Sri Krishna Stotram

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Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 7: Part 2

  • 26 Looking at Aksha Kumara, the son of Mandodari and the one equal to Ravana in strength, Hanuman thought – “Isn’t he one third the entire strength of Ravana?”
  • 27 “I have to leave Ravana to Lord Raghava; And if I kill Indrajit, others will not get to know his strength”
  • 28 “Therefore, I will kill this one who is equal to both of them” – thinking thus, Hanuman quickly got hold of his legs and jumped up.
  • 29 The son of Vayu, Hanuman, got hold of the son of Ravana and spun him like a disc repeatedly and smashed him to the ground instantly.
  • 30 After getting to know that his son was killed after being smashed to the ground, Ravana, who was filled with grief sent across his elder son Indrajit.
  • 31 Then, Indrajit invoked powerful astras on to his excellent arrows and hit them at Hanuman; But he could not manage to even shake him.
  • 32 After that, Indrajit released the powerful astra of Brahma which cannot be tolerated by anyone; Hanuman, who was hit by that weapon, got into a thought without getting disturbed even a little.
  • 33 “Many boons of Brahma have been broken by me; I also hold him very reverentially; Therefore, I shall now respect this (weapon)”
  • 34 “What can these cheering groups of Rakshasas do? Also, by doing this, I will get to see Ravana whom I have to meet anyway”
  • 35 Thinking of all this, the best amongst monkeys Hanuman stood there as if arrested; Then, the Rakshasas bound him with other chains; The brahmastra of Indrajit left from there.
  • 36 Then, they took Hanuman to the lord of the nocturnals Ravana; Ravana questioned him thus.
  • 37 “O monkey! Where have you come from? Whose messenger are you? Why did you do this?” – On being questioned thus, Hanuman prayed to Lord Rama with devotion and said.
  • 38 “Know me as the messenger of Lord Rama whose bravery is limitless and who is the best amongst Raghus; I am the son of Vayu; Know me as being fully capable of destroying your family”.
  • 39 “If you do not immediately hand over the dear one of Lord Rama to the best amongst Raghu, you will get soon get destroyed along with your sons, friends and relatives”.
  • 40 “Even Brahma, Rudra and other excellent devatas are not capable of facing the arrows of Lord Rama; How then are you, with such meagre strength, capable of facing him?”
  • 41 “If he gets angry, who in this world, including devatas, danavas and sarpas are capable of facing him? His greatness is beyond measure”.
  • 42 When Hanuman spoke thus, Ravana wanted to kill Hanuman but Vibhishana stopped him; Then, Ravana put his Rakshasas on to the work of burning Hanuman’s tail.
  • 43 Then, they covered the tail of Hanuman with mounds of clothes and set fire to it; But Agni, who is the friend of Vayu, did not burn Hanuman’s tail.
  • 44 Hanuman is one without any sorrow; He is excellent by strength; Still, he tolerated all the work of the Rakshasas only with the intention of burning Lanka.
  • 45 Hanuman burnt the entire city with the fire on his tail; Though that city was built by Vishwakarma, it got burned by his radiance.
  • 46 That city was made out of gold and precious gems; Hanuman, having burnt down that city along with many great Rakshasas, was very satisfied and let go a big roar.
  • 47 Hanuman, who trivialized Ravana along with his son, burnt down the city as they kept watching and left the place.
  • 48 Hanuman crossed the ocean again and got worshipped by his people; Having enjoyed the honey in Madhuvana, he joined his Lord Sri Rama.
  • 49 The son of Pavana, Hanuman, who, along with all other monkey-heroes, reached Lord Rama, who is the Lord of all devatas and is with infinite attributes and dear to the heart, offered the Chudamani given by the form of Sita to His feet and bowed down to Him with devotion with his entire body.
  • 50 Lord Rama, who was completely satisfied, having realized that there is nothing better to offer to the extremely devoted son of Vayu, Hanuman, gave Himself and hugged him very tightly.

