Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 32: Part 1

  • 1) Thereafter, Sri Krishna went to Kurukshetra and undertook Deeksha to perform a Yajna for twelve years. The one who is beyond logic undertook the responsibility of a ‘Sadas’ through the forms of Sri Vyasa and Sri Parashurama.
    • Note: In a Yajna, the Ritvik who oversees all activities is a Sadas.
  • 2) In that Yajna, devotees of Sri Hari such as Daksha, Bhrugu and the other Ritviks, Pandavas, the best amongst Yadavas, Brahma, Rudra, Indra and the other Devatas took part as servitors in various roles.
  • 3) All the servants at the feet of Sri Narayana, including all Jeevas on Earth, those living in the Antariksha and Dyu lokas and the Nagas living in the nether worlds took part with great joy.
  • 4) Due to the conferences on philosophy held between the Devatas and Sages and due to the words of wisdom of Sri Vyasa and Sri Parashurama, inquisitive polemics obtained excellent and definitive knowledge about philosophical truth in that Yajna.
  • 5) Those desirous of Dharma, Artha and Kama got the same from Sri Krishna. Those desiring Moksha too got it from Sri Krishna. All the people, including Suras and humans, obtained food, drinks and clothes as per their desires and moved around in the Yajna.
  • 6) (Kuru)Kshetra then appeared like Vaikunta because all the noble men had gathered there at one place. Amongst them, there were none whose desires were unfulfilled. And Sri Krishna, the controller of even Brahma and Rudra, was appearing there without any effort (on the part of the noble men to see him).
  • 7) In this way, Sri Krishna performed that great Yajna for twelve years and then performed the Avabhrutha snana. According great respects to all the people who had gathered there, he sent them off over a period of one year.
  • 8-9) Sri Krishna, wishing to end his own Kula, caused the Brahmana’s curse to take place. Instructing Uddhava with excellent knowledge, he sent him to Badari. Awaiting his hundred and seventh year, he ruled the Earth along with the Parthas.
    • Note: The Yadavas dressed up Samba as a pregnant lady and asked an assembly of Sages including Vishwamitra, Kashyapa, Narada and others what kind of child would be delivered. The Sages cursed them saying that a pestle that would destroy the Yadava race would be born.
  • 10) When Duryodhana fell, Kaliyuga started. Sri Krishna ensured Kruta Yuga prevailed for a further thirty-six years.
    • Note: Although Kali Yuga had technically started, Dharma was so prevalent on Earth that it matched Kruta Yuga for another thirty six years till Sri Krishna departed.
  • 11) Due to Sri Krishna’s dictum, any work that brought punya fetched greater results and paapa carried lesser results. Due to this, that period became better than Kruta Yuga.
  • 12-13) In this way, when the world was engaged in devotion of Sri Hari and adherent towards Dharma, the signs of Kali Yuga vanished. Wanting the established norms of Kali Yuga to take effect, Brahma, Rudra and the other Devatas prayed to the indestructible Sri Krishna and pleaded with him to return to his own loka. Sri Krishna said “All right”.
  • 14) Since the strength of Kali would not increase if noble men were in majority in this world, Lord Sri Krishna took his Kula to Prabhasa to cause their destruction.
  • 15-16) Even if it is a sacred place, death at one’s own residence does not fetch much punya. Even if the place is lesser in merit, dying at another Kshetra brings greater punya. In order to enlighten everyone with this truth, Sri Krishna took all of them to Prabhasa from Dwaraka and got them to undertake Daanas and other meritorious activities.
  • 17) Undergoing illusion due to Sri Krishna himself, all of them consumed alcohol due to the effect of the curse, lost control over themselves, killed each other and attained their original forms. Seeing this, Balarama too attained his original form through Yoga.
    • Note: The pestle born to Samba due to the curse of the Rishis had been powdered and thrown into the ocean. That powder grew into a grass called Airaka. The Yadavas plucked that deadly Airaka grass and hit each other to death.
  • 18) After that, Sri Krishna, the Supreme Devata and the one with infinite capabilities, sent his charioteer quickly to the Pandavas to ensure that they too should follow him and depart to their lokas shortly thereafter.
  • 19) Lord Sri Krishna sat down under an Ashwatha tree with his copper-red foot placed over his thigh. Seeing this, a hunter by name Jara, although a great devotee of Sri Krishna by nature, thought of it as a red-deer and released an arrow.
