Rushabha Sukta

A couple of days ago, I managed to upload the transliterated version of Rushabha Sukta. You can download the Kannada and Devanagari texts of the same from the mantras page.

Rushabha is the sukta that Lord Bhimasena chanted immediately after the slaying of Duryodhana. According to a beautiful article written by Sri Bannanje Govindacharya (in his book Pancha Suktagalu), Rushabha Sukta is also known as Sapatnaghna Sukta. The main rishi of the Sukta is Lord Bhimasena himself and the devata is Lord Narasimha.

In addition, I have also uploaded the Kannada, Devanagari and English texts of Sri Ramaa (Lakshmi) Stotra and the beautiful Grantha Malika Stotra. The Granta Malika Stotra is a beautiful composition by Sri Vyasaraja Swamy and highlights the 37 works of Sri Madhvacharya.