|| End of chapter 7, known as ‘Hanumatpratiyaanam (SundaraKanda Katha Nirupanam)’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 7: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 The son of Pavana, who desired to cross the ocean, prayed to Lord Rama, who has Aishwarya and other five auspicious attributes which are eternal and omnipresent in Him, who is the Lord of all and who is the big ocean of strength and energy; He then climbed that excellent mountain and jumped from there.
  • 2 The ocean, which got pulled by the power of Hanuman, got troubled; It started to follow him along with its creatures; The trees in the mountain got sucked by his speed and followed him; The ‘Mainaka’ mountain which was earlier thrown into the ocean by Vayu came up for him.
  • 3 That mountain was the brother-in-law of Shiva; It was made of gold; Earlier when the wings of mountains were being clipped (by Indra), it had saved himself (through Vayu); The mountain which had many peaks pierced the ocean and came up to provide rest to Hanuman.
  • 4 Hanuman, who is never tired, did not wish to rest on it; Where is tiredness for one who has infinite strength and courage? He went ahead after pressing that excellent mountain with his leg and then saw a Naga lady who had been sent by devatas after giving her boons.
  • 5 The devatas, who desired to know the strength of Hanuman, had given her a boon thus – “Let whatever you desire fall into your mouth”; Hanuman, who entered her mouth, came out of it immediately and made the devatas happy while still making their boon come true.
  • 6 Seeing Hanuman’s affection for them and his excellent strength, the devatas appreciated him greatly by showering flowers on him; Being respected by them in this way, he continued his journey and saw a planetary body by name Simhika.
  • 7 Brahma had granted her limitless strength in order to restrict people and protect Lanka; She attracted the shadow of Hanuman; He entered her body and immediately tore her into pieces.
  • 8 Showing that his strength is without limits, he killed her though she was protected by Brahma’s boon; He then jumped on to the ‘Lamba’ mountain which was surrounding Lanka like a cover and had a lot of peaks; He then took a very small form.
  • 9 Hanuman took the size of a cat and wished to enter the city during the night; He then saw the abhimani devata of Lanka who had taken her real form; She stopped him; He quickly smashed her with his fist and won the battle with her; He then entered Lanka after taking her consent.
  • 10 Hanuman, who started searching both inside and outside of Lanka, saw the form of Sita seated in the Ashoka vana under a Shimshupa tree.
  • 11 Knowing fully well the intent of Lord Rama in mocking the world of humans, Hanuman also did things in accordance with the Lord’s intent.
  • 12 He spoke things in accordance with that; He gave a ring to that form of Sita which was also behaving in accordance with that intent of the Lord.
  • 13 The ornaments of Sita also had taken two forms and were present on the form of Sita as well; After that, Sita also gave him a chudamani to be handed over to Lord Rama.
  • 14 The groups of Rakshasas were not able to see all that; But, devatas and Rishis who were in the sky were able to see all this.
  • 15 This form of following (by Hanuman and Sita) was being enacted in order to entertain them and also cheat Kali and other Daityas who were watching all this.
  • 16 The son of Pavana did all this without any fear; He, who is the best amongst intelligent ones, then decided that the greatness of the Lord has to be brought to the fore.
  • 17 After that, the hero Hanuman destroyed the entire vana except that one (Shimshupa) tree; Desiring to cause more of the evils’ destruction, he climbed up the entrance arch shouting increasingly loudly.
  • 18 After that, the ten headed Ravana heard that extra ordinary activity of the excellent monkey Hanuman; He sent across a lot of his servants saying to them – “Bring that monkey to me”.
  • 19 Those servants, who had become invincible due to the boon of Hara, surrounded that son of Vayu, who was the best amongst devatas and who was also extremely powerful.
  • 20 Eighty crore army-leaders; Eighty thousand commanders and many numerous weapon collections; The army which had all these surrounded that excellent monkey Hanuman.
  • 21 All of them pounced upon Hanuman; And they hit him with their weapons; Hanuman smashed all of them with just his fists.
  • 22 And then Hanuman killed seven of Ravana’s ministers’ sons whom he sent for battle; They were all mountain like creatures; And they were all protected with the boons of Brahma and Rudra.
  • 23 Similarly, he killed all those Rakshasas who were the leaders of that army and were over-confident with Rudra’s boons; He destroyed one third of the army of those Rakshasas.
  • 24 After getting to hear that the monkey’s strength in incomparable, the king of the Rakshasas deployed his son Aksha Kumara who was equal to him in strength.
  • 25 He showered special arrows strengthened with great astras on that son of Vayu who is considered as the witness for the entire Universe; But he could not even shake Hanuman with those.

