Sri Sripadaraja

  • Born – 1404 A.D
  • Purvashrama name – Lakshminarayana
  • Birth place – Abburu, Chennapatna, Karnataka
  • Sanyasa – not known
  • Sanyasa name – Lakshminarayana Yogi
  • Other names and titles – Sripadaraja
  • Guru – Sri Swarnavarna Tirtha
  • Philosophy – Tattvavada of Sri Madhvacharya
  • Works – numerous
  • Major works – Bhramaragita, Gopigita, Venugita
  • Matha – Uttaradi Matha
  • Avatara of -Dhruva
  • End – 1502 A.D
  • Brundavana – Mulbagal, Karnataka

3 thoughts on “Sri Sripadaraja

  1. As per my knowledge, SriPadarajaru was not from Uttaradi Mutt. Please Verify regarding this. If I am right, he belongs to Akshobhya Theertara Mutt. No hard feelings.

  2. Sripadaraja belonged to Uttaradi Mutt as there was no separate Akshobhya teertha mutt then. Moreover only Madhvas from Tunga belt were disciples of Akshobhya teeretha mutt. All others belonged then to Uttaradi Mutt.

  3. There is a belief that Sreepadarajaru has written a Commentary called Vagvajra, which has been since printed. But surprisingly none of hi disciples like Vyasa teertha or Vadiraja quote from this Commentary on Sreeman Nyayasudha any where. The printed version of Vagvajra has several mistakes in the text, which a great saint, scholar & Guru of stalwarts like Vyasa raja would have done.
    One more curious thing is before food, it is customary to recite shlokas on all great yatis of Madhva Mutts, who are Granthakaras. But Sripadaraja’s name is not mentioned any time for no reason. While his disciples Vyasa raja & Vadiraja are remembered. Will any scholar enlighten me on this ?

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