Stotras, Suktas and Dasara Padas

Primarily in Kannada script. Some of them are available in Devanagiri and English scripts as well. Note: Some of the documents links are to external sites and open in a separate window.

Maha Vishnu

  1. Dvadasha Stotra – By Sri Madhvacharya (Devanagari) (English) (Devanagari + English)
  2. Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra (Devanagiri) (English)
  3. Nrusimha Stuti
  4. Nrusimha Krupavalokana Prarthana Stuti
  5. Srinivasa Stotra (Devanagari) (English) (Dev + Eng)
  6. Vishnu Ashtavimshati Nama Stotra (Devanagari) (English)
  7. Vishnu Shodasha Nama Stotra
  8. Narayana Varma (Narayana Kavacha) (Devanagiri)
  9. Ramesha Stuti (Devanagiri)
  10. Avatara Traya Stotra – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy
  11. Dashavatara Stotra – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy
  12. Narayana Stotra – (Devanagiri)
  13. Vishnu Stuti – (Devanagiri)
  14. Dadhi Vamana Stotra – (Devanagiri)
  15. Hayavadana Ashtakam – (Devanagiri)
  16. Vishnu Ashta Nama Stotra – (Devanagiri)
  17. Vishnu Shata Nama Stotra – (Devanagiri) (English)
  18. Vyasa Stotra (Daridrya Hara Stotra) – (Devanagiri) (English)
  19. Venkatesha Dvadasha Nama Stotra – (Devanagari) (English)
  20. Sri Narasimha Kavacham – (Devanagari) (English)
  21. Sri Damodara Stotra – (Devanagari)
  22. Sri Vyasa Varnanam – (Devanagari)
  23. Laghu Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stava – (Devanagari)
  24. Venkatesha Stotra – (Devanagari) (benefits)
  25. Sri Narasimha Varaha Stotra  – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagari) (English)  (benefits of this stotra)
  26. Narahari Ashtaka Stotra – by Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagari) (English)  (benefits of this stotra)
  27. Vishnu Stuti – by Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagari) (English)
  28. Brahma Paara Stotra in Devanagari
  29. Moksha Vimshaka Stotra (Devanagari)  – From the Hari Vamsha Purana
  30. Sri-Bhoo-Varaha-Ashtottara-Stava (Devanagari) (English) – From the Sri Varaha Purana
  31. Runa Mochana Stotra (Devanagari) (English) – Nrusimha Puranokta
  32. Sri Venkatesha Stuti (Devanagari) (English) – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy (part of Tirtha Prabandha)
  33. Sri Venkatesha Ashtakam (Devanagari) (English) – From the Brahmanda Purana

Sri Krishna

  1. Krishna Ashtottara Stotra (Devanagiri) (English)
  2. Sri Krishna Stuti – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagiri) (benefits)
  3. Ashta Mahishi Yukta Krishna Stotra
  4. Kanduka Stuti – By Sri Madhvacharya
  5. Sri Krishna Dvadasha Nama Stotra – From the Mahabharata
  6. Sri Krishnashtakam (Devanagari)
  7. Palayachyuta Stotra (Krishna Stuti) – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagiri)
  8. Sri Krishna Stotram (Devanagari)
  9. Sri Bala Mukunda Stotra (Devanagari) (English)
  10. Sri Krishna Mangalashtaka (Devanagari) (English) – By Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha
  11. Sri Krishna Ashtakam – 2 (Devanagari) (English) – By Sri Vishnu Tirtha

Sri Rama

  1. Rama Raksha Stotra – (Devanagiri) (English) (Detailed explanation)
  2. Rama Raksha Stotra (2) (Devanagari)
  3. Sri Rama Dhyanam (Devanagari)
  4. Sri Rama Dvadasha Nama Stotra (Devanagari)
  5. Rama Stuti (Devanagiri)
  6. Rama Stuti – 2 (Devanagiri)
  7. Rama Stotra (Devanagiri)
  8. Rama Panchakam (Devanagiri)
  9. Rama Dashakam (Devanagiri)
  10. Rama Charitram (Devanagiri)
  11. Sri Rama Ashtottara Shatha Nama Stotra (Devanagiri)
  12. Rama Ashtakam (Devanagiri)
  13. Sri Rama Ashta Vimshati Nama Stotra (Devanagiri)
  14. Rama Stuti in the Dvadasha Stotra (Devanagiri)
  15. Sri Rama Kavacham by Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagari) (English)
  16. Sri Rama Charitrya Manjari by Sri Raghavendra Swamy (Devanagari)
  17. Sri Dasharathyashtakam by Sri Narayana Panditacharya (Devanagari)

