shri rAma chAritra manjari – IX

Source: shri gururAja saMputa – Volume 1 – published by mantralaya matha

kravyAdAn ghnannasankhyAnapi dashavadanaM brahmapUrvaissurEshaiH
puShpairAkeeryamANO hutavahavimalAmApya seetAM vidhAya |
rakShOnAthaM svabhaktaM svapuramathagataH puShpakasthassamastaiH
sAmrAjyE chAbhiShiktO nijajanamakhilaM mAnayanmE gatiH syAt || 9 ||

Words in the shlOka

kravyAdAn, ghnan, asankhyAn, api, dashavadanaM, brahmapUrvaiH, surEshaiH, puShpaiH, AkeeryamANaH, hutavaha, vimalAM, Apya, seetAM, vidhAya, rakShOnAthaM, svabhaktaM, svapuraM, atha, gataH, puShpakasthaH, samastaiH, sAmrAjyE, cha, abhiShiktaH, nijajanaM, akhilaM, mAnayan, mE, gatiH, syAt

Word meanings

kravyAdAn – numerous rAkshasas
ghnan – having destroyed
asankhyAn – unlimited
api – too
dashavadanaM – rAvaNa
brahmapUrvaiH – chatumukha brahma and others
surEshaiH – from the best of dEvatas
puShpaiH – with flowers
AkeeryamANaH – having received abhishEka
hutavaha – agni
vimalAM – pristinely pure
Apya – having united
seetAM – seeta dEvi
vidhAya – having done
rakShOnAthaM – as the Lord of the rAkshasas
svabhaktaM – HIS bhakta (vibhIShaNa)
svapuraM – HIS own place (ayOdhya)
atha – and then
gataH – having reached
puShpakasthaH – seated on the puShpaka vimAna
samastaiH – along with all
sAmrAjyE – in the kingdom
cha – and
abhiShiktaH – was crowned as King
nijajanaM – HIS own people
akhilaM – all of them
mAnayan – gave respect
mE – to me
gatiH – the giver of all my desires
syAt – may become


LORD rAma destroyed all the remaining rAkshasas, and then killed the ten-headed rAvaNa also. Lord brahma and other dEvatas, who became very pleased with this, showered paramAtma with flowers.

LORD then made the seetakRuti enter the agni, and through the agni, received HIS very own mahalakshmi, as seeta dEvi. HE then made vibhIshaNa, his devotee, as the King of the rAkshasas.

The LORD then climbed the puShpaka vimAna, along with all of HIS own people, and reached HIS city ayOdhya. HE was then crowned as the emperor of the land by HIS own people (led by rushi vashishTa and others).

LORD rAma then gave the best of gifts and maryaada to all HIS people and lived happily.

May such a LORD always grant all my desires!


– The sEva done by everyone else in the war was miniscule compared to the number of rAkshasas killed by LORD rAma. rAvaNa at the last stage invokes his moola baLa and there are crores and crores of rAvaNas who appear. LORD rAma, due to HIS achintya adbhuta shakti, appears in as many rUpas in the battlefield and kills all of them.
– When the seetakRuti enters agni, the original seeta dEvi returns from kailasa and unites (merely for the eyes of others) with rAma.
– The puShpaka viMana had a speciality that it could accommodate any number of people. There was no limit to how many could find a place in it!
– LORD rAma then became king of ayOdhya and ruled the entire world for 11,000 years!!!

shrI krishNArpaNamastu

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