atmans guna
    2) bhudhi:
    now when we are human we have high level of bhudhi,but if i become dog in next janma we have bhudhi of the level of dog,so budhi is not atmas guna
    if u go on thinking like that u will come to know that ,these gunas atman got from MAYA of jagath..and is not atmans guna ….so atman is nirgua and jagath is maya…………so madwaacharya’s jath is truth and 5 bedas are false…….

    • Sudharsan Says:

      Who said that by changing electronic configuration all materials can be transformed into gold??? had they done that before?? If such things are “proved right” then the concerned scientists would have got “Nobel Prize”. Today’s scientists are finding it difficult even to remove a single electron from uranium 236 isotope for making it as uranium 235 in order to make it as a nuclear fuel. Then how it is possible to remove more than 100 electrons to change uranium to gold ( atomic no 72 ). If even removing an electron is that difficult, then how can almost 70 electrons be “added” to hydrogen to change it into gold. Please answer this question first and then ask other questions.

      • srivathsa Says:

        If you go deep in science…which says…that even matter was not there before….best example for matter conversion is sun…where hydrogen is converted to helium …and a large amnount of matter there is converted to light….thus..this proves that jada-jada beda is not absolute as said in dvaita…

    • sparcy Says:

      As you said, there is no beda between Jada -Jada, by giving example of modern science, even then its impossible, and below is the reason for that, i will take the example of gold itself.

      suppose you have gold and if you mix that with copper or which any substance of your like, then its not called as complete gold, and it will lose its originality, so it will differ from its original form. if you dont agree with this statement then i guess you will buy mixed gold and you will pay the same cost for the that mixed gold.

      Now, using modern science you are trying to prove that Jada-Jada beda is not correct, the process example what you took is called Redox ( changing electronics configuration ) even this says the statement as “Redox reactions can be understood in terms of transfer of electrons from one involved species (reducing agent) to another (oxidizing agent). In this process, the former species is oxidized and the latter is reduced. Though sufficient for many purposes, these descriptions are not precisely correct.”

      for me it looks like neither you understood what is Jada – Jada beda nor you understood what will really happen when you change electronics configuration of a subject……

      Jiva-Jiva beda , again your thought process is wrong here, its better to understand what is “Pancha beda taratamya” properly then we can debate on what is right and how it is right.

      Good luck for your learning……

      • srivathsa Says:

        1)ok….forget science….let us take you yourself given local example
        Milk….it is one jada,curd is another jada,,,,they have different prakruthika guna…..if milk and curd are different by absolute as said by madhvacharya….milk should never become curd…..
        but milk…become curd,ghee,butter milk…etc…here the prakruthika gunas of milk (jada)changes to the prakruthika gunas of ghee,curd etc….hence…there cannot be jada-jada beda by absolute as said by madhvacharya…
        2)dress…perishes by time(kumbaagutthade)….here dress looses its prakruthika guna bala (strength)…by time…so strength is not guna of jada…
        3)when you burn your dress,the dress looses all its prakruthika gunas like colour,smoothness and become ashe,if you go on thinking like that…then there is no jada-jada beda…….as jada’s prakruthika guna changes…
        so what is the guna of jada…which makes it different from other jada,,,by absolute?
        if jada-jada beda is absolute as said by madhvacharya prakruthika gunas of jada should never change as,he says prakruthika gunas of jada are of it’s own swarupa…and it will never change…
        3)one person having a thumb print in one janma,will have another thum print in another janma…so there are not athman’s attribute…. one leave of the same tree…will not be like that…after a day…it will be grown old like big in size,change colour to yellow…etc….so there are not the gunas of jaga…if you go in thinking like that…a jada will be different from it self after a period of time….so quality changes with time…
        4) similary kama,physical appearance,thinking changes from janma to janma there are not athman’s guna…so athman is nirguna…so prakruthika gunas like rajasa,tamasa,sathvika are not athman’s guna…so athman is nirguna…..

        what you say for this sir?

