Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 14: Part 6

  • 101) Having listened to these words of Dhritharashtra, Akrura said to himself “His mind is spoilt”. He then told Dhritharashtra “Your children won’t survive” and left for his hometown Madhura, taking along Bhima, Arjuna and also Sahadeva.
  • 102) Bhima and Arjuna stayed in Madhura, receiving excellent knowledge about the essence of paramatma from Lord Krishna Himself. The two of them, possessing excellent qualities, always engaged in good activities, and were worshipped by Yadavas.
  • 103) “If I learn the art of using a mace from Bhagavanta, then I will have to wield the weapon against him. I cannot do so” – thinking thus, Bhima took the permission of Lord Krishna and learnt the art from Balarama in his presence itself.
  • 104) Balarama too taught Bhima whatever he had himself learnt from Lord Krishna in his presence. Later, Arjuna learnt astras from Lord Krishna. Similarly, Sahadeva studied the excellent ‘rajaneeti’ from Uddhava in its entirety.
  • 105) Later Krishna sent Uddhava, the one who was excellent in niti, to nandagokula saying thus – “O Uddhava! Relieve Nanda and others from the grief of my words and my separation. Go soon”.
  • 106) “No one truly has any separation from me ever since I reside inside of everyone always. You should never have the impression that I am human. Don’t the jnanis call me as the most pristine Brahma?”
  • 107) “Previously when a python had swallowed Nanda it had not been possible for anyone to free him. Then, it turned into a divine vidyadhara due to the mere touch of my feet. You should recall all that it had said then”
  • 108) “Due to the pride of his handsomeness he had mocked a brahmana by name Angirasa who had become weak and lean due to constant tapas. Due to that mistake, he had become a python. He obtained his true form due to me and then told Nanda”
  • 109) “He is not human. He is Lord Hari himself. He is better than the best. He is the lord of the Universe. He is the cause of everything. He is independent. The munis understand Him thus and obtain liberation from samsara and reach his feet after becoming truly detached”
  • 110) “Earlier when the messenger of Varuna had caught Nanda once, I had been to Varuna’s residence. There too, Varuna had worshipped me a lot and then released Nanda and told him – ‘He is not your son. He is the supreme being Himself’ “
  • 111) “Didn’t I show the Vaikunta loka to all the Gopas? Didn’t I reveal my excellent form so they give up the thought that I am a mere human and One without a physical body?  Therefore have devotion in me. Obtain peace”
  • 112) Having listened to all that Lord Krishna said, Uddhava left for Vrundavana. He then relieved all the sorrow of the Gopas with the words of Krishna and returned to the presence of the Lord.

|| End of chapter 14, known as ‘Uddhava Pratiyana’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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