Dwadasha Stotra – 6

  1. O son of Devaki, the one who gives joy to Devaki! O son of Nanda! The one who roamed around in Vrundavana, the shining moon of Gokula! The one who had fruits, the handsome One! The one who gave joy to cows! The One who is worshipped by all (sages) – I bow to you
  2. The One who saved the son of Indra (Arjuna), the One who bears a sword called Nandaka, the One who is worshipped through sandalpaste. O Lord of (16108) beautiful women, the one with eyes like that of the petal of a Lotus, the One who bore the Mandara mountain, the One who is proclaimed by the Vedas – to you I offer my salutations!
  3. The One with a face which has the glow of a thousand moons, the One with a smile which emanates fragrance like that of flowers, the One who gives joy to Devatas, the One who is full of bliss – to you I offer my respects
  4. The One who took the form of a fish, the One who rests in the Ocean at the time of Pralaya, the One whom all the Vedas propagate, the One who is praised even by the four-headed Brahma – I bow to you!
  5. The One who took the form of Koorma, the One who held the Mandara mountain (during Amruta mathana), the One who is bearing this Universe from within and outside, the best amongst all Gods – I bow to you
  6. The One who took the form of Varaha, the destroyer of Danavas (like Hiranyaksha), the One who bears the Earth, the One who created the materials required for Yagnas from his own body (like Kusha grass) – I bow to you!
  7. O Lord, the One who conducts the Universe, the destroyer of Hiranyakashipu, the One who removes all types of fears, the One who is close to Devatas, O Lord Nrusimha – I offer my salutions to you
  8. O handsome! The One who appeared like a Brahmachari, the One who restrained Bali Chakravarti, the One who takes various forms for accomplishing divine work, O Lord Vamana – I bow to you
  9. The One who brought fame to the Bhrugu family, the One with divine radiance, the One who destroyed the evil Kshatriyas, the One who is worshipped by Brahma and Rudra, O Parashurama – I bow to you
  10. O Raghava, the One born in the family of Raghu, the One who destroyed Ravana and other Rakshasas, the One dear to Maruti, the One dear to Janaki – I offer my prayers to you
  11. The One who is Devaki’s child, the One with a pleasing personality, the One dear to Rugmini, the well wisher of Pandavas, O Lord Krishna – salutations to you
  12. O Lord Buddha, the One who misguides the Avaidika Daityas, the One who leads to salvation, the One who bestows the true knowledge on Devatas – I bow to you
  13. The destroyer of those born in evil families, the One who will propagate Dharma, the One who will initiate the Kruta Yuga, O Lord Kalki – I bow to you
  14. The One without any defects, the One who is the primordial reason for the Universe, the One who is an Ocean of auspicious attributes, the One with limitless knowledge, O Narayana – my salutations to you!
  15. This composition, made by Anandatirtha, the best amongst sages, in the form of a story of Lord Hari, is auspicious and will destroy all sins and yield eternal happiness