Hayagriva Dvadasha Nama Stotra

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Sri Raghavendra Mangalashtaka

On the occasion of Sri Raghavendra Swamy aradhana, which is coming up on the 14th, 15th and 16th of August 2011, I have uploaded the Kannada and Devanagari transliteration of the Sri Raghavendra Mangalashtaka, which has been composed by his great devotee Sri Appanaacharya.

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Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 6: Part 2

  • 31 After listening to the wise words of Hanuman, the king of monkeys became extremely pleased and he left for Lord Rama; Having seen him come, along with all the brave monkey leaders, Lord Rama also became extremely pleased.
  • 32 The Lord of all, Sri Rama, happily and quickly lifted Sugreeva, who had fallen to His feet, and embraced him. Sitting next to the Lord of the worlds, Sugreeva, as per His orders, sent across monkeys immediately.
  • 33 Even as the monkeys were being sent across to the various directions, Lord Rama told Hanuman thus – “There is no one else apart from you who is capable of achieving this task, which is the main task amongst all my activities”.
  • 34 “Therefore, you take my finger ring and proceed in the southern direction”; After the best amongst men Lord Rama said so, Hanuman, along with the Yuvaraja Angada went in that direction.
  • 35 The monkeys who had gone in all the directions came back within a month as per the orders of the king of monkeys; But Angada, Jambavanta and others, who had gone along with Hanuman, did not return.
  • 36 Those great men searched even in the Vindhya mountain, which was the toughest amongst places to search and therefore impossible to navigate; By that time, the deadline given by the king of monkeys expired; After that, they reached an extremely beautiful cave.
  • 37 It was a mysterious and excellent cave built by ‘Maya’; Noticing the same, Tara said thus to Angada – “Since the deadline given by him has expired, let us not return to the king of the monkeys”.
  • 38 “He, being an extremely cruel ruler, will kill even you; Why then will he spare us? This cave, on the other hand, is impossible to reach; Why don’t we stay here happily? What can he do to us over here?”
  • 39 “What should we, who are forever forest dwellers, have to gain from Rama or Lakshmana? He will not be able to trouble us if we are here; This is my definitive opinion”.
  • 40 The son of Vali respectfully and readily concurred with the opinion of his maternal uncle; And he said thus – “The king of monkeys will definitely not excuse us, who have disobeyed his orders”
  • 41 “He is a cruel being who killed his own brother for the sake of the kingdom; He also kidnapped his wife; How will such a person excuse us who have disobeyed his orders? we are weak; We are without anybody’s support; He, on the other hand, is with strength”
  • 42 When the son of Indra’s son spoke thus, Jambavan and others agreed to his words and said “So be it”; Seeing their concurrence in opinion, Hanuman said thus.
  • 43 “I know that Tara has opined in this manner with the aim of fetching the kingdom for Angada; That is not possible; This son of Vayu will never tolerate anything that talks about cheating Lord Rama”.
  • 44 “Even if all of you get together, you will not be able to divert me from the correct path, no matter what plan or route you employ; And this cave is not at all out of reach for Lord Rama, who has limitless capability”.
  • 45 “I shall be very happy if you listen to my words out of respect; Else, I shall bring all of you back on the right track, using force if necessary”.
  • 46 Listening to the words of the son of Vayu, all of them became very frightened; None of them could utter a word; Having regained a lot of knowledge, all of them followed Hanuman and reached the excellent hill known as Mahendra.
  • 47 Later, they reached the coast and saw the ocean with the opposite end not in sight; As soon as they saw it, they felt very low; They gave up their desire for life; They decided to enter into a fast-unto-death; And they started the same.
  • 48 Having undertaken a fast-unto-death, they started narrating the story of Lord Rama, which gives liberation from the world; During that, they mentioned about the death of Jatayu; That story fell on the ears of ‘Sampati’.
  • 49 Sampati was the older brother of Jatayu; He was the son of Aruna; In order to test his speed, he, along with Jatayu, had launched himself into the Sun’s orbit; Up there, he tried to protect his brother who was exhausted due to the Sun’s heat and burnt his own wings and fell down.
  • 50 Having lost his wings due to the excessive heat of the Sun, he got his wings back as soon as he heard the story of Lord Rama; He questioned them on the death of Jatayu and heard the entire story once again.
  • 51 He told them the activities of Ravana which he had heard from his son; Also, he saw it himself and told the best amongst monkeys about the form of Janaka’s daughter sitting in the Ashoka Vana.
  • 52 After that, on being asked by Brahma’s son Jambavan, the monkeys started narrating their capabilities, in jumping, separately, starting from 10 yojanas and increasing in units of 10.
  • 53 All those monkey-warriors, including Neela, Mainda-Vivida and Tara, declared that they could not cross beyond 80 (yojanas). Jambavan then let them know that he could jump one-eighth more than the maximum that they mentioned (i.e. 90 yojanas)
  • 54 “When Lord Vishnu took over the three worlds from Bali with His three steps, I went around all the worlds happily declaring the same; At that time, my knees were hurt when I hit them against the Meru mountain”.
  • 55 “Therefore, my speed is not as much as before; Earlier I was capable of jumping 96 yojanas”; After that Yuvaraja Angada said thus – “I am capable of jumping 100 yojanas, but what after that, I am not sure”
  • 56 Having thus been declared by all that only a part of the distance can be covered and returned, and also noticing the strength of the enemy and the impregnable nature of the town of the Rakshasa king, the son of Brahma spoke thus.
  • 57 “This eagle is telling us that the Trikoota mountain is a 100 yojanas from here; There may be other obstacles in between; Therefore, only Hanuman is capable, none other”.
  • 58 Thus speaking, Jambavan addressed the son of Prana and brought out his strength in front of all – “Only you are fully capable of achieving this task; Please do this and protect the Vanaras”
  • 59 Jambavan spoke exactly what Hanuman wanted; In this way, he brought out the incapability of all the others; He then started meditating on Lord Rama, the One with the complete strength, and started growing in size in order to fulfill the Lord’s orders.

