Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 32: Part 4

  • 121) The others too who were born with the Amsha of Devatas exhausted their Karma and merged with their moolaroopas. The Asuras exhausted their punyas and were born again on Earth.
  • 122) Enjoying divine pleasures in Swarga for four thousand three hundred years they attained Tamas after claiming that they were God themselves and that the world was an illusion.
  • 123) They too have a hierarchy measured by sorrow. Kali attains more sorrow than anyone else. Just as Brahma attains the maximum bliss in Mukti. Measured by their hatred for Sri Hari, such variation exists.
    • Note: Just as those who attain Moksha attain a graded level of bliss commensurate with their innate nature, those Tamasic Jeevas who attain Andhantamas too have a gradation in terms of the sorrow they experience. The difference in sorrow experienced is commensurate with the hatred they possess towards Sri Hari. This is again equivalent to the grade that exists amongst Mukta Jeevas based on their devotion to Sri Hari. Kali hates Sri Vishnu the most. Hence, when he enters eternal Tamas, he experiences the maximum amount of sorrow.
  • 124) Some were born as Pisachas while others were born as Asuras and Rakshasas. Undertaking hatred towards Sri Vishnu and his devotees, they quickly attained Andhantamas. The Devatas attained suitable Mukti at the appropriate time.
    • Note: Nija-yogya-muktim or suitable mukti here means the appropriate level of bliss in the liberated state.
  • 125) In the Kali Yuga, after four thousand and three hundred years had passed, Bhima was born again as a Brahmana on Earth and instructed (everyone with the) philosophical truths of Sri Hari which had been subjugated by Daityas.
  • 126) Draupadi too was born on Earth at the same time and ensured the fall of the great Daityas in Andhantamas in order to please Sri Hari. Arjuna and the other devotees of Sri Vishnu too were born then to please Sri Hari.
  • 127) Obtaining their positions once again, they will attain appropriate Mukti at the end of Brahma’s cycle. Bhimasena, who was the Avatara of Hanuman, will merge with Vayu and attain the position of Brahma. Draupadi will attain the position of Vageeshwari (Sarasvati). Later, both of them will attain excellent Mukti.
  • 128) On Earth – in the Dyuloka – in the position of Brahma – and in Mukti – Vayu and Bharati always cause great pleasure to Sri Hari, the lord of Lakshmi and the one with all auspicious attributes, through their eternal and complete devotion that exceeds the devotion of all others.
  • 129) The Suktas ‘bhushannayodhi babhrushu namnate’, ‘balittha tadvapushe dhayi darshatam’, ‘tam su te keertim maghavanmahitva’ and others are the pramanas in this regard.
    • Note: ‘bhushannayodhi babhrushu namnate’ is Rig Veda 1/140/6. ‘balittha tadvapushe dhayi darshatam’ is Rig Veda 1/141/1-5. ‘tam su te keertim maghavanmahitva’ is Rig Veda 10/54.
  • 130) Other mantras of the Vedas, the words of the Pancharatra and the Puranas are other evidences in this matter. When asked by Yudhishthira, Bhishma too instructed a little of the same in the Moksha Dharma (Parva).
  • 131) In this way, after Sri Krishna, the Yadavas and the Pandavas returned to their lokas, Parikshita and the others who were born in their lineages were taught by Sri Vyasa and they then ruled the Earth.
  • 132) Till Kshemaka, Kings used to listen to Bharata and the other Shastras and knew everything. Due to their special protection and due to the influence of Sri Vyasa, Dharma and knowledge were not destroyed in Kali Yuga.
  • 133) After a thousand years in the Kali Yuga all the noble men obtained the philosophy of truth. The Tripurasuras, who had been burnt by Rudra in the three cities, were born on Earth.
  • 134) Along with all the great Sages, since Sri Vyasa, the treasure of all knowledge, had become invisible, these Asuras too obtained the knowledge of truth due to the power of their sampradayas.
  • 135) Since all the bad Agamas had been destroyed, since their sampradayas too had vanished, and since the noble Agamas had proliferated, sinners too obtained the knowledge of truth.
  • 136) Like a dog consuming Purodasha, like an antyaja listening to the nigamas, Daityas who are qualified for utmost sorrow got access to the knowledge of truth, something the Devatas could not tolerate.
  • 137) Those who possess true knowledge can never have a bad fate. They would have to get eternal bliss. But the Asuras need to attain Andhantamas and not Mukti. Hence the Devatas pondered.
  • 138) The Devatas have been appointed by Sri Hari to grant knowledge to the noble and to remove knowledge from the others. Therefore Brahma, Rudra and the others went to Sri Vishnu and requested him.
  • 139) When they gathered on the northern coast of Ksheera Samudra and prayed to Sri Hari with excellent Stutis, he granted him freedom from fear. Immediately, he took on the form of a beautiful child.