  • 20) Sri Krishna’s body is impenetrable and unbreakable. As soon as the arrow struck his foot, the hunter approached him and collapsed on the ground after seeing (what had actually happened).
  • 21) In order to respect the words of the Brahmana, Sri Krishna got him to do thus. “O Deva Krishna! I am a sinner. Kill me” – when the hunter requested thus, Sri Krishna sent him (instead) to Swarga.
  • 22) Sage Bhrugu had taken birth as that hunter for the sin of having kicked him with his feet. Due to his atonement, and being pleased with his devotion, he sent him in that very body to Swarga, through a Vimana that had appeared there upon his command.
    • Note: The hunter who hit the arrow at Sri Krishna’s feet was the Avatara of Rishi Bhrugu.
  • 23) Due to extremely abhorrent Karma, he had undertaken that undesired birth and had performed the most lowly act (of hurting Sri Krishna). Yet Sri Krishna caused him good. Since his heart was clear, there was no loss of devotion either for Sage Bhrugu. Since he hit the arrow unknowingly, it did not lead to great sin for him.
  • 24) After that Brahma, Shiva, Indra and the others came to Sri Krishna once again and, after prostration, followed him. Due to his radiance, Sri Krishna caused all of them to glow. He then quickly departed to his loka.
  • 25) He stayed in an invisible form on Earth in order to give results to those who chant his Gopala (Krishna) mantra. With a second form, he stayed in the Suryamandala. With a third form, he stayed while being worshipped by Shiva.
  • 26) With a fourth form, he stayed at Brahma loka, being worshipped especially by Brahma. After that the best amongst the Devatas followed him devotedly as per their capabilities as he was entering his moolaroopa through a fifth form.
    • Note: The moolaroopa is his Narayana form in Anantashayana.
  • 27) Due to the unlimited great radiance emanating from that fifth form of Sri Krishna, the vision for Indra and the other Devatas became hazy. Having followed him as long as they could, they closed their eyes and stopped, being unable to proceed further.
  • 28) Being followed by Garuda, Rudra and Shesha, Brahma bowed to Sri Krishna who entered his Parandhama and, leaving aside Garuda and the others, conversed secretly with Sri Hari after being hugged by him. He chanted his praises too.
    • Note: While Indra and the other Devatas had to stop much earlier, Garuda, Rudra and Shesha were able to follow Paramatma till his Parandhama. They too had to stop at that point and only Brahmadeva was able to proceed further.
  • 29) Sri Krishna, the one with infinite auspicious attributes, merged with his moolaroopa and yet at the same time remained in the separate form too. Being worshipped very well by Mahalakshmi and the liberated souls including (the liberated) Brahma, he rejoiced there as per his own wish.
  • 30) Brahma got together with Rudra and the others and returned to his loka, where he saw the form of Sri Krishna and worshipped him in various ways and rejoiced. The other Devatas saw Sri Krishna’s form in Surya and worshipped him and felt great joy.
  • 31-33) Sri Hari, who is blemish-free always, had never caused any illusion about giving up a physical body in any of his earlier Avataras. Therefore, in order to cause confusion to Asuras and send them to Andhantamas, in spite of possessing only pure knowledge and bliss as his body, created another physical body and, after giving it up, rested it on the ground and left for Vaikunta. Arjuna arrived there as per the words of Daruka (Sri Krishna’s charioteer) and cremated it.
  • 34) Arjuna chiefly performed the cremation for the bodies of Balarama and the others. Daruka went back to Vishnu loka just as he had arrived.
  • 35) Similarly, to cause confusion amongst Asuras, Rugmini vanished in a fire and went to (unite with) Sri Hari. In the same manner, Satyabhamaa performed Tapas in the forest and became invisible and attained Sri Hari.
  • 36) Rugmini and Satyabhamaa were Mahalakshmi herself. They stayed in two distinct forms. They too cause illusion to Asuras just as Sri Krishna.
  • 37) The other six Mahamahishis too gave up their bodies, some by entering fires while some others through Tapas. They attained Sri Hari.
  • 38) The wives of Balarama and others gave up their bodies through fires and attained their husbands. All of them were great Pativratas.
  • 39) Vasudeva heard the news from Arjuna and gave up his body after entering into Yoga. Due to his devotion to Sri Krishna, he attained Kashyapatva.
    • Note: Vasudeva, the father of Sri Krishna, was the Avatara of Sage Kashyapa.
  • 40) Arjuna performed his cremation from the fire of his Ashwamedha. The wives of Vasudeva gave up their bodies in the fire and attained him.

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