Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 25: Part 2

  • 41) Even after Bhishma and Drona, the great archers, fixed their chariots and came back again and tried howsoever hard, Bhima easily defeated them again. He slayed the Kauravas. Surprise!
  • 42-44) Then, twenty-five powerful Kauravas were slain by Bhima. Bhagadatta, Ashwathama, Krupa, Shalya, Duryodhana and the others lost and fled from there. A large portion of the army was destroyed. Duryodhana, rendered chariot-less and weapon-less, was injured a lot and became deeply unconscious. Bhima did all this even as all the Kings kept watching. Later, driven by fear, the Kauravas withdrew their army.
  • 45-46) At night, Duryodhana went to Bhishma’s place. He was bleeding profusely due to injuries caused by Bhima’s arrows. He bowed to Bhishma and asked him – “Why are we consistently losing? And why are the Pandavas winning and celebrating every day?”
  • 47) Bhishma told him – “They are invincible Devatas who have come down to Earth. They are especially protected by Sri Krishna. They are always dear to him”.
  • 48) “Earlier, in the Manasottara mountain, Brahma and the other Devatas had gathered. Then, only Brahma was able to see Sri Hari”.
  • 49) “Brahma worshipped Sri Hari a lot, chanted his praises, and requested him to reduce Earth’s burden (eliminate evil). He then narrated to the Devatas what he heard from Sri Hari”.
  • 50) “He is Deva Narayana. He, the one who is complete, eternal and an ocean of auspiciousness, has ordered all of you to take Avatara on Earth. The lord of the world will himself appear as the son of Devaki”.
  • 51) “In this way, with Brahma ordering them, Yama, Vayu and the other Devatas, getting together with Indra and the Maruts, took Avatara as Pandavas and the rest”.
  • 52) “Deva Sri Narayana has made his appearance as the son of Devaki. Being protected by him, the Pandavas are the invincible personifications of Devatas. If you do not desire defeat, garner a truce with them”.
  • 53) When Bhishma spoke thus, the cunning minded Duryodhana faked a show of worship to Sri Hari and left. The next day (however) the evil minded one got his army ready for war.
  • 54) Due to the effect of the divine medicine prescribed by Bhishma, Duryodhana had ridden himself of all pain. Putting on his kavacha and other armaments, he left for war, keeping Bhishma in front.
  • 55) On that day, a big battle took place between the brave followers of Bhima who never withdrew from battle and the Kauravas who were following Bhishma.
  • 56) Dhrishtadyumna followed Bhima and fought the brothers of Duryodhana. Using the sammohanastra, he rendered Vikarna and the others unconscious and proceeded to destroy their army.
  • 57) Drona then brought all of them back to consciousness by using the vijananastra and raced (to fight) against Dhrishtadyumna. Bhimasena caused Drona to end up without a charioteer and chased away the enemies by showering them with arrows.
  • 58) Later Krutavarma came to face Dhrishtadyumna on his chariot. Both of them showered a terrible reign of arrows against each other. Dhrishtadyumna rendered Krutavarma chariot-less.
  • 59) When that great chariot-warrior Krutavarma was defeated thus, Duryodhana went against Dhrishtadyumna. Bhima then caused Duryodhana to lose his chariot and all weapons. With one arrow he hit Duryodhana with great force, aiming at his neck.
  • 60) Krupa carried away the blood spilling and deeply unconscious Duryodhana from the battlefield lifting him on to his chariot. Bhimasena started chasing away the Kaurava army through a flood of arrows.
  • 61) After that, riding on the chariot being driven by Sri Krishna, Arjuna caused chaos amongst the enemies with a shower of arrows and drove twenty-five thousand chariot-warriors to the abode of Yama.
  • 62) Satyaki, that excellent archer, followed Arjuna even as he chased away the Kaurava army. Bhurishravas went ahead and challenged him. A terrible battle, involving great astras, took place between the two of them.
  • 63) The brave Bhurishravas killed and felled ten of Satyaki’s children right in front of him. He hurt Satyaki too with arrows that almost tore his body apart. The two of them destroyed each others chariot.
  • 64) Then, seeing Bhurishravas confront the sword-wielding Satyaki with a great sword of his own, Bhimasena got Satyaki to climb his chariot.
  • 65) Duryodhana boarded Bhurishravas on to his chariot and fled afar from Bhimasena. Arjuna, the one who is equal to Mahendra, faced Bhishma in battle.
  • 66) Even as Devatas looked on, Bhishma and Arjuna, both being extremely strong warriors, full of pride and best amongst knowers of astras, hurt each other by hurling arrows that were like the poison of great serpents.
  • 67) Arjuna, that great chariot-warrior on Earth, defeated Bhishma with his prowess. Bhishma withdrew his army. Since it was getting dark, the Pandavas too withdrew their army.
  • 68) The next day, both the armies resumed battle with Bhima and Bhishma leading them from the front. Bhimasena immediately caused Bhishma to lose his charioteer and rushed towards the enemies.
  • 69) Duryodhana, Bhishma, Drona, Ashwathama and the others fled the battleground even as Bhimasena destroyed chariots, elephants and horses. The rest of them started fleeing, losing their sense of direction.
  • 70) Then, Bhagadatta climbed a big elephant and arrived. He started hurling arrows at Bhimasena. When many arrows started falling on Bhima Ghatotkacha, the son of Bhima, stopped his rushing father and, with his maya, sat on four different elephants in four different forms, and faced Bhagadatta.
  • 71) Bhagadatta possessed a Vaishnava astra which, due to Sri Hari’s boon, was insurmountable for anyone apart from Sri Vishnu himself. Knowing this, Bhimasena did not continue after his son Ghatotkacha went after him (Bhagadatta).
  • 72) Bhima knew very well that he was invincible due to the foremost grace of Sri Vasudeva. However, in order to make his words come true due to great devotion towards him, he did not go directly against the enemy.
  • 73) “When he is defeated by my son, has it got to be said separately that he would be defeated by me?” – in order to convey such an impression Bhima did not face him. Whenever Bhagadatta would forget that weapon, Bhima would face him. He very well knew that Bhagadatta would not use that Vaishnavastra against anyone apart from himself or Arjuna.
  • 74) Seated on four elephants in four forms, Ghatotkacha hurt Bhagadatta and his elephant Supratika with various hits and made it appear, in front of everyone, as if their survival itself was in doubt.
  • 75) Bhishma and the others heard the pain-filled cry of that elephant and rushed there. Seeing Ghatotkacha in that huge form, and Bhima standing guard behind him, they became very frightened. Bhishma and the others, being very afraid, withdrew their armies and went back towards their camps.
  • 76) The next day, Pandavas and the Kauravas faced each other once again. Iravanta, born to Arjuna in the Naga-kanya (Uloopi), faced six sons of Shakuni all by himself.
  • 77) When they hurt him with a weapon called Prasa held in their hands, the brave Iravan became very angry and cut off their heads with a sword. This caused a great fear to engulf the Kauravas.
  • 78) Seeing the terrible Iravan, Duryodhana said – “Kill this son of Arjuna quickly” and sent a Rakshasa by name Alambusa. He took on the son of the Naga.
  • 79) An amazing and terrible war took place between then, in which both of them used maya. Alambusa used maya and created horses and horsemen which killed the cavalry of Iravan. Then, even as Iravan took on the form of a snake, the Rakshasa took on the form of a Garuda and quickly killed him. 
  • 80) Hearing the news of the death of Arjuna’s son, the son of Bhima (Ghatotkacha) roared out of anger. His roar then caused oceans, trees, hills and the ground to quake.

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