  3. srivathsa Says:

    ultimate knowledge is sacchidaanada. sacchidaananda is the personality(swarupa) of brahman….which means …..
    sat(always present)….chit(consiousness)……anadnda(bliss) …..when you experience…..this ananda(bliss)…….that means your personality have become equal to sacchidaanada….in that state you have become sacchidaanada swarupi…..or in other words… have become sacchidaanada rupi brahman …..which is the ultimate knowledge….as vedas says…..
    so….you yourself…..have become sacchidaanada….or YOU HAVE BECOME BRAHMAN ,which is ultimate knowledge….thats why vedas say…..prajgnam brahm….or brahman is knowledge…..and you are brahman…….(aham brahmamaasmi)……this is in breaf……the essence of jgnana yoga….

  4. srivathsa Says:

    In dvaita’s trividha jeevas…like rajasa,tamasa,and sathvika jeevas are like tv serials….where there will be a good person…who will always think good and do good ,
    there will be a bad person…who always think evil and do evil….this is just the ladys watching tv serial story….hence not practical…..
    2)In reality there is atleast a good guna in a bad person and a bad guna in a very good person….a evil person can become good one day and good person can become bad one day…..So, we cannot say evil nature or good nature are nature of his own soul…..So,there cannot be rajasa,sathvika ,tamasa jeevas…..

  5. srivathsa Says:

    Athman is nirvikaara or nirvikaari….in dvaita

    If you accept this athman as nirvikaari ,then you should accept athman is not atomic and it is infinite or brahman…why because
    ,now one soul which is human,in this janma,if he become elephant in next janma,will his soul stretches to the size of elephant?
    similarly if that soul become ant in next janma,will its soul will compress to the size of ant?…..
    Similarly,in same janma baby will grow from the small size baby to big man,if size changes…then soul cannot be called as nirvikaari or avikaari…..
    for that purpose,advaita adviceses that athman is infinite in size,or covers whole world
    or athman is brahman…only because of ignorance…it thinks that it is limited in size……….

    what you say for this sir?

  6. srivathsa Says:

    First of all ,In advaita we say shivoham,not as “Parvathi pathi”….we say shiva shivoham here shiva means supreme knowledge or supreme consciousnesses….that is it……..that means we are supreme consioussness…not parvathi’s husband
    In dvaita hari means “lakshmi ‘s husband,shiva means “parvathi’s husband”…..this is childish…..and bakwas
    If you ask a donkey…how is god…it says god is beautiful donkey …similarly madhvacharya says hari as a beautiful sarvothama lakshmi ‘s husband hari……

    Dvaita Looks like full of childish , bakwas stories

    Please answer atleast for this…..

    • prahallad Says:

      mr srivatsa, simple try to understand one small thing then u can comment , from nokia charger u cannot charge samsung phone but u can say what your nokia phone does samsung is doing let nokia charger be used for samsung is it possible not.

      • prahallad Says:

        u just under stand advita shastras are ture or bhraman is true what is true? if u find out
        then u can come out of concept of advita then u may understand wat is 5 bedas how they are define.

  7. srivathsa Says:

    Please go though the following youtube link,which tell about maya of advaita,

    and tell your valuable comment…

    • Sopan Sant Says:

      This world is real but temporary…by our imperfect senses and mind, we can’t understand the things as they are..
      – only through the scriptures under the guidance of a spiritual master coming in a bona fide disciplic succession, can we understand the truth in totality

      According to the vedic scriptures, this world which we live in is made up of 24 elements (collectively known as prakriti) earth, fire, etc.

      and this prakriti is the energy of the Supreme Lord or Supreme Brahman (Bhagavad Gita 7.4)
      and this prakriti works under the direction of the Supreme Lord Krishna (Bhagavad Gita 9.10)

      and because the Supreme Lord is Real and eternal, therefore, his energy is also real and eternal
      although its manifestation is temporary…
      Supreme Lord is the cause of all causes and effects

      The Advaita philosophy given by Sripad Adi Sankaracarya is was given only to defeat the Buddhism and drive them out of India and to establish the prominence of Vedas (which were opposed by Buddhists)

      There are many fallacies in Advaita philosophy, for example – Advaita philosophers can’t answer what is Maya???
      If Brahman forgets himself under the spell of Maya, then it means that Maya is supreme and not the Brahman

      As a matter of fact, Absolute Truth is a person and the scriptures (vedas, upanishads, puranas, itihasasas, tantras) are the proof. These literatures are not the compositions of a human mind as the followers of Advaita wrongly think..

