Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 25: Part 3

  • 81) Seeing the powerful son of Bhima, Alambusa fled the battlefield out of fear. The army of Duryodhana too started running away. Then, Duryodhana faced Ghatotkacha.
  • 82) Duryodhana killed the powerful ministers and other assistants of the son of Bhima. When those remaining alive started to flee, Ghatotkacha immediately started hitting Duryodhana using a lot of strength.
  • 83) Duryodhana, troubled in that manner, pierced Ghatotkacha’s body with an arrow. When he was hit in that manner by the powerful one, Ghatotkacha’s senses took a beating. He gathered himself somehow even as he was about to fall down. Then, he once again started releasing arrows against Duryodhana.
  • 84) The King of men and the King of Rakshasas fought against each other for a long time. Neither of them could win against the other. Noticing this, Drona and the others, capable of facing enemies, rushed there in order to protect Duryodhana.
  • 85) Ghatotkacha, standing in the skies, showered huge arrows at great speed against Drona, Shalya, Ashwathama, Krupacharya, Bhurishravas, Krutavarma and the rest.
  • 86) Seeing him being alone and attacked by great warriors, Bhimasena came there to face all of them. Drona, being hit by the arrows of Bhima and suffering great pain, fell unconscious.
  • 87) In an instant, Bhima rendered Ashwathama, Krupa and others and Duryodhana and the rest to lose their chariots. As Bhima stopped those warriors, Ghatotkacha (once again) started showering arrows upon them.
  • 88) The Kauravas , while being tormented by the shower of tree-sized arrows from Ghatotkacha in the sky, were also pained by the arrows of Bhima on the ground. Falling down, they let out cries due to pain. Being very afraid, they ran away in all directions.
  • 89) Chasing away all the Kauravas, apart from Bhishma, into their camps, Bhimasena and Ghatotkacha roared with their great voices that filled the whole world.
  • 90) Later, Duryodhana got together with his people and went to the battlefield again. Approaching Bhishma, he asked him how he could win against Ghatotkacha. Bhishma told him – “Do not go against him”.
  • 91) Bhishma sent the King of Pragjyotisha (Bhagadatta) against Ghatotkacha. The powerful Bhagadatta approached the Rakshasa and started to battle him. The son of Hidimbaa caused trouble to him and his elephant.
  • 92) Bhagadatta, tormented by Ghatotkacha, hurled a spear at him, who leapt into the sky, held the spear and broke it after placing it on his knees. The Devatas felt great joy seeing this.
  • 93) Bhagadatta then started killing the assistants of the son of Bhima, seeing which Bhima went to battle against him. Bhagadatta rushed his elephant against him. Bhima immediately stopped that elephant with his arrows.
  • 94) When that elephant was stunned due to those excellent arrows, Bhagadatta troubled Bhima’s horses with arrows. Seeing this, Bhimasena, wanting to kill him along with his elephant, rushed towards him, having picked up his mace.
  • 95) Noticing Bhima angrily rushing towards him in order to kill, and Arjuna and Sri Krishna approaching from the back in order to snatch the Vaishnava astra, the scared Bhagadatta fled from there.
  • 96) When Bhagadatta fled in that matter, and when all the groups of Kings were chased away by Bhima and Arjuna, Bhishma withdrew the army and left. That night, Duryodhana came to Bhishma.
  • 97) When Duryodhana spoke cruel words, Bhishma gave him his assurance to forsake the fear of death and kill enemies, deploying his complete strength. The next day, he did the same too.
  • 98) The Kauravas protected Bhishma as much as they could. The Kings of Chedi, Panchala and Matsya countries, tormented by Bhishma, fled from the field. Being very scared of Bhishma’s arrows, they became saddened like stray deer troubled by a lion.
  • 99) When the son of Arjuna (Abhimanyu) went against Bhishma after stopping those Kings from fleeing, the Rakshasa Alambusa came in his way. Abhimanyu won against him and rushed towards Bhishma. Then, Duryodhana faced him.
  • 100) A special, most-amazing and terrible duel took place between him and the son of Partha, which went on equally (i.e. both faring equally) for a long time. Later, Duryodhana suddenly cut off and felled the bow and mast of Abhimanyu. 
