Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 20: Part 4

  • 121) Satyabhamaa was radiant like gold. She had worn dresses of golden hue, and was smeared with saffron and kumkum. Her face had a lustre that exceeded a crore full moons. Sri Krishna, one who was the most handsome in the Universe and whose essence was eternal, enjoyed with her.
  • 122) That garden used to exhibit the great qualities of all seasons always. It had trees that shone with excellent jewels and gold. It was a divine place where the full moon always appeared. A mild pleasant wind always blew there. Sri Krishna relaxed with Satyabhamaa in such a garden.
  • 123) Satyabhamaa, the one who was the very personification of blemish-free knowledge, saw in that garden the excellent Parijata tree, the tree which had appeared during the Amruta Mathana, which had the essence of gold and precious jewels in it and which could grant all desires and remove all misery.
  • 124) As soon as she saw it, Satyabhamaa, the one whose face possessed a pleasing smile that was like moon-light, who had dark moving eyes and whose cheek were graced by shining ear-rings, requested Sri Krishna.
  • 125) “O Krishna! the one who possesses unimaginable valour and one who gives life to this Universe! please place this tree in the garden of our house” – when she said thus, Sri Krishna hugged her, the one who possessed breasts that were like kalashas, and plucked that tree out of there.
  • 126) Sri Krishna climbed Garuda, that most brave one, along with Satyabhamaa and the tree. Getting to know of this, and being provoked by Shachi, Indra reached there along with the Devatas.
  • 127) Satyabhamaa, in order to show the strength of Sri Hari, stopped all those Devatas who were affected by the Avesha of Asuras and who had come to battle in all directions, with excellent arrows released from the Sharnga bow.
  • 128) Satyabhamaa rendered Kubera weapon-less. Garuda lifted Varuna and threw him into the ocean. Satyabhamaa also defeated Vayu, the owner of the (north-western) direction and son of the main Vayu, and Agni, Yama and the others.
  • 129) Just by the sound emanating from the Sharnga bow, Sri Krishna made those Devatas affected by the Avesha of Asuras realize this true self. As soon as they awakened to his true knowledge, they realized he was the eternal Sri Hari and went away from the battle.
  • 130) When Shiva came to fight for Indra, Sri Krishna made him run away just with the arrows from the Sharnga bow. He was thrown far off along with his vehicle by Garuda. He then ran afar, being hit by the arrows.
  • 131) When Hara fled from there due to the shower of arrows from Sri Krishna, Indra immediately employed the Vajrayudha against him. Sri Krishna smilingly stopped it with his left hand. Indra started running backwards from there.
  • 132) Satyabhamaa, the most beautiful woman in the Universe, mocked at Indra. Then, Indra requested the mother of the Universe thus – “We are showing our childish instincts in front of the father of the world”.
    • Note: The mocking words of Satyabhamaa ensured the release of the Asura Avesha from Indra and the other Devatas.
  • 133) Later Indra, along with the Devatas, asked for forgiveness from Sri Krishna and sought his refuge. He gave the Maniparvata mountain as a token of submission and performed a sashtanga namaskara to Sri Hari, who was with Satyabhamaa.
  • 134) Indra requested Sri Krishna that Arjuna must be protected. Sri Krishna said – “As long as I am on Earth, no one can defeat Arjuna”.
  • 135) After having obtained that boon for Arjuna’s sake, Indra repeatedly bowed to Sri Krishna, who looked at him with a pleasant face. Indra, the great Bhagavata, then returned to his home.
  • 136) Sri Krishna permitted Indra to return and then himself returned to Dwaraka. He looked resplendent with a crown on his head, with ear-rings that constantly moved, with a shining lotus-like face and wearing clothes of golden hue and bearing the Kaustubha jewel.
  • 137) For Sri Hari who is the lord of the Universe and one who is always radiant and blemish-free, there is nothing that is extra-ordinary. Yet, in order to teach the less-intelligent, such stories abound in the Puranas.
  • 138) Sri Krishna, the Lord of all, entered his city. He was worshipped by the Yadavas in special ways. He entered the inner palace of Satyabhamaa and planted the Parijata tree along with the peak of the Maniparvata mountain.
  • 139) Sri Krishna, the one with infinite forms, gave jewels to all the Yadavas to their content. The Lord of all married those Kanyas and made them stay in houses that had floors made of precious stones and enjoyed with each one of them separately.
    • Note: He took multiple forms and stayed with each of the 16108 of them separately, at the same time.
  • 140) Sri Krishna obtained ten sons and one daughter from each one of them separately. Amongst them, Pradyumna, Samba, Bhanu and Charudeshna were much higher in attributes (abilities, strength, character, etc) than the rest.
