Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 6

  • 101) Even when he (Salva) said so, Jarasandha appeared discontented. Salva climbed his aeroplane and went to meet Kalayavana.
  • 102) That Kalayavana, having heard that Salva had come there from Jarasandha, quickly offered him his salutations and paid respects.
  • 103) Jarasandha was literally the deity for all those who hated Sri Krishna. Hence Kalayavana turned to the direction of Jarasandha and bowed to him and quickly offered service to Salva.
  • 104) Listening to him (Salva), Kalayavana quickly started, along with an akshouhini of army consisting of three crore warriors.
  • 105) Due to the urine and feces from the horses in that army, the river Shakrut, that flows in Kaliyuga, originated.
  • 106) Noticing that such rivers are repeatedly flowing, and also noticing the loss of lands due to this, Sri Vayu dried away the urine of those horses.
  • 107) Sri Krishna got together with Garuda, and discussed with Balarama. Although he has complete and eternal knowledge always, he thought the following in order show his leela.
  • 108) “This Kalayavana has come near us in order to engage in battle. When we start fighting him, Jarasandha will attack us”.
  • 109) “Jarasandha will get angry when he loses and will kill Yadavas. He had not killed (any Yadava) earlier due to the hope of victory”.
  • 110) “Since he has lost all hope, he will now resort to killing even Yadavas. Therefore I think it is prudent to build a city in the middle of the ocean”.
  • 111) “After that, I think it is best to make all Yadavas reside there” – saying thus, the all powerful Sri Krishna remembered the divine architect.
  • 112) Vishwakarma came there and, as per the orders of Sri Krishna, when the ocean was made waterless, built Dwaraka.
  • 113) He built an auspicious and radiant city in the middle of the water. It was 12 yojanas wide and looked grand like Shwetadweepa in the middle of the Ksheerasagara.
  • 114) Sri Krishna converted the salt (in the ocean) that was around the city into Amruta. Sri Vayu gave Sri Krishna a mantapa called Sudharma.
  • 115) That mantapa belonged to Indra and was handed over to Sri Krishna by Sri Vayu. He also gave numerous treasures and left, after prostrating in front of him.
  • 116) Along with them, all the other groups of Devatas too made offerings to Sri Krishna. After that, Sri Krishna bid farewell to Garuda and desired to fight Kalayavana.
  • 117) Sri Krishna, the all-powerful one, ensured all the citizens of Madhura were transported to Kushasthala (Dwaraka) in one instance. Thereafter, he went towards Kalayavana fighting him with his own shoulders (strength).
  • 118) Although he is endowed with unlimited strength and is one without a birth (or death), he transported his people in this way, through his leela, to teach everyone a lesson in Rajaniti.
  • 119) What big task is it for him to protect the Vrishnis when it is he himself who protects all the people in the entire Universe from times immemorial till eternity, and with nothing more than his intention!
  • 120) “You cannot fight me, even with the boon of Shiva, and even with the company of your entire army, although I am unarmed in facing you”.

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