Process of creation

Q) What is the use of Srushti (creation)?

A) The salvation (Mukti) of the eternally bonded Jivas is the purpose of creation.

Q) What are the eternal truths?

A) Supreme Lord, Maha Lakshmi, Jivas, Mula Prakruti (nature), Pranava and Kala (time)

Q) Who is the one “Independent”?

A) Only the Supreme Paramatman is completely independent.

Q) Who is equal to the Lord spatially and temporally?

A) Sri Maha Lakshmi – but she is not equal (not even close!) to the Lord in terms of Gunas (attributes)

Q) Who is known as “SamAsame”?

A) SamAsame means (roughly) “Unequal while being equal”. Sri Mahalakshmi is samAsame as she is equal to the Lord on the co-ordinates of space and time while being infinitely lesser on Gunas.

Q) What is Kshara and Akshara?

A) The sentient beings, undergo destruction of physical body upon contact with Nature. Hence they are known as Kshara (that which diminishes or gets destroyed). Maha Lakshmi never goes through this and is hence Akshara (one without loss/damage). The same applies to Sri Hari and additionally he is also infinitely Supreme.

Q) Which are the tattvas which undergo morphosis in spite of being eternal?

A) Nature, Pranava and Time

Q) Who owns the Universe of sentient and insentient beings?

A) Rama devi (Maha Lakshmi)

Q) What three qualities do Jivas possess?

A) Knowledge, Desire and Effort. In spite of this, they cannot function independently.

Q) How then are Jivas capable of doing their duty?

A) Sri Hari resides in every being in “Bimba” form. According to the core nature of the beings and their previous Karma, he gets work done from them. He then gives the Jivas the results of such work carried out.

Q) How does Sri Hari get the work done in Jivas?

A) Sri Hari, through his form of Hrishikesha (Lord of the senses), gets the work done in every Jiva through the Tattvabhimani devatas.

Q) Even though Sri Hari gets all the work done, why do Jivas think that they have done it themselves?

A) They are bound by the false notion of Lordship over their activities.

Q) How many types of “bodies” do Jivas possess?

A) 4. Svarupa, Linga, Aniruddha and Sthula.

Q) Which of the bodies gives shelter to our Karmas?

A) Linga

Q) Where is the Sushumna Nadi located?

A) In the cavity of the backbone, in between 50 Ida and 50 Pingala Nadis

Q) What is the dimension of Sushumna Nadi?

A) It is smaller than 1000th of the width of a hair follicle.

Q) Where is the nerve center located?

A) In the Muladhara Chakra.

Q) Where does Kali reside?

A) In war, gold, prostitutes, alchohol and lies.

Q) What is the order of Superiority?

A) Please read the page on “Taratamya” in the “Parampare” section.

Q) What is the classification amongst souls who are eligible for Mukti?

A) Karma Yogi, Jnana Yogi, Vijnana Yogi and Bhakti Yogi

Q) Who are Bhakti Yogis?

A) Starting from Ganapati, up to Brahma. They resort to knowledge through natural Bhakti and do their Karma

Q) Who are Rujus (Ruju Gana)?

A) They are a class of souls who are eligible to get the position of Brahma-Saraswati and Vayu-Bharati.

Q) What is the duration of the Sadhana of Rujus?

A) 200 Kalpas. After 100 Kalpas, they are blessed with the clear vision of the true, original “Bimba” form of the Lord.

Q) Do Rujus have the Prarabdha of Sorrow?

A) No, they undergo eternal Sukha.

Q) What is the composition of Rujus?

A) An infinitesimal amount of Tamo guna, a very small amount of Rajo guna. The rest is Satva guna.

Q) Do other souls ever qualify to become Brahma?

A) Never. Only the Rujus are qualified to become Brahma after every Kalpa.

Q) Who promotes Satvik activities amongst Jivas?

A) Brahma and Saraswati.

3 thoughts on “Process of creation

  1. Dear Sri Hariprasad

    The blogs are really useful and worth reading. I was going through this blog “Process of Creation” but I could not come across the “process” anywhere. Pancaratra speaks of 4 types of creation of which Sri Madhvacharya utilises parAdina visEshApti for explaing the process of “creation of eternal entities”. Could you please throw more light on the 4 types of creation and their relevance to Tattvavada Philosophy?


    Mohan Suswaram

    1. Namaskara Sri Mohan,

      Indeed, that post doesn’t cover too many details of the creation process itself. I was posting a translation of a small booklet I found (very interesting) and hence the structure and content.

      I do not have that level of expertise to post a immediate response satisfying your query. Please give me some time. I will prepare a writeup.


  2. Dear Hariprasad,

    about the quote ” In war, gold, prostitutes, alchohol and lies.” about residence of Kali, are you sure about that ? Dont we worship mahalakshmi in gold ? also lighting a deepa in golden “deepa” is the best recommended way of lighting a deepa.

    most likely it might be “In the greed of gold/money” kali resides.

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