Sri Hayagriva

  1. Hayagriva Sampada Stotra – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagiri) (English)
  2. Hayagriva Stuti – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagiri) (English)
  3. Hayagriva Dashakam – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagiri) (English)
  4. Hayagriva Dvadasha Nama Stotra – (Devanagari)
  5. Sri Hayagriva Stotra – By Sri Vadiraja Swamy (Devanagari) (English) (benefits)


Mukhya Prana



Sarvamoola Granthas

Navagraha (along with Adhi devata and Pratyadhi devata) Mantras

  1. Surya Mantra
  2. Angaraka (Kuja) Mantra
  3. Shukra Mantra
  4. Chandra Mantra
  5. Budha Mantra
  6. Bruhaspati (Guru) Mantra
  7. Shanaishchara (Shani) Mantra
  8. Rahu Mantra
  9. Ketu Mantra
  10. Navagraha Stotra (English) (Devanagiri)
  11. Navagraha Stotra – by Sri Vedavyasa (Devanagari) (English)

  1. Purusha Sukta (Devanagiri)
  2. Sri Sukta (Devanagiri)
  3. Ambhrani Sukta (Devanagiri)
  4. Manyu Sukta
  5. Bhagya Sukta
  6. Aikamatya Mantra (Devanagari)
  7. Durga Sukta (Devanagiri)
  8. Balittha Sukta
  9. Sarpa Sukta
  10. Medha Sukta (Devanagari)
  11. Narayana Sukta (Devanagari)
  12. Rushabha Sukta (Devanagari)
  13. Narayana Upanishad
  14. Vishnu Sukta
  15. Samudra Sukta
  16. Manduka Sukta

Srimad Bhagavadgita

  1. Gita Mahatmyam (Devanagari) (English)
  2. Chapter 01 – Arjuna Vishada Yoga (Devanagari) (English)
  3. Chapter 02 – Sankhya Yoga (Devanagari) (English)
  4. Chapter 03 – Karma Yoga (Devanagari) (English)
  5. Chapter 04 – Jnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga (Devanagari) (English)
  6. Chapter 12 – Bhakti Yoga (Devanagari) (English)
  7. Chapter 15 – Purushottama Yoga (Devanagari) (English)


