Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 2

  • 21) “The two of us shall henceforth always maintain enmity with Krishna” – declaring thus, the Kings of Karusha and Chedi, Dantavakra and Shishupala, made a vow and obtained the pleasure of their Guru (Jarasandha).
  • 22) Once again the evil minded group started discussing together. They thought thus – “If Hari comes to the Swayamvara, it is certain that he will obtain Rugmini”.
  • 23) “Krishna is the most beautiful in all three worlds. Rugmini too is appropriate for him. He is capable of winning all the worlds with this words and deeds, and can keep them under control too”.
  • 24) “He is the best amongst all knowledgeable. He has won against all enemies. He is most handsome. Rugmini, who is best amongst all women, will surely choose him”.
  • 25) “If that happens, all of us will surely lose our face. On the other hand, it is not possible for us to stop him with our arrows”.
  • 26) “Therefore it is certain that the best strategy beneficial for us would be to ensure Krishna doesn’t get to unite with her in the Swayamvara”.
  • 27) “So wherever all of us Kings are gathered, we must ensure Krishna does not get even a seat. He must not be offered arghya or any other service”.
  • 28) “When all of us Kings are seated in royal seats, Krishna, who is respected by even the devatas, cannot sit down on the floor”
  • 29) “Filled with ego and prestige, he will then certainly return back to his city. Thereafter let us conduct the Swayamvara”.
  • 30) When all the Kings there took such a decision, two of King Bhishmaka’s brothers by name Kratha and Kaishika went quickly to Sri Krishna.
  • 31) The two of them prostrated at the lotus feet of his (Sri Krishna) and welcomed him to their home. They gave him an excellent seat and offered him the best of worship they could.
  • 32) Thereafter, a devadoota came to Jarasandha and other Kings carrying the orders of Indra. He addressed them with meaningful words.
  • 33) “I am very dear to the husband of Shachi. I am always in his vicinity, visible to him. The King of devatas has given an order for all you Kings. He is after all your Lord too!”.
  • 34) “Sri Hari is the supreme leader of all Kings. Know that no one else is thus and immediately perform the best of abhisheka to him. Let there be no doubt”.
  • 35) “If you ignore this order, I shall smash the Vajrayudha against your heads. Such is the dictum of Indra. You are to follow this” – speaking thus, the devadoota left the place.
  • 36) Listening to those words, the hearts of the Kings was once again in pain. “Indra’s ego has increased a lot” – they said amongst themselves.
  • 37) “Earlier Vasava (Indra) used to be afraid of us always. Now, with Krishna’s help, he is scaring us a lot”.
  • 38) “If the King of devas releases his Vajrayudha even as he remains invisible, we shall all be hurt a lot although we will not die due to the power of the boons we have”.
  • 39) “Earlier we were capable of winning against him even though he is in Swarga. But now, if we proceed against him in battle, Krishna shall come (interfere)”.
  • 40) “Therefore, if by performing abhisheka to him, the consort of Shachi, Indra, shall not fire the Vajrayudha against us, then let us perform it (abhisheka) for him”.

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