Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 4: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 After having taken avatara, the Supreme personality Lord Rama and the other smart sons of the King started growing well in the palatial homes. For the Lord who is forever complete in time, space and attributes, the growth was only in the blurred eyes of the worldly people.
  • 2 The father (Dasharatha) obtained the highest happiness watching his four sons daily; The King, glancing at the moon like face of Lord Rama, obtained bliss like joy.
  • 3 The mothers, city dwellers, ministers, ladies of the chambers and all other citizens were also very pleased and satisfied with inner happiness (at seeing the Lord).
  • 4 In the lineage of the glowing moon, Indra was born as ‘Gadhi’; He had a son named Vishwamitra; With the power of boons, he had become a Brahmin and was the well wisher of the world; He arrived at Ayodhya.
  • 5 Lord Rama was prayed upon by Vishwamitra to protect his yagnas; Though the father was very scared, the Lord, who is worshipped by Siddhas, got sent along with the sage; Along with Lakshmana, He arrived at the hermitage of the Siddhas.
  • 6 Only to bless Sage Vishwamitra, Lord Rama, along with Lakshmana, accepted Astras from the sage; Brahma and other devatas, who were the presiding dieties of those weapons, came down directly and bowed to Lord Rama.
  • 7 After that, Lord Rama quickly killed the Rakshashi Thataka, who was indestructible by anyone apart from HIm due to Brahma’s boons, with his arrow; Subahu, who could not be killed by anyone due to Rudra’s boons, was killed by the Lord and consequently He protected the Yajna of Vishwamitra.
  • 8 Lord Rama, in order to excuse the boon of Brahma, then threw Maricha into the ocean with his arrow; He had been granted the boon of indestructibility by Brahma; The Lord then killed other Rakshasas as well.
  • 9 Around that time, the Swayamvara of Janaki had been proclaimed by King Janaka in every possible direction; Hearing that, the Lord, along with Lakshmana, followed the son of King Gadhi and went towards Videha.
  • 10 Ahalya, who was cursed by her husband (Sage Goutama) due to Indra doing the drama of forcing himself on her, had turned into a stone idol; With the darshana of Lord Rama, she turned into a human again; Lord Rama united Ahalya with her husband Goutama once again.
  • 11 Lord Rama, in order to show the world the greatness of devotion and the incomparable grace of devatas, reverted the great devotee Ahalya into a lady, as per the request of Indra; He left after being worshipped by her.
  • 12 Lord Rama, who was resplendent and had a blue hue, was shining like the Indra Neela gem; He is the Supreme One in this world; He had a glow which was more than that of innumerable moons and was charming; He was holding the bow and arrow in His hand; As soon as He entered the city along with His brother, He brought immense joy to the dwellers of Videha.
  • 13 The groups of noble men and women of Videha looked at the best amongst men and absorbed the joy of seeing His lotus like face with their eyes just like bees; It was just like how great devotees look at the feet of the Lord.
  • 14 Then, King Janaka worshipped Lord Rama, the brother of the thousand eyed Indra who had come down to earth, along with His brother, with great devotion and respect; He also worshipped the Sage who was glowing like fire.
  • 15 King Janaka decided that Lord Rama is the one who matches his daughter on all attributes and therefore He would be his son-in-law; The Sage, who had extreme radiance, also told the King to make Him his son-in-law.
  • 16 King Janaka told the Sage thus – “Your words are indeed excellent; I will definitely do as you say; Let there be no doubt about it; But, the oath I have taken to give away my daughter in marriage is as follows; Please listen to it”.
  • 17 “Earlier, I had performed a penance to please Shiva and obtain an excellent weapon; Then, Shiva had granted me this bow; This bow cannot even be moved by anyone apart from Shiva himself”.
  • 18 “All the devatas including Indra, all the daityas, sarpas and gandharvas cannot even shake this bow; What then to say of humans? Due to Shiva’s boon, many of my workers are able to pull this bow over here together with great effort”.
  • 19 “I started using the bow which is impossible to handle in order to test the strength and bravery of people; I took an oath for my daughter thus – Whoever lifts and ties this bow, I will give you to that person only”
  • 20 “Hearing of this oath of mine, many daityas, danavas, yakshas, rakshasas and other kings came over here; But they were not even capable of shaking the bow”
  • 21 “The ten headed Ravana and others started sweating profusely; Their eyes started rolling; They fell down deeply unconscious; But due to the words of Brahma, none of them were able to bring me under their control”
  • 22 “A long time ago, Brahma, who was impressed with my penance, had granted me a boon thus – No one will be able to obtain your daughter’s hand by force; And you will never have any problem with anyone who desires your daughter”
  • 23 “Therefore, all these kings, after their ego has been bruised, have just left from here; So, let Lord Rama please satisfy my inner desire and marry this girl of mine; This is my request”.
  • 24 When the Sage replied (to the King) with “Let it be so”, the King brought the bow, which was like the body of Sesha, through his servants; Lord Raghava saw that and lifted it with His left hand without any effort and raised it near His chest with a smiling face.
  • 25 Lord Rama, who gets everything done by His mere wish, and who is infinitely strong and Supreme, pulled the bow at which it broke; How can the bow sustain His strength when no one in this Universe can?
  • 26 Just like how the elephant of Indra breaks a sugar cane, similarly the Lord broke the bow right in the middle; He stood there, along with Lakshmana, looking at the Sage; Just like how the full moon stands.
  • 27 The daughter of the King saw the Lord, who had lotus like eyes, broad and excellent chest, radiant skin like that of Indraneela gem, the grace of earrings which were moving, the paste of sandal which was like the blood flowing from a rabbit’s wound, clothes which were shining like lightning.
  • 28 Then, Sita, whose eyes resemble blossomed lotuses, held a garland of blossomed lotuses with both her hands and, walking very attractively, went towards Lord Rama very slowly; Having placed the garland on His shoulders, she stood beside Him.
  • 29 After that, the people of Videha saw, along with the daughter of the King, Lord Rama who is the Supreme, the Lord of even Brahma, the One with infinite forms; Having seen them together, they felt extremely joyed.
  • 30 Lord Ramesha thus got together with Lakshmi in a way that the entire Universe was able to see; The King of Videha sent his messengers to Dasharatha, the father of Lord Rama, with the news; The ruler of the world was extremely joyed upon hearing the news.
  • 31 After that, the King, along with his two other sons, and with his wives, and an army of elephants, chariots and sentries proceeded quickly towards the King of Mithila, accompanied by Vashishta, the son of Brahma.
  • 32 King Dasharatha, who was offered a lot of respect by the King Janaka, was filled with ecstasy and conducted the wedding of Lord Rama; His priest sage Vashishta, along with the son of Gadhi, performed all the homas as per the scriptures.
  • 33 Then, the sky above was filled with lines of aeroplanes of all the devatas who had rushed there to witness the wedding; Dundubhis, bheris and other instruments were blown; The best of Gandharvas sung together in thousands.
  • 34 The devatas, who knew fully well that Sita was the mother of the Universe, had never come for her swayamvara; Now, on the other hand, they had decorated the sky with their presence during the wedding in order to witness Lord Rama who had united with His Ramaa.
  • 35 Just like how previously, during the swayamvara of Lakshmi, the entire group of devatas had gathered together, similarly now the entire group of devatas, rishis and kings had gathered together on earth.

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