Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 8: Part 6

  • 201 By the mere smell of those herbs, Lakshmana, the ocean of innumerable attributes, got up and sat; He also regained all of his immense strength; Lord Rama embraced Hanuman with a smile on His face and celebrated.
  • 202 Staying in Lanka itself, Hanuman threw that hill back about 50,000 yojanas, to the place where it was before.
  • 203 Due to Hanuman’s strong shoulders, the hill got fixed in its previous position without even a trace of having been plucked out; Over here in Lanka, all the dead monkeys were brought back to life due to the smell of the herbs.
  • 204 As per the orders of Lord Rama, the monkeys used to throw away the bodies of all the dead Rakshasas into the ocean; Therefore, none of them were revived; On the other hand, all the dead monkeys got back their life.
  • 205 Due to the effect of the medicine, the physique of the monkeys became good just like earlier; All the arrows which were stuck in them came out; The hue which they had lost came back.
  • 206 After that, Ravana started showering a flood of weapons and approached Lord Rama, the best amongst men, the most powerful One and the jewel of Raghu Vamsha.
  • 207 In order to show respect to Lord Rama, the primordial Being, Indra sent his chariot to Him; That chariot was full of weapons; Matali was the charioteer; Lord Rama climbed on to it.
  • 208 Lord Rama, the main Lord of all the worlds, climbed that chariot and faced Ravana in order to rid the world of fear – just like how the thousand rayed Sun rises in order to rid the darkness which engulfs the worlds.
  • 209 Seeing Lord Rama approaching him, Ravana the King of Rakshasas showered a lot of weapons and astras at Him; Lord Rama destroyed all of them with His excellent weapons; And then he removed all the ten heads of Ravana at one instance.
  • 210 The heads which were cut thus grew back to their original form due to the boon of Brahma; Then, Lord Rama pierced his heart with a diamond like arrow; With his heart pierced thus, Ravana fell down from his plane spitting blood from his mouth.
  • 211 When Ravana, the enemy of all the three worlds, was killed thus, Brahma, along with Shiva and the other lords of the worlds arrived there; He bowed down with devotion and respect at the feet of Lord Rama, the main diety of the Universe.
  • 212 Brahma, the father of the world, folded his hands and praised Lord Rama, his father and the One adorned with shining attributes, thus – “O Lord, the One without defeat! The One who creates the Universe! You are the best! You are the best! All of us worship You who are the refuge for all!”
  • 213 “You alone are the main diety of the Universe! O praiseworthy One! You do not have a beginning nor end temporally or spatially! Your attributes are infinite! Each of those attributes are infinite in themselves! They are without birth or destruction!”
  • 214 “Your attributes do not have a beginning, nor do they have an end, either naturally or due to curses or any other reasons; You alone are the primordial man; You alone are the best; You alone are the independent One! I and Shiva and all others are your servants”
  • 215 “Like the sparks of fire due to the force of the wind, like the rays of the Sun, like the waters of the rivers, those of us who are present since a long time, those of us like me and Shiva and others will come; And we will leave”
  • 216 “O Lord of even the lords! Those who have already been liberated and those who are still in Samsara – all of them at all times are under your control; All of us have been counting your attributes for ever but have never managed to see the end of it”.
  • 217 “O Lord! For someone like you who possesses all these attributes, of what challenge is killing of the Rakshasas and protecting the Suras? Still these activities are not possible for anyone else; You have done the same now; Salutations to you! Salutations to you!”
  • 218 When Brahma said so, Shiva invited Lord Rama to a duel saying – “Disregarding my boon, you have killed this Rakshasa; Therefore, come to battle with me now”.
  • 219 When the trident holding Shiva said so, Lord Rama took up an arrow and set it to His bow; As soon as He pulled the string, the earth vibrated; Due to that vibration, Shiva fell down on the ground.
  • 220 Shiva then got up; By that time, the influence of Asura in him had gone away; “O Lord! Lord Rama! Excuse me” – saying thus, he fell down at the feet of Lord Rama; “I am always under your control; May you be pleased; Always keep my mind firmly on You”.
  • 221 At that moment, Indra and all the other devatas requested Him thus – “All of us have been protected from that Rakshasa by You today; Always protect us from all dangers; We are all always Yours”.
  • 222 Lord Rama then subjected the form of Sita, which came over there, to a fire-test and made it enter a fire; He offered the form to Agni and accepted the real Sita who came back there from Kailasa.
  • 223 Lord Rama, knowing that the real Sita was staying in Kailasa, the abode of Shiva, during that period, accepted her from Agni; While Lord Rama rejoiced at getting back Sita, she also was extremely pleased at obtaining her Lord.
  • 224 After that, those monkeys who were hurt after the Sanjeevani mountain was brought over by Hanuman were treated by Sushena, the father of Taraa, who was an excellent doctor; He cured them all.
