Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 13: Part 7

  • 121) All the men there, and the groups of devatas in the sky, started praising Lord Krishna, the One who is the best amongst even the excellent ones. Then, in a similar fashion, mushTika also fell down dead after his head was smashed by the firm fist of Balarama.
  • 122) Thereafter, two wrestlers named kooTa and kOsala were killed by Lord Krishna, and another wrestler named chala was killed by Balarama. Kamsa’s brothers namely Suneetha and others were killed by Balarama with the parigha weapon.
  • 123) Having witnessed the destruction of his people by the two of them, the sinner Kamsa ordered his army, which was invincible and full of valor due to the boon of Shiva by saying “Throw these two out and punish them severely” and sent them (the army).
  • 124) Upon hearing their King’s orders, that invincible army of 21 akshouhinis took up various weapons and surrounded Lord Krishna, the One with infinite strength – it was just like how a pack of foxes keep a lion in their midst.
  • 125) Knowing fully well that Lord Krishna has infinite strength and is the Lord of all, Mahendra (Indra) still sent his own chariot full of weapons to the Best amongst all, as a service to Him. It was just like how people fill the ocean with arghya though it is already full of water.
  • 126) Climbing that chariot of His, that which was sent by Indra and driven by Matali, Lord Krishna destroyed the entire army of Kamsa with numerous weapons, just like how Sun destroys darkness with his sharp rays.
  • 127) When his entire army was thus destroyed, Kamsa picked up his sword and shield and wished to face Lord Krishna. At that very time, he saw the brave Lord Krishna rushing towards his high seat in order to pounce on him.
  • 128) Lord Krishna started circling Kamsa without giving him any chance just like a preying eagle. Lord Krishna pulled him and held him in His hands. Holding Kamsa’s hair with this left hand, He hit his head with the right hand.
  • 129) Due to that hit from Lord Krishna, Kamsa’s crown slipped. His ear-rings fell down. His chest ornaments fell down on the ground and his cloth slipped from the waist. The situation of Kamsa who was caught at the hands of Lord Krishna, who was Narasimha Himself, was very pitiable.
  • 130) Lord Krishna, the Lord of Devatas and the One with infinite strength, dragged down Kamsa from his royal seat. Kamsa, the one who had never lost to anyone, the one who had extreme valor and strength and the one who was protected by the boons of Brahma and Rudra, fell down on the ground. Lord Krishna kicked him with both His legs.
  • 131) Lord Hari’s bandhu ‘Vayu’ who was residing in Kamsa’s body, left him and took refuge in the body of Lord Krishna. Another sinful daitya who was in the same body was dragged by Lord Krishna even as Brahma and other devatas were watching.
  • 132) Due to his hatred of Lord Hari, the primordial Guru of the entire universe, the evil minded Kamsa joined those others such as Putana who were already eliminated, and went to Andhantamas. In the same way, other haters of Lord Hari will also always end up in Tamas.
  • 133) If one does not have devotion in Lord Hari, then even if he has extreme devotion to Brahma, Rudra and other devatas and even if he is an ocean of all dharmas, as per the purport of all shastras, such a person will definitely reach Andhantamas which is full of sorrow without a trace of comfort and from where there is no return.
  • 134) On the other hand, one who knows Lord Hari with a firm mind as the One who is the Lord of Brahma Rudra and others, as the One who is the reason behind creation, sustenance, destruction and salvation at all times, as the One who alone is independent and as the One who is the Lord of even Mahalakshmi, such a person will attain liberation.
  • 135) Therefore one should always chant the name of Lord Hari with firmness and great devotion, after knowing that the Lord of ramaa is full of infinite auspicious attributes, that He is free from all defects, and that the group of devatas are devotees of Him albeit in gradation (i.e. their devotion is proportional to their position in the hierarchy or taratamya)
  • 136) Lord Krishna, after having killed Kamsa with His own capability, enjoyed greatly the shower of praises and flowers by Brahma, Rudra and other devatas.
  • 137) It is only from the point of view of the material world that one says Lord Hari felt joyous as He is always the personification of happiness. It is just like saying the Sun has risen even though the Sun remains the same always.
  • 138) Lord Hari is an ocean of infinite knowledge and happiness. He is of an excellent form which is always shining. He is free from all defects. He is verily the personification of auspicious attributes.

|| End of chapter 13, known as ‘Kamsa Vadha’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||