  1. Keshava Nama Smarane – by Sri Kanakadasa
  2. Pavamana Pavamana – by Sri Vijayadasa
  3. Nammamma Sharade – by Sri Kanakadasa
  4. Gajavadana Beduve – by Sri Purandaradasa
  5. Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma – by Sri Purandaradasa
  6. Jagadoddarana – by Sri Purandaradasa
  7. Sharanu Sharanayya
  8. Rama Nama Payasakke – by Sri Purandaradasa
  9. Idu Bhagya Idu Bhagya – by Sri Purandaradasa
  10. Hanumana Matave – by Sri Purandaradasa
  11. Isabeku Iddu Jaisabeku – by Sri Purandaradasa
  12. Daya Mado Ranga – by Sri Purandaradasa
  13. Aparadhi Nanalla – by Sri Purandaradasa
  14. Neenyako Ninna Hangyako – by Sri Purandaradasa
  15. Manava Janma Doddadu – by Sri Purandaradasa
  16. Deva Banda Namma Swami – by Sri Purandaradasa
  17. Ellaru Maduvudu Hottegagi – by Sri Purandaradasa
  18. Dasara Nindisabeda Manuja – by Sri Purandaradasa
  19. Kusina Kandira – by Sri Purandaradasa
  20. Higguve Yako I Dehake – by Sri Purandaradasa
  21. I Pariya Sobhagava Devarali – by Sri Purandaradasa
  22. Udara Vairagyavidu – by Sri Purandaradasa
  23. Teliso Illa Mulugiso – by Sri Purandaradasa
  24. Dharmakke Kai Baradi Kala – by Sri Purandaradasa
  25. Kande Na Govindana – by Sri Purandaradasa
  26. Hyange Irabeku Samsaradalli – by Sri Purandaradasa
  27. Tugire Rayara – By Sri Jagannatha Dasa (Devanagari) (English)
  28. Yaarige Yaaruntu Eravina Samsara – by Sri Purandaradasa (Devanagari) (English)
  29. Enu Dhanyalo Lakumi – by Sri Purandaradasa (Devanagari) (English)
  30. Ambiga Naa Ninna Nambide – by Sri Purandaradasa (Devanagari) (English)
  31. Kagada Bandide Namma Kamalanabhanadu – by Sri Purandaradasa (Devanagari) (English
  32. Marulu Madikondeyalle Mayadeviye – by Sri Purandaradasa (Devanagari) (English)
  33. Jagadoddharana  – by Sri Purandaradasa (in English)
  34. Hariya Neneyada Nara Janmaveke  – by Sri Purandaradasa (in English)
  35. Dasana Madiko Enna  – by Sri Purandaradasa (in English)
  36. Anjikinyatakayya   – by Sri Purandaradasa (in English)
  37. Pillangoviya Chelva Krishnana  – by Sri Purandaradasa (in English)
  38. Apamrutyu Parihariso – by Sri Jagannatha Dasaru (English) (Devanagari)
  39. Sri Srinivasa Kalyana – by Sri Vadiraja Tirtha (Devanagari) (English)

424 Responses to “Mantras”

  1. Yadukulathilaka Murali Dharan Says:

    sir i want Sri Madhwa Vijaya in tamil text in pdf or word format. please post

  2. balakrishna Says:

    I want narasimha stotra manjari book kannada lipi

  3. balakrishna Says:

    I require narasimha stotra manjari book Kannada


    I am looking for Vishnu Stuti by Trivikrama Panditacharya (which is in MP3 sung by Sri Vidyabhushana. I am not able to find it anywhere. Can somebody help me in getting the lyrics of the same (in PDF, etc). My email id:

  5. Maruthi S Says:

    I required Udaya vyragya song lyrics in English
    Anybody can help… Hare Srinivasa

  6. V.Murthy Says:

    nimma kAryakke nimgidO praNaamagLu

  7. pooja Says:

    i want a adress and phone number of sri krishna ashraman in adi udupi

  8. Rishiyur Venkateswaran Says:

    I was redirected to this site from: I need the lyric of “Yelliruve Thande Bharo” of Seshagirivasa in Kannada Lipi. Pl help. And also if it can be mailed to:

  9. Ramesh Narasimhan Says:

    Very good service-one request- those who are madwa brahmin in tamil nadu many more don’t know about kannda -& sanskrit , however more involvement in acharya’s kranthas- hence kindly publish in tamil also with pronounciation mark

  10. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Mahesh,

    Some really small Rama mantras –

    “Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama”
    “Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”
    “Ramaya Ramabhadraya Ramachandraya Vedhase Raghunathaya Nathaya Sitayah Pataye namaha”

    I understand that you are actually asking for some shorter stotras :-) Will try and upload some.

    Thanks for visiting!
    – Hari

  11. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Sri Raghu,

    The first shloka you mention is more of a statement than a prayer where Lord Rudra is explaining the power of Rama mantra to Parvati. Simply chanting ‘Rama’ three times is also very powerful. Hence, the real mantra hidden there is just the name ‘Rama’. But many thanks for bringing up both the shlokas.

