Temples of Tulu Nadu

  1. Yelinje – Dakshina Kannada
  2. Posaral – Dakshina Kannada
  3. Muchur – Dakshina Kannada
  4. Kadandale – Udupi
  5. Seemanthooru – Dakshina Kannada
  6. Kulai – Dakshina Kannada
  7. Nellitheertha – Dakshina Kannada
  8. Palimaru – Udupi
  9. Inna Muddanu – Udupi
  10. Mundkur – Udupi
  11. Shishila – Dakshina Kannada
  12. Kompadavu – Dakshina Kannada
  13. Kathelsar – Dakshina Kannada
  14. Athuru – Dakshina Kannada
  15. Belmannu – Udupi
  16. Nandalike – Udupi
  17. Pavanje – Dakshina Kannada
  18. Yermal – Udupi

6 thoughts on “Temples of Tulu Nadu

  1. please inform me about vishnu mangala ,
    and how to reach the place,facilities available there,
    importance of the place.
    thank you very much.

  2. respected sirs,
    this is a good site i came across lot of mantras and shlokas , what i need to know is , please also mention along with stotras method of recitation, when to be recited , for what , like phlarshruti, how many times to be recited etc.,

  3. shri hari prasadji namashkar
    sir i want contact detail of rudra temple in udipi can u please provide .

      1. Thank you hari sir for your response.
        Sir is shiv linga situated in nellethirtha worsshiped according to madhava phadditi.



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