Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 3: Part 2

  • 41 During that Manvantara Pralaya, the Lord of the Lords and the One with the supreme knowledge instructed the true form of Lord Vishnu to Vaivasvata Manu in the form of the Matsya; Thus, it is to be understood that the Matsya avatara has the dual purposes of granting Vedas and granting knowledge.
  • 42 Then, the best of devatas who were tormented by the elder son of Diti, Hiranyakashipu, due to the boon of Brahma that he had, approached Lord Hari along with Brahma; They narrated the evil acts of Hiranyakashipu to the Lord.
  • 43 After being requested in multiple ways, Lord Hari, who has extreme valor, appeared in the form of man-lion (Narahari – Narasimha); He killed Hiranyakashipu and comforted his son Prahlada and made the group of devatas very happy.
  • 44 When the devatas and asuras were churning the ocean, Lord Hari took the form of Kurma, which bears the Universe, and lifted the Mandara mountain on His back; Lifting that mountain was beyond the capability of anyone else due to the boon of Shiva.
  • 45 When the King of asuras, Bali, due to the boon of Brahma, became invincible, Lord Hari, after being prayed upon by Brahma and others, became the son of Aditi, though He has no birth; Though He is the best amongst all, He became the younger brother of Indra.
  • 46 The Lord, in the form of Vamana, went to the Yajna of asura King Bali even while making the earth bend down in every step of His; There, He determinedly took away heaven with His three steps; And He handed it over to His older brother Indra.
  • 47 Earlier, when his grandfather Prahlada had requested on behalf of Bali, Lord Keshava had given him a word – “I will not subdue Bali without begging him”; That is why He asked in that manner.
  • 48 Long time ago, due to the boon of Shiva, who bears the moon, all the asuras had become invincible and had been born on the earth; Being tormented by them, Indra and others were greatly affected and they prayed to Lord Hari keeping Brahma in front.
  • 49 “O Lord! Due to the boon of Brahma, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu, who could not be killed by anyone who was Brahma’s creation were killed by you; And similarly the brave Hayagriva asura was destroyed by You, who are older than even Brahma”
  • 50 “O Lord of the Lords! Due to the boon of Rudra, these (asuras) cannot be killed by anyone; Please destroy them with your unlimited capability and reside permanently in the Lotus inside of our hearts”
  • 51 Having been prayed upon respectfully in this way, the Lord, undefeatable and wielder of the Shranga bow, took the avatara of Bhargava Rama; The Lord who has no beginning destroyed the terrible community of asuras and created pools of blood.
  • 52 Thereafter, the main enemies of the Universe and the first daityas Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu were born in the lineage of Sage Pulastya; Due to the earlier boon of Lord Hari, they could not be killed by anyone else; Due to the boon of Brahma, they were undefeatable by the devatas.
  • 53 Due to the boon of Brahma in his previous life, Kumbhakarna was undefeatable by anyone; Due to a boon during the same time, Ravana was undefeatable by anyone apart from humans and monkeys; Both of them started troubling the devatas.
  • 54 Then, keeping the Lotus born Brahma and the wielder of the Trident Shiva in front of them, Indra and the other devatas approached the Lord who was resting on the serpent King Sesha in the Milky Ocean and praised Him with appropriate words.
  • 55 “You alone are the Lord of the Universe; You are the Supreme, Independent; You are the primordial being; You are the creator of the Universe; You are the destructor of the Universe; You are the controller of all; It is only due to Your order that the current and previous Brahmas have created the world; And will do so in the future”.
  • 56, 57 “Measured from the reference of humans, 360 years is known as one year of the devatas; 12 thousand such years are known as one Chaturyuga; One hundred such chaturyugas, filled with Treta and other yugas in which the padas keep reducing and comprising of day, night, fortnight, month and others, is the lifetime of Brahma. This four-faced Brahma too experiences the joys as per his yogyata in accordance with your orders and then quickly comes back to you”
  • 58, 59, 60 “Previously, you had created two big asuras named Madhu and Kaitabha from your ear lobes region; Under your orders, they obtained the avesha of Vayu and got arrogant about their strength and started growing rapidly in the waters of the Pralaya; Having been born with the intent of playing, and armed with the boon of Brahma making them incapable of being destroyed, they stole the entire Vedas emanating from the face of Brahma; Then, You, the One with all the powers, became ‘Hayagriva’; You returned the Vedas to Brahma and destroyed the two thieves by placing them on Your thighs and quashing them; From their ‘Medas’, you created ‘Medini'”.
  • 61, 62 “In this way, the power of the devatas is natural; Similarly the power of asuras is due to boons; Both these strengths are under your control; Therefore, we are now pleading everything with you, our Father; Please take form as a human on earth and, with your power, destroy these two Rakshasas who are bloated with ego due to the boons”; In this way, the Lord of the Universe and supremely capable Lord Hari was prayed upon by the leaders of the devatas and He took avatara in the form of Rama.
  • 63 Lord Rama took avatara, after a Yajna was performed for the same, in the womb of Kousalya, the queen of Dasharatha, who was the King born in the lineage of the Sun, which was the lineage of Kashyapa through Aditi.
  • 64 In order to specially serve the Lord, who is complete and bears all great attributes, the groups of devatas took avataras on earth, as per His orders; Amongst Vanaras (monkeys), they were born both before and after His avatara; But amongst humans, all were born after Him.
  • 65 Amongst the devatas, the first one and the one with more attributes than the others, that is Lord Vayu, took avatara as the son of Vanara Kesari’s wife through himself, as ‘Hanuman’; Indra was born due to himself as ‘Vali’.
  • 66 Surya was born, along with the avesha of Brahma, as ‘Sugreeva’ by himself; Similarly, Yama Dharma became ‘Jambavan’; Yama was first born from the Tvag indriya near the chest of Brahma; Later he was born as Jambavan from Brahma’s mouth.
  • 67 That Yama Dharma was born from Surya’s wife Sanjnadevi as Yama and became