  • 140) The first amongst the Tripurasuras was born on Earth and was known as Shuddhodana and Jina. Sri Hari threw afar the child that was born to him in Gaya and slept in its position.
  • 141) Not being aware that their child had been discarded, all of them came under the illusion that Sri Hari in the form of that child was verily their son. Seeing them practice Vedic rites, Sri Hari in the form of the child laughed loudly.
  • 142) Seeing that child laugh in that way right after birth, they were extremely surprised and when they enquired, Sri Hari said – “I am Buddha”. Being omniscient and complete in all respects, he told them thus and instructed them with the Buddha-darshana.
  • 143) Noticing that they did not develop belief in him still, Sri Hari in the form of Buddha remembered all the Devatas, wanting them to come to battle with him. Realizing his intention, the Devatas hurled their entire cluster of weapons at him.
  • 144) Sri Hari, being in the form of that newborn, swallowed Shiva’s Trishula and all the weapons of the others. In order to cause great illusion to Asuras, he quickly held the Chakra released by his own form of Vishnu.
  • 145) Sri Hari converted that Chakra into a seat and sat on it. The entire group of Devatas bowed to him and returned to their lokas. Jina and the other Daityas immediately accepted his words.
  • 146) All the sinners became greatly enchanted with Sri Hari, the best amongst the Devatas, and gave up knowledge and Dharma. Firmly believing that everything was momentary and that nothing was real, all of them went to Andhantamas.
  • 147) Sri Narayana, in the form of Buddha, went to the Devatas and told them everything that had transpired. Upon their request, he revealed (the true) Buddha shastra that enables one to get rid of the shackles of Samsara.
  • 148) “The units of time, and their attributes, get over within a short period of time by their very nature. Therefore, although they are eternal, they are considered momentary. Keeping this special attribute in mind, I informed them that everything was momentary”.
  • 149) “An object and its attributes are inseparable and therefore they possess the ability to self-regulate. Therefore, there is no contradiction in saying that a substance is momentary as well as fixed”.
  • 150) “Being independent I am Supreme and hence known as ‘jna’. This Universe is always ‘ananeeya’ by me. In other words it is manifest because of me. It is so because it is dependent. Therefore, I have said that this insentient Universe is ‘jnanatmaka’. It is of course self-established that sentient beings are ‘jnanatmaka’ as well”.
  • 151-152) “I am verily the personification of extreme bliss. Therefore I am supreme and hence known as ‘shoo’. Since this Universe is controlled at every stage by me in my form as ‘shoo’, the Universe is ‘Shunya’. Since I am the very opposite of defects and do not possess any defects and since I am unique, I am known as ‘a’. Since everything is born from my form as ‘a’, all these are known as ‘abhava’. Since everything gets destroyed, it is known as ‘asat’. In this way, my teachings are to be (correctly) understood. There is nothing unacceptable in all of this”.
  • 153) Sri Hari, in his form as Buddhadeva, instructed these and other special teachings to the Devatas and resided with them. Through another form, he proceeded to his own loka and stayed there. Thus, being distinct and unique at the same time, he remains at his own will.
  • 154) After that, Jina established another sect relying on Buddha’s teachings. All those with Asuric nature were greatly pleased with the Bauddha-mata and Jaina-mata.
  • 155) The Devatas obtained another teaching from Buddha known as the ‘Prashanta Vidya’ and were greatly pleased. That teaching is the very essence of all the Vedas. Those who rely upon it attain Mukti quickly.
  • 156) On the other hand, many other humans got into the right sampradayas and accepted the teachings of Bharata and other Shastras and attained Mukti by worshipping Sri Vishnu. The Krodhavashas and other Daityas could not tolerate this.
  • 157) Those Krodhavashas performed a lot of Tapas, pleased Shiva, and obtained great powers from him to cause confusion and were born in this world. Using twisted logic, they started causing a lot of ignorance.
  • 158) To cause their downfall, and to cause the Mukti of sajjanas, the Avatara of Bhima took place as stated earlier. Durga will be born again in the family of a Brahmana and cause the destruction of all Asuras.
    • Note: Sri Madhwa was born 4300 years after the Mahabharata war. Durga will be born 36,000 years into Kali Yuga.
  • 159) After the Durga Avatara, at the end of Kali Yuga, when Dharma, Jnana and all other auspicious attributes vanished completely, Brahma, Rudra, Indra and the other Devatas went to Ksheera Sagara.
    • Note: Since Kalki Avatara occurs in every Brahma Kalpa, Sri Madhwa refers to it in the past tense.
  • 160) When Sri Narayana is prayed upon by the Devatas for the welfare of the world through pious Stutis, he will appear in a village called Shambhala, as a child born to the wife of a Muni called Vishnuyashas.

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