Sri Jayathirtha

  • Born – 1340 A.D
  • Purvashrama name – Dhondupant Deshpande
  • Place – Mangalavedhe, Maharashtra
  • Sanyasa – date not known
  • Sanyasa name – Jaya Tirtha
  • Other names and titles – Teekacharya
  • Guru – Sri Akshobhya Tirtha
  • Philosophy – Tattvavada of Sri Madhvacharya
  • Works – numerous
  • Major works – Nyaya Sudha, Tattva Prakashika, Prameya Dipika
  • Matha – Uttaradi Matha
  • Avatara of – Indra
  • End – 1388 A.D
  • Brundavana – Malakheda, Karnataka

One thought on “Sri Jayathirtha

  1. Jaya tirtharu was a great scholar and saint, who was more concerned in establishing Madhva thoughts by answeing all contemporary objections. He had no time for social service like other uttaradi swamijis who built an ivory tower not to meet poor and middle class madhvas.he deserves all credit from scholars, by writing Nyaya sudha, which each madhva feels to study and celebrate mangala! But I feel celebrating Nyayasudha mangala is not very contemporary as those who have not studied pramana paddhati are doing a crash couse in nyayasudha.

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