  8. Chetan Surya S Says:

    All of you- Please read and MUST READ : SATYARTHA PRAKASH( a must), Dayanand Shastrarth Sangraha, Rigvedaadi Bhashya Bhumika, Ramayan-Bhrantiya by swami Vidyanand Saraswati as well as BHAGAVT KHANDANAM BY SWAMI DAYANAND SARASWATI.
    Know this: Bhraamhanaani Itihasan Puraanaani Gaathan Kalpaan Naarashamsiriti. – THE FOUR BRAAHMANAS : EITAREYA, SHATAPATHA, GOPATHA and SAMA are also called as Puranas and not the newly written BHAGAVATAm and all.( you can read in BHAGAVAT KHANDANAM by DAYANAND SARASWATI where mistakes in Bhagavtam are shown with proofs w.r.t Vyakaranshastra by Patanjali.)
    Bhagavatam is written by Bobadeva, the brother of Jayadeva who wrote GITAGOVINDAM even before Madhvacharya born)
    Don’t study Saaraswat Vyakaran because it was written by Swaroopacharya who wrote it to falsely prove his mispronounced word-PUNSU
    Understand the Vedas and live as per the rules shown by the VEDAS
    ONLY the vedas are the Ultimate truth-you’ll get to you know it if you read SATARTHA PRAKASH by Dayanand Saraswati.
    There are so many interpolations in Ramayan because
    1. Rishi Narad( whose name is skillfully used in the modern Puranas) addressed Rishi Valmiki to write Ramayan as per his instructions ( given in the I Khanda). He nver uttered that THE FAMOUS KING AND VIDWAAN SRI RAMA as Narayan’s avatar at all.
    2. The history of ramayan actually starts with Khanda 2. Thogh there are interpolations in the middle also.
    3. There are two indexes for Ramayana – one told by Narad and other constructed by by Valmiki—which is false because he says that he wrote ramayan based on the instruction of Narada but in the immediate next chapter he starts to think of Ramyana story–whic is utter false.
    4. The Phalashruti for one epic is always one and the story can never continue beyond. Therefore, The entire Uttara Khanda of Ramayana is false. though there are so many proofs to regard it false, I’ll give you one proof: The pushpaka Vimaana was actually returned by Rama as soon as he landed to Ayodhya but in the Uttarakhanda it’s written that Rama went through Pushpaka Vimana in search of Shambhuk. which is totally false.
    5. In the Balakhanda, story of Gotam-Ahalya is added by some nonsense taking that story literally as given in the VEDIC BOOKS. Read Rigvedaadi Bhashya Bhumika( a must for veda learners because of the the modern mistakes)
    6. REMEMBER RAMAYAN IS A KAVYA( Kavya is always be according to the Kavya shastra and ALankaars are must-means we cannot lterally takethe meanings) look at this: “Hanumaan fetched the entire mountain”. Only those who are not aware of the ALANKAARA, Chhandas and Kavya Shastra can take this literally. We say, for example, you have fetched the entire market- which means so many vegetales have been bought and NOT the entire market is been lifted.

    I treat the VEDAS are the only soiurces of truth ( understand it By reading SATYARTHA PRAKASH where the magnificient Vedic Dharma is upholded and als the other dharmic, puranic Mathas’ secrets are condemned and exposed keeping the vedas as the TESTIMONY

  9. Naga Narayana Says:

    Building and breaking a cocoon around yourself is your own choice! Good Luck!!

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