Idols of Madhvacharya

Sri Madhvacharya, during his manifestation on earth, made and worshiped several idols of Lord Vishnu. He later distributed these to his Shishyas and in turn, they continue to be worshiped by the various mathas that the students formed. The following is a list of the Shishyas, the mathas they established and the idol they received from Srimadacharya.

  • Sri Hrishikesha Tirtha – Palimaru Matha – Sri Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana
  • Sri Narasimha Tirtha – Adamaru Matha – Sri Kaliyamardana Krishna (with four arms)
  • Sri Janardana Tirtha – Krishnapura Matha – Sri Kaliyamardana Krishna (with two arms)
  • Sri Upendra Tirtha – Puttige Matha – Sri Vittala
  • Sri Vamana Tirtha – Shirooru Matha – Sri Vittala
  • Sri Vishnu Tirtha – Sode Matha – Sri Bhuvaraha
  • Sri Ramachandra Tirtha – Kaniyooru Matha – Sri Narasimha
  • Sri Adhokshaja Tirtha – Pejavara Matha – Sri Vittala
  • Sri Padmanabha Tirtha – Uttaradi Matha – Sri Rama

14 thoughts on “Idols of Madhvacharya

  1. Dear Moderator.

    From when Sri Padbanabha theertharu become Uttaradhi mutt alone ???? ( It seems other branches of Sri Madwa section is having no referance to Sri Padbanabha theertaru). I obect to this statement and i request modreator to take out sentance (let it be ghattada melena mutt thats it).

  2. I am adding some information probably answered by you. Sri Padmanabha teerthary is the Adi Guru after Sri Madhva. There is no doubt to it. He is the forerunner of all other mAdhva Mutts of today. Sri Sripadaraja Mutt in Mulbagal has a direct lineage from one of his direct discipoles. He was from Godavari belt, Punatamba which is Uttaradi. from him.
    Ghattada melina and kelagina Mutts came into existence after him. In fact he handed over Peethadhipatya to other 3 principle Shishyas of Madhva, Narahari, Madhava and Akshobhya teerthas who headed the Madhva peetha one after the other and not simultaneously. Hrishikesha teertha is next to Madhva in Udupi Krishna Mutt.

  3. Dear Sir,

    But at the same time you are handling a serious and sensitive issue. Kindly correct your mistakes and add all the complete details properly. Its a concerned backed request and not an order. Please oblige at the earliest.


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