Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 30: Part 5

  • 162) Knowing the opinion of Sri Krishna (on this matter), the Sages praised the many great qualities of Sri Krishna, the Pandavas and the Yajna and condemned it (the mongoose).
  • 163-164) Earlier, the Asura, being the presiding deity of anger, had tasted milk kept by Sage Jamadagni for Shraddha in the guise of a mongoose. The Pitru Devatas had then cursed him saying – “May you remain as a mongoose until you berate Dharmaraja and the other Devatas”. Their aim was to ensure terrible Tamas and hence they had cursed thus. Having done so, he went to Tamas.
    • Note: Although berating Dharmaraja appears to rid the mongoose from the curse, the abuse of Devatas ensures permanent Tamas, which is wholly appropriate for an Asura like him.
  • 165) While it is true that the Daana of wealth by a poor man fetches more punya, what fetches greater punya is always the qualities of the practitioner such as knowledge and devotion.
  • 166) Another reason (that fetches punya) is the pleasure of noble people. Sri Hari himself is the best amongst noble. In terms of auspicious qualities, who else is greater or even equal to the Pandavas?
  • 167-168) That excellent Yajna which the greatest noble one Sri Vishnu, along with noble Sages and Devatas, is getting done through his most dear Pandavas under his own presence – what other instrument of auspiciousness can be equal to this? The followers of the Paingi branch chant the following appropriate mantra.
  • 169) “All the Karma done by those who do not possess devotion in Sri Vishnu gives fragile benefits. The Karma of Sri Vishnu’s devotees fetches infinite punya. There too, more and more punya is obtained as per the order of the Varnas”.
  • 170-171) “”Even amongst Vaishnavas, the Karma done by Gandharvas is a hundred times more (better) than those of humans. The Karmas rendered by Pitrus, Munis, Devatas, Indra, Shiva and Brahma are to be understood as being hundred times better than the previous ones in the same order. The Karma performed by Brahma is unmatched by anyone”.
    • Note: The Karma of Pitrus is a hundred times better than those of Gandharvas. Munis perform Karma hundred times better than Pitrus. Devatas exceed Munis in Karma by a hundred fold. Similarly, the Karma of Indra is a hundred times more than other Devatas. Shiva exceeds Indra by a hundred times. Brahma performs hundred-fold better Karma than Shiva.
  • 172) “Amongst the pile of Jeevas, devotion towards Sri Vishnu keeps increasing in order till Brahma. Even in terms of results obtained for Karma, the pleasure of Sri Vishnu is the main factor and nothing else”.
  • 173) Therefore, there is no match for the Karma performed by Pandavas. In terms of knowledge and other auspicious attributes, no one is equal to them. Therefore, that Daitya, being the presiding deity of anger, was a great sinner and, having berated the most Satvika Pandavas, attained Andhantamas.
  • 174) Later, in that divine assembly of Devatas and Munis, upon the request of Dharmaraja, Lord Sri Krishna instructed all the Vaishnava Dharmas with utmost pleasure.
  • 175) All of them, having listened to all the Dharmas from Sri Krishna, worshipped the lord of the world with excellent and utmost devotion and obtained supreme bliss.

|| End of chapter 30, known as ‘Ashwamedha Kathanam’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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