  • 141) An Aditya by name Savitru, who was the son of Aditi and brother of Surya, was born to Sri Krishna from the womb of Satyabhamaa and was known as Bhanu. Charudeshna was born to Rugmini.
  • 142) Charudeshna was the Avatara of Vighnaraja (Ganapati). All the sons of Sri Krishna belonged to the category of Devatas. Similarly, all those who resided in Dwaraka had the presence of Devatas in them.
  • 143) When Sri Krishna was residing in that way in his city of Dwaraka, being worshipped all the time by the Devatas, Rugmini’s son Pradyumna went for the conquest of the Nagalokas, along with Samba.
  • 144) When, out of ignorance, the serpents started fighting, Pradyumna defeated all of them, including Vasuki, with his arrows and chased them away. He took away all the precious stones present there. All of them (Nagas) bowed to them (Pradyumna and Samba).
  • 145) After he was worshipped by them, Pradyumna, together with Samba, defeated the mayavi Maya, who had tried to stop him, with a shower of astras. After having been worshipped by him, he sat on a flying chariot and left for Swarga.
  • 146) Pradyumna defeated Jayanta, who had come to battle with him because Sri Krishna had taken away the Parijata. Samba defeated Rushabha, who was Jayanta’s brother, with his weapons.
  • 147) The two of them destroyed the weapons of those two (Jayanta and Rushabha) using their excellent astras. Those two burnt their chariots. Pradyumna and Samba defeated them through excellent arrows and chased them away. Indra accorded the two of them great respect.
  • 148) Using the mantra-vidya taught by Rati, he (Pradyumna) lifted Samba and returned to Dwaraka. Thereafter, Sage Narada once came there in order to understand how Sri Krishna interacts with all his wives.
  • 149) Sage Narada saw Sri Krishna himself enjoying in all the houses with sixteen thousand and one hundred simultaneous forms and was surprised. He bowed to him and left for Indraprastha. There, the Pandavas accorded him great respect.
  • 150) As per the orders of Brahma, he informed the Pandavas that Draupadi must reside only with Bhima, and that the presence of the other Devis in the body (of Draupadi) must be ended so that Bharati Devi can obtain full comfort through her stay.
  • 151) Sunda and Upasunda were two brothers who had a boon from Brahma that they shall be killed only by each other and not by anyone else. Due to Tilottama, they fought with each other and died. She had been created by Brahma for the purpose of killing these two Daityas.
  • 152) “Therefore, let Draupadi stay with each of you for one year. When she is staying with another, if any of you see them, then he has to perform a Tirthayatra for one year”. They conducted themselves accordingly.
  • 153) Later Arjuna once saw Dharmaraja and Draupadi in the arsenal. He had gone there to pick up his weapons in order to protect the cows of a Brahmana. He killed the thieves with those weapons and got ready to go on a Tirthayatra.
  • 154) Even though Dharmaraja and the others stopped him out of affection, he left for the Tirthayatra in order to keep the vow. Once, when he was taking bath in the Ganga, Uloopi, a Nagakanya, transported him instantly through her Maya into the world of the Nagas.
  • 155) Uloopi’s husband had been eaten by Garuda. Her father, Nagaraja, requested Arjuna to perform the Garbhadana so they could obtain a son. But, Arjuna had undertaken the Deeksha of maintaining Brahmacharya for one year as per the rules made by the Pandavas for the sake of Draupadi.
  • 156) Her father repeatedly requested Arjuna for begetting a son. Arjuna obtained a son through her. His name was Iravan. He was the Amsha of Mangala (Kuja) and possessed the Avesha of Varuna.
  • 157) Since there exists a rule that noble sons inherit the traits of the father and the jaati of the mother, he became a Naga. Since he was the first son of Partha, he was very powerful. He knew Maya and many astras. He was a noble Dharmika.
  • 158) Later Arjuna proceeded as the per the route of the Tirthayatra and reached the Pandya country. The Nagas ostracized Uloopi and her son. He stayed in the Devaloka with the Devatas, being well taken care of by them.
  • 159) It is to be understood that Arjuna did not incur any sin due to the violation of the vow, since he was a great Jnani. For great jnanis, no other sin attaches to them, except the sin of betraying those greater (in knowledge and inherent ability) than them. This is the conclusion in the shastras.
  • 160) Due to the special love for him, both Dharmaraja and Bhima excused his mistake. At the end of the year Virasena, the Pandya King, gave the hand of his daughter Chitrangada, who was an excellent match, to Arjuna.

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