  • 225 Lord Rama then brought back all the dead monkeys from Yama’s abode; After that, he gave permission for Brahma and the other devatas and even Dasharatha, who had arrived there, to return back; He too got ready to proceed.
  • 226 Lord Rama climbed the Pushpaka Vimana which was offered by Vibhishana; Along with him (Vibhishana) and all the other monkeys, He proceeded towards His city Ayodhya; He sent Hanuman ahead of the rest.
  • 227 Not being able to see Lord Rama, the Lord of the Universe, Bharata was getting ready to enter a pyre; Hanuman saw Bharata and stopped him and told him the news of Lord Rama’s arrival.
  • 228 Listening to that news, Bharata was extremely pleased; Along with Hanuman, the city dwellers, his mothers and Shatrughna, he stood in front waiting for Lord Rama’s arrival; His eyes were full of tears of joy; His face had blossomed.
  • 229 Lord Rama lifted him and Shatrughna with love and embraced them; He gave respect to all the others as appropriate with their age.
  • 230 Lord Rama entered the city of Ayodhya; He was coronated on the throne by saints; Offering respects to all according to their status, the Lord said thus.
  • 231 “All of you have put full use of your body, mind and speech in offering them to me; This method of worshipping me with body, mind and speech is indeed the best way for noble men”.
  • 232 “If I grant all of you Mukti, it would be an appropriate result for your devotion towards Me; But Hanuman is a natural devotee of Mine who worshipped Me without any desire; Even Mukti would not be an appropriate reward for him”
  • 233 “No one is equal to Hanuman in devotion towards me, complete awareness in all matters, natural strength unaided by any boons, extreme progress, confidence, natural fame, radiance, good thoughts, control over senses and loyalty towards God; Even Shesha, Rudra and Garuda are not even equal to one thousandth of the excellent attributes that he possesses; Therefore, I shall grant him the Satya Loka where he shall reside along with My special presence”.
  • 234 “Previously, Ravana had won over the entire world due to the boon of Brahma; But no one was able to win him in battle; Vali, the son of Indra, had won against him as he was a monkey; Due to the boon of Dattatreya, the form of Vishnu, Kartaveeryaarjuna had also defeated him”.
  • 235 “Brahma had not granted him the boon to win over humans and monkeys; Therefore, he lost to Vali in battle; Violating Brahma’s boon, he invited Bali to battle and hence I defeated him”.
  • 236 “I was at the door of Bali due to the boon I had granted him; Therefore I kicked the Rakshasa Ravana with my toe and made him fall ten thousand yojanas away”.
  • 237 “When he invited me once again for battle, I knocked him off with a single punch in my Kapila avatara; Pavamana, who has three crore forms, similarly knocked him off with a single punch”.
  • 238 “The two of us had won over him with our natural strength; Shiva had won over him due to my boon; Realizing that Ravana is invincible even by devatas, Shiva had obtained a boon from me that he should win against Ravana”.
  • 239 “Therefore, only Myself and Vayu have won due to our natural strengths; That Vayu is verily Hanuman himself; Due to him, Shiva, Indra and others were made motionless like a stone by Vayu earlier”.
  • 240 “Therefore, let Hanuman obtain the position of Brahma due to my orders; Let him perform the activities of creation, sustenance, Moksha and others at all times for this world; Even after Moksha, let him provide joy to all the liberated ones”.
  • 241 “All the eternal and infinite joys that all creatures obtain due to the noble deeds they perform is always under my control; Similarly, the ones who obtain the position of Brahma also have control over it due to my orders; Therefore, the position of Brahma is known as ‘Sahabhoga’ “.
  • 242 “Hanuman! I shall grant you this Sahabhoga at all times”; When Lord Rama spoke thus, Hanuman prostrated in front of Him and spoke thus with unflinching devotion.
  • 243 “O Lord! For those who worship your lotus like feet, is there anything out of the four purusharthas that is not possible? O complete One! Even then, I shall not ask for anything apart from the worship of your lotus like feet”.
  • 244 “You are verily the greatest One ever! You are independent! You are verily the embodiment of complete strength in all aspects! You are an ocean of infinite attributes which is not countable even by Ramaa, Brahma and others”.
  • 245 “Even though they are describing Your attributes for eternity, they have not been able to see its end; You are the embodiment of complete and joyous knowledge; You are forever extremely pure”.
  • 246 “One who leads a life listening and absorbing the tales of Your attributes and activities, and one who leads a life that is full on unwavering devotion towards You, he alone is living a life, not others; Let me have such a pristine life more than all others”.
  • 247 “O Lord! Let devotion towards You keep increasing in me at every moment of my life; Let Your grace on me keep increasing like this always; These two, which are without comparison are, for me, all the purusharthas”.
  • 248 When Hanuman requested thus, Lord Rama granted him both those boons; He also granted him the position of Brahma and the noble position of being worshipped by all; And he embraced him tightly with deep inner affection; And he also granted good to all the others as per their yogyata.

|| End of chapter 8, known as ‘YuddhaKanda Katha Nirupanam’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||


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