    I had the great opportunity to discuss the question of Aditya Hridayam with Sri Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya a few months ago. He opined that as long as we did the Anusandhana that the Aditya Hridayam was bestowed by Sri Rama for the welfare of humanity and Surya himself, it is perfectly ok. Never should we think that Sri Rama derived any benefit by praying to Surya. Essentially, we should not fall into the ‘Asura Mohana’ trap that is open there :-)

    Regards, Hari

  12. Hariprasad Says:

    aapadaamapaharthaaram daataaram sarvasampadaam |
    lokaabhiraamam sri raamam bhooyo bhooyo namaamyaham ||

    Regards, Hari

  13. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Nirmala,

    Many thanks for your kind words.

    Lakshmi Shobana is definitely on my list. But I am working on something ambitious for the next few weeks and so it may be a while before I am able to upload this. Do keep visiting.

    Thanks, Hari

  14. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Mahesh,

    I am not sure what you mean by “buying Vayu Stuti”. If you are referring to Mukhya Prana Chakra, I suggest you contact a good archaka or purohit and get their opinion. I am not well versed with Chakras and Mandalas and hence my opinions may be wrong. If you are referring to purchasing Vayu Stuti book and reciting it, then its definitely a very good idea, provided you get ‘Upadesa’ from a Guru.

    Regards, Hari

  15. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Sri Ramnath,

    I am not sure which mantra you are referring to. Could you kindly clarify.

    Regards, Hari

  16. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Nirmala,

    Thanks and wishes to you and your family too.

    Regards, Hari

  17. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Anand,

    There are 2 zip files available at under “Veda Suktas”. It contains a majority of the sukthas you have listed.

    Regards, Hari

  18. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Nagesh,

    Thanks for your comments. I will certainly try to increase the collection.

    Regards, Hari

  19. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Sri Raghu,

    I do not have this stuthi myself but the following link maybe of use to you.

    Regards, Hari

  20. Hariprasad Says:

    Namaskara Sri Raghu,

    1. Thanks so much for your wishes!
    2. I actually am not too well versed with this stuti, honestly. Let me do some research and try and get you an answer.

    Regards, Hari

  21. padmanaabhrao Says:

    Namo Narayana
    Vayustuti Book is available in many book shops where the copies are sold. But Vayusuti Chakra is a Photograph of Sri Hanuman carrying sanjeevani mountain in his hand. Vayustuti is printed from his tail to face comprising of 41 Shlokas. You can Frame and hang in Pooja Room. If you want tohave printed version withor without meaning. Some of them are 1. Harivayustuti translated by Bannanje Govindacharya,2. Harivayustuti by madhva siddhanta granthalaya. Udupi car street, 3. hARIVAYUSTUTI, mUKHYAPRAANA KAVACHA, mADHVA KAVACHAM IN KANNADA BY vIDVAN pADMANABHA shARMA AVAILABLE IN SHOPS WHERE THEY SELL BOOKS ON rELIGION AND pHILOSOPHY.

  22. padmanabharao Says:


  23. padmanabharao Says:

    by mistake i had posted aditya hrudaya is not present in south indian version. but please read this is present in south indian vesion. ref; Dr K. Krishna murty on versions of Ramayana.

  24. Ravi Says:

    I would like to add to the above observations: Those who are interested may refer “Sri Valmiki Ramayanam” by Sri Ranganatha Sharma ( who passed away in the early 2014). All the six kaandas – Bala, Ayodhya, Aranya, Kishkinda, Sundara and Yudda – are beautifully translated. Original Sanskrit text in Kannada script along with Kannada meaning (taatparya) is provided. Also in like manner Sri Ranganatha Sharma has translated Uttara Kanda.
    In all the volumes of the abovecited Ramayana an important feature or like a jewel in the crown is Sri D.V.Gs foreword. Sri DVG – in my words – has enhanced the beauty & erudity of Sri Sharma’s translation. I recommend his foreword of all the volumes should be compiled and prescribed as a text book

  25. Sridhar K Says:

    Dear Hari Prasad

    Just visited the site. You have done / doing wonderful job.
    Braahmanyavannu neevu ulisutta, belesuttiddeeri.


  26. ramnath Says:

    Respected Acharya,

    gruhasta ashram after pooja doing vysudeva homa

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