|| End of chapter 6, known as ‘Hanumadvardhanam’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 6: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 The lotus-eyed Lord Rama, who is with the signs of Chakra, lifted Hanuman with his boon-bestowing hands, and spoke to him and got prayed by him; And then he climbed on to the shoulders of Hanuman, along with Lakshmana.
  • 2 Having placed Lord Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana on to his shoulders, the best amongst monkeys, Hanuman, went to Sugreeva; He then immediately got his friendship confirmed with Lord Rama, who always removes the sorrow of those who believe in Him, in the presence of fire.
  • 3 Having listened to his plight, the best amongst the Gods made a vow that He will kill Vali; Similarly, the king of the apes, Sugreeva, made a vow that he will search and find Sita; After that, Sugreeva showed Lord Rama the body of the Rakshasa Dundubhi, which had been thrown by Vali.
  • 4 Seeing the body lying down there, Lord Rama immediately kicked it away easily, a hundred yojanas, by merely moving the toe of his foot. And by the same, He pierced the earth and killed numerous Daityas who were in Rasatala.
  • Note: The body, due to the force of Lord Rama’s kick, pierced the earth, entered Rasa tala and hit daityas there, killing them instantly.
  • 5 Lord Rama killed those daityas, who had become invincible due to the strength got from Shiva’s boons, merely with a corpse; Sugreeva, who was still scared of Vali’s strength, showed seven diamond-like strong ‘Tala’ trees which were daityas in the form of trees and said thus.
  • 6 “That Vali is capable of shaking each one of these trees; He used to attempt to pluck the leaves of these trees; But he was not capable of it; I will believe that you are capable of killing Vali only if you are able to pierce all seven of these trees, which are spread out, with a single arrow”.
  • 7 “One can win over his enemies if he is four times stronger than them; One can kill his enemies if he is 100 times stronger; Therefore, please pierce these trees whose leaves cannot even be plucked by Vali and clear my doubts”
  • 8 Lord Rama told Sugreeva thus – “These trees are actually daityas who could not be pierced by any other being due to the boon of Brahma”; Having known that they were firmly standing there performing penance to achieve the position of Brahma, the Lord pierced all of them with a single arrow.
  • 9 As soon as Lord Rama, who is of infinite strength, set a sharp arrow on his excellent bow and pulled it well with His right hand and released it, all of the trees were blown into pieces, with a terrible sound.
  • 10 That single arrow pierced all the seven trees; It then pierced the seven worlds of the nether region including mountains and earth itself; And it burnt away the Asuras called ‘Kumudi’ who were protected in the nether regions due to the word of Brahma.
  • 11 Lord Vishnu has unlimited and excellent strength; All the activities in this world, which includes Vayu, Prakruti, Shiva, Garuda, Indra and others, happens due to His desire only; These activities are not at all surprising for Him; At the same time, it is not something that is feasible to anyone else.
  • 12 Having seen the strength of the Supreme Lord Hari, the King of the apes left for his older brother’s city, with the Lord in front; Listening to his roar, Vali came out of his cave and ran towards him, ignoring the various objections put forth by his wife Tara.
  • 13 Having been badly hit by the punches of Vali, and being unable to bear them, Sugreeva left the battle and ran away; Lord Rama is the great One who knows all activities of all worlds; Still, He did not kill Vali then to show the correct Dharma to the world; And then He told Sugreeva – “I was unable to distinguish between the two of you”.
  • 14 If he desires brotherly affection, then I need not kill his brother who has not committed any crime; Tiffs between brothers is not something that stays for long; Even if there is long standing anger, it gets resolved very trivially and easily.
