Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 25: Part 4

  • 121) Arjuna, although one of the great heroes of the world, was not able to move past Dushasana when he stopped him and reach Bhishma. His arrows, which were capable of piercing mountains, were not able to go past Dushasana.
  • 122) The brave Arjuna and Dushasana were enraged and fought with each other for a long time. Even as Devatas and the Kings watched, their battle went on amazingly, and on equal terms.
  • 123) Then Bhuri, Shala, Somadatta, Vikarna and the Kekayas used their strength and stopped Virata, Drupada, Kuntibhoja, Upapandavas, Kekayas and Chekitana.
    • Note: A faction of the Kekayas (one of the states) fought on the side of the Kauravas.
  • 124) They defeated all of them and moved towards Bhishma. Arjuna then got past Dushasana and, after releasing Shikandi from Durmarshana, started hurting Bhishma with arrows that could destroy enemies.
  • 125) Bhishma, being hit by a large number of weapons, was hurt very badly in vital parts of his body. Later, with arrows enjoined with the bow, he rendered Satyaki, Dhrishtadyumna, Dharmaraja and the others chariot-less.
  • 126) Bhishma shone like the fire at the time of Pralaya and sent twenty five thousand chariot-warriors belonging to the Chedi, Panchala, Karusha and other countries to the abode of Yama.
  • 127) Noticing Bhishma shining like the Sun in the battlefield, Arjuna, the hero of the world, being motivated by Sri Krishna, cut off his bow with a crescent shaped arrow. Bhishma immediately picked up another bow.
  • 128) Arjuna cut that bow too. In this way, he cut off eight bows, a Shakti-ayudha, a shield and a sword. The son of Indra cut off other bows that were given (to Bhishma) by the assistants of Duryodhana.
  • 129) Later Dharmaraja and the others started hitting him with arrows that there shining like the rays of the Sun. Being tormented by those arrows, Bhishma fell down on the ground. He then held his life till (the arrival of) Uttarayana.
  • 130) When Bhishma fell down, Bhimasena chased away Drona and the others and arrived there. They too kept their weapons on the ground and gathered (around Bhishma). The Pandavas, Kauravas and all the other warriors came together at that place.
  • 131) Having bowed to Bhishma, all of them went back to their camps as per his words. The next day, all of them came to Bhishma. Sri Krishna, the lord of the Yadavas, too came there.
  • 132) Bhishma, who had gotten a pillow made from arrows through Arjuna the previous day, was troubled by thirst and asked for water from an appropriate source.
  • 133) Arjuna, knowing that which the Kauravas were unaware of, released the Varunastra and pierced the ground to create a fountain of perfumed water and made it fall on Bhishma’s mouth. Being satisfied with it, Bhishma then spoke.
  • 134-135) “O Kauravas! You have witnessed the knowledge of weapons that Arjuna possesses. You are witness to the strength of Bhima in battle again and again. You also know the unfathomable and endless greatness of Sri Krishna. In the Sabha, you have witnessed it in front of all”.
  • 136) “Therefore, stop this war. Let the Kings live peacefully. Divide the Kingdom appropriately and enjoy it” – when Bhishma said thus, Duryodhana silently returned home.
  • 137) Dhritharashtra felt great sorrow after getting to know everything from Sanjaya, who possessed divine vision granted by Sri Vyasa. The Pandavas, knowing Sri Krishna to be the Supreme Being, got back to their camps and experienced great joy as per Sri Krishna’s orders.

|| End of chapter 25, known as ‘Bhishma Paata’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||

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