Sri Padmanabha Tirtha

  • Purvashrama name – Shobhana Bhatta
  • Birth place – North Karnataka, near Godavari River
  • Sanyasa – Date not known, but after Acharya’s return from first visit to Badari
  • Sanyasa name – Padmanabha Tirtha
  • Guru – Srimadacharya
  • Philosophy – Tattvavada of Srimadacharya
  • Works – numerous
  • Major works – Commentaries on Acharya’s Brahma-Sutra-Bhashya, Anu-Vyakhyana, Dasha-Prakarana
  • Matha – Uttaradi Matha (Founder)
  • End – 1324 A.D
  • Brundavana – Nava Brindavana, Hampi, Karnataka

6 thoughts on “Sri Padmanabha Tirtha

    1. sri madhava and akshobhya tirtha were initiated by madhva, but occupied the peethadhipatya of padmanabha tirtharu. madhava tirtha was probably krishna shastri of shimoga region. his brundavan was in navabrundavan, shifted to manoor in gulbaga district. he established one mutt at majjige halli in shimoga district, later at tambihalli in kolar district. now it is called tambihalli mutt, with followers in tamilnadu and andhra pradesh. veera rama is the main diety here. akshobhya tirtharu was govinda bhatta, probably uncle of jayatirtharu,who established a mutt near koodli in shimoga district and the mutt was under the control of uttaradi mutt.

  1. dear sir
    how do you say that sri padmanabha tirtaru was the founder of uttaradi math when the math was not divided at that time?

  2. Sri Padmanabha Theertaharu is the founder of Madhwa mutt after Sri Madhwa and does not belong to Uttaradi mutt only because later it got divided at different stages

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