First visit to Badari

Sri Madhva then undertook a tour of North India. His main intention was to visit Badari, the abode of Maharshi Veda Vyasa and Nara-Narayana. Sri Madhva went to Uttara Badari, met Sri Vyasa and offered his Bhagavadgita Bhashya on to his feet. In addition, he undertook severe penances while at Badari, including performing Kashta Mouna Vrata for 48 days and bathing in the chilling waters of Ganga.

Upon his return from Badari, Sri Madhva created one of his great works, the Brahma Sutra Bhashya. In fact, Sri Madhva never wrote any of his works! He would dictate (and very fluently at that) all his compositions while his student Satyatirtha would create the manuscripts on palm leaves!

The influence of Sri Madhva spread far and wide. Many scholars attempted to debate with Sri Madhva and found him matchless. His band of followers kept growing. Many famous scholars of that day were completely convinced of the Acharya’s philosophy of Tattvavada and converted to his school. A few were even granted Sanyasa by Sri Madhva. Two such famous Sanyasis were Sri Padmanabha Tirtha (Shobhana Bhatta, prior to Sanyasa) and Sri Narahari Tirtha (Shyama Shastri, prior to Sanyasa).

After the successful completion of the tours, upon returning to Udupi, even his preceptor Sri Achyutaprajna converted to Sri Madhva’s school. The teacher became a student of the student!

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