Yaksha Prashna – X

Q: What does one gain by speaking agreeable words?
A: He who speaks agreeable words becomes agreeable to all
Q: What does one gain by always acting judiciously?
A: He who acts judiciously always gets whatever he seeks
Q: What does one gain by having many friends?
A: He who has many friends always lives happily
Q: What does one gain by sticking to Dharma?
A: He who sticks to Dharma obtains happiness in the next world
Q: Who is truly happy?
A: He who cooks in his own house, in the 5th or 6th part of the day, He who is not in debt, and who doesnt move away from home is truly happy
Q: What is the most wonderful thing you find on earth?
A: Day after day, countless beings go to the abode of Yama. Yet those who remain think of themselves as immortal. This is the most surprising thing on earth
Q: What is THE path?
A: That which the great and noble have tread is THE path
Q: What is THE news?
A: This ignorant world is the pan. Sun is the fire, day & night are the fuel. Months & seasons are the wooden ladle. Time is the cook. This is THE news
Q: Who truly is a man?
A: The report of one’s good deeds reaches heaven and spreads on earth. He whose word remains on earth is regarded truly as a man
Q: What man possesses every kind of wealth?
A: A person to whom the agreeable and disagreeable, happiness and woes, the past and the future, are all same, he alone possesses every kind of wealth

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