  • 15 The tiff between brothers typically gets resolved during the time of death; If it leads to the death of one of them, then there is regret as well; Therefore, Lord Rama deemed it inappropriate to kill Vali who had committed no mistake.
  • 16 Lord Rama therefore wanted to teach the world a lesson that when ever there is a tiff between brothers, relatives should never hurriedly decide on one’s favor and kill the other; So He did not kill Vali that time; He also did not kill Vali that time to ensure that the son of Surya, Sugreeva, did not suffer any great sorrow for having gotten his older brother killed.
  • 17 Lord Rama is that Maha Vishnu Himself, who influences the minds of all; He is above even Shiva, who is the controller of the mind; How then can there be ignorance for Him? Once Sugreeva returned to the battle and insisted that Vali has to be killed, Lord Rama released a diamond-like arrow at Vali.
  • 18 Under the orders of Lord Rama, the son of Vayu Hanuman differentiated the son of Surya Sugreeva by a garland; The best amongst Raghus, Lord Rama, released an arrow at Vali; The son of Indra, Vali, was greatly pained and fell down like a mountain.
  • 19 “This Vali is my devotee; If he sees me, he will definitely fall at my feet without thinking any thing else; It is not appropriate to kill someone who has taken refuge; On the other hand, the son of Surya, Sugreeva, has requested for his killing in order to obtain his kingdom”
  • 20 “It is one’s duty to fulfill the request of one who has taken refuge first; It is also inappropriate to kill someone who has taken refuge; Therefore I shall kill him without being spotted by him” – with such thoughts, Lord Rama killed Vali without being seen by him.
  • 21 Lord Rama is the influence behind the strength in all worlds; His body is verily the complete, infinite and excellent strength and energy themselves; What could the monkey Vali have done even if He came in front and shot him? Wasn’t He the one who broke Shiva’s bow earlier?
  • 22 After Vali fell down, Lord Rama went near him and asked him in a friendly tone “If you desire; I will bring you back to life”; Vali told Him without any desire – “O best amongst men! Who doesn’t desire death in front of you?”
  • 23 Keeping his son Angada in front, Sugreeva completed the final rituals of Vali; And obtained the leadership of the monkeys; Seeing the rainy season approach, Lord Rama also spent four months, along with Lakshmana, in those excellent mountains.
  • 24 After that, when the king of monkeys Sugreeva forgot the help done by Lord Rama and immersed himself completely in material pleasures, Hanuman, who is the best amongst intellects and also the greatest devotee of Lord Rama’s feet, condemned him and told him thus.
  • 25 “It is not appropriate to forget the work of Lord Rama; Isn’t He the most revered for all of us? If you do not do the work of Lord Rama yourself, then I shall forcefully get it done from you”
  • 26 After having said thus to Sugreeva, Hanuman sent across, to the seven islands, fast moving monkey-messengers to invite all the other monkeys to gather together.
  • 27 Carrying the orders of their king and having been sent by Hanuman, those monkey-messengers returned along with all the monkeys who were staying in all the mountains and forests of the world.
  • 28 At the same time, Lord Rama, having noticed that the king of monkeys is immersed in material pleasure and has forgotten his duty, told Lakshmana – “Go immediately and tell this to the king of monkeys”.
  • 29 “If you forget your duty towards me, then I shall send you to the same place where the son of Indra has reached; Those who are filled with the ego of power typically forget to return the favor for help taken”.
  • 30 As soon as the revered Lord Rama said thus, Lakshmana left along with his bow and arrows; Sugreeva became extremely frightened as soon as he saw him and he joined Lakshmana and immediately reached the feet of Lord Rama.