Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 10

  • 181) Sri Krishna united with Rugmini, the two of them being eternally inseparable. He caused the birth of a son who was none other than Manmatha himself.
  • 182) Since he had the presence of the third form of Sri Hari out of his four main forms, the son of Rugmini bore the same name.
    • Rugmini’s son was Pradyumna. He had the special presence of Sri Pradyumna, the third out of the four forms of Paramatma – Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha.
  • 183) Even before his birth, Sage Narada, the son of Brahma, had told Shambarasura that he (Pradyumna) would be the cause of his death. After his birth too, Narada told the Asura – “He will be your death”.
  • 184) Using his maya, he kidnapped Pradyumna from the delivery home itself and threw him into the ocean. Sri Krishna deliberately allowed him to do so.
  • 185) That child was swallowed by a fish and in turn the fish was caught by a fisherman. Seeing a child in the fish’s stomach, the fisherman handed it over to Shambara himself.
  • 186) Shambara handed over that handsome child, removed from the stomach of the fish, to Rati, who was the wife of Kama.
  • 187) When Kama was burnt to ashes and rendered bodyless, Rati had gotten held by Shambara due to the curse of Brahma.
  • 188) Earlier, when Rati had heard that Draupadi had begotten five husbands, she had laughed (at Draupadi). Hence Brahma had cursed her.
  • 189) “May you become an Asura and be blamed” – thus was the curse. Therefore she was under the control of Shambara due to Maya. She had hidden her real form, and was under Shambara’s control in a different body.
  • 190) Even when she was under his control, she never appeared in front of him in her real form. When she saw her husband (Pradyumna), she became very happy.
  • 191) Using many Rasayanas she brought up her husband. Within four years, he attained full youth.
  • 192) When he gained his youthful appearance, seeing him, she became overcome by shyness. Seeing her thus, he asked – “O Mother! Why are you behaving inappropriately?”
  • 193) She narrated all the incidents to him, her husband, including the details of his birth. Thereafter, the son of Sri Krishna accepted her as his wife.
  • 194) Rati then initiated him into the most powerful and excellent mantras, which she had obtained from Sri Parashurama, and which were capable of destroying all mayavis.
  • 195) After that, Pradyumna invited Shambara to war, as he had violated his wife. The powerful (Shambara) came there and fought with all his strength.
  • 196) Fighting with him using a sword and shield, and then with excellent weapons, astras and even trees, he (Shambara) became invisible as he was unable to defeat Pradyumna.
  • 197) Shambara was cruel. He possessed thousands of mayas. Even as he was invisible he hurled rocks on Pradyumna from the sky. However, Pradyumna countered all of him due to the strength of his learning.
  • 198) Having lost all his mayas to the knowledge of Pradyumna, Shambarasura then fell down quickly after he was beheaded with a sword.
  • 199) Having killed Shambarasura, Pradyumna, the son of Sri Krishna, climbed on to the sky with his wife due to the power of the same knowledge, and left for Kushasthala (Dwaraka).
  • 200) Sri Krishna and Rugmini were verily Lakshmi and Narayana. Yet, in order to emulate ordinary humans, they were informed by Sage Narada that it was their son who had arrived there.

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