  • 101) Later Duryodhana rained a shower of arrows on Abhimanyu and also killed his charioteer. Bhima then faced Duryodhana and killed his horses.
  • 102) Drona, Ashwathama, Bhagadatta, Krupa and Chitrasena surrounded Bhimasena. After making all of them fall back, Bhima then picked up a mace for Chitrasena.
  • 103) Seeing him pick up the mace in that manner, all of them fled from there. Chitrasena jumped on to the ground even as his chariot was blown to pieces by Bhima’s mace. Seeing Chitrasena (still) alive, all the Kauravas became happy.
  • 104) Bhishma, possessing the most intense radiance, killed fourteen thousand great chariot warriors belonging to the Kings of Panchala, Karusha and Chedi. Just as a wolf scatters sheep, he chased away the enemies.
  • 105) Chasing away the army of the Pandavas, spreading his fame all over the world, Bhishma withdrew his army as night befell and returned to his camp, being praised by the Kauravas (all along).
  • 106) Drona slew Virata’s son Shankha right in front of him. He defeated Virata too. Chasing away the Pandava army, he joyfully joined Bhishma and returned.
  • 107) Bhima and Arjuna too killed the enemies and chased away many brave warriors. As Dharmaraja withdrew the army due to Bhishma’s fear, they too returned to the camps.
  • 108) Being scared of Bhishma’s valour, Dharmaraja went to him at night, seeking to know from Bhishma himself the means to kill him. Sri Krishna and his brothers too followed him as Bhishma was their grandfather.
  • 109) Although Bhima and Arjuna were most capable of killing Bhishma, they did not desire to do so without his permission. The reason for this was the fact that Bhishma was most worship-worthy by virtue of having practiced the path of excellent Karma always. For the sake of Pandavas, Sri Krishna too went there.
  • 110) Having obtained his consent for killing, the Pandavas got ready for battle and left, placing Shikandi in front as per his (Bhishma’s) words. The Kauravas too started for battle with Bhishma in front.
  • 111) Arjuna proceeded as Shikandi’s protector. Dushasana stood in front of Bhishma. All the others too (on the Kaurava side) started protecting Bhishma. Bhimasena and the others moved to stop them.
  • 112) The Rakshasa Alambusa interrupted Satyaki who was going against Bhishma. The Yadava hero hurt him with arrows that were hard as diamonds. He (Alambusa) then created a terrible maya.
  • 113) Using an astra, the brave Satyaki destroyed his maya and chased him afar. After he ran away, Satyaki followed Arjuna in his chariot, holding a bow, and proceeded towards Bhishma.
  • 114) The son of Vayu (Bhima) stopped Drona, Ashwathama, Duryodhana, Bhurishravas, Bhagadatta, Krupa, Shalya, Bahlika, Krutavarma, Susharma and the entire army.
  • 115) The brave Bhima repeatedly rendered all of them chariot-less. He hurt Bhagadatta, who was trying to stop Arjuna, and chased him away along with his elephant. Arjuna then started nearing Bhishma.
  • 116) Shakuni, along with a cavalry of ten thousand excellent men, stopped Dharmaraja who was proceeding towards Bhishma along with Nakula and Sahadeva.
  • 117) The three of them completely destroyed the cavalry and the horses, defeated Shakuni and reached Bhishma. The sons of Draupadi, as well as Virata, Drupada and Kuntibhoja arrived there.
  • 118) When Dhrishtadyumna tried to go against Bhishma, Jayadratha stopped him with his arrows. Dhrishtadyumna killed his horses and charioteer and chased him away along with his army. The brave one then quickly approached Bhishma.
  • 119) Shikandi, protected by Arjuna, faced Bhishma in battle and started hurting him with his arrows. Knowing him to be a woman, Bhishma did not hurl arrows back at him. Shikandi though kept hurting Bhishma repeatedly.
  • 120) Durmarshana tried to stop Shikandi with his arrows. He kept rolling his eyes out of anger. Shikandi could not cross him and move forward. Dushasana then stopped Arjuna.

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