Did you know? 16th October 2008

Once, when Sri Vadiraja Swamy was visiting Pune, an assembly of scholars had gathered there and had adjudged Bana’s “Shishupala Vadha” as the best Sanskrit work ever. Swamiji asked them to wait for some time and offered to bring to them something better than Bana’s work. In 19 days, he then composed “Rukminishavijaya”, his magnum opus. The scholars voted it as the greater work, paraded it on an elephant and hailed Sri Vadiraja Swamy as “Kavi Kula Thilaka” (The gem amongst poets)!

Did you know? 20th September 2008

Sri Madhva is known for this crisp and short writings. Most of his works are very short in size (but, needless to say, oceanic in depth!).

In fact, in one of his works “Yamaka Bharata”, the 78th shloka is actually a series of 32 “Bha”s. Something like..

Bha Bha Bha………Bha (16) |

Bha Bha Bha……….Bha (16) ||

This shloka has attracted numerous commentaries!