Musical Instruments of Tulu Nadu

Just like any other part of India, music is a very integral part of the culture of Tulu Nadu. The music of Tulu Nadu has its own stamp. In fact, the music of the entire Parashurama Kshetra (Kerala + Dakshina Kannada + Udupi) is unique. The main focus of the music here is on instruments, which form a core component in the temples here. The music is more rhythm and beat based, which has naturally led to the importance being given to instruments over vocals. 

One can find a variety of musical instruments being used in Tulu Nadu. Be it temple festivals, Yakshagana, Bhoota Kola, Dakke Bali or Naga Mandala, the musical instruments play a vital role in the event. Chande, Maddale, Uduku, Vadya, Kolu and Dollu are some of the commonly used musical instruments found in Tulu Nadu.

Here is a collection of photos of some of the musical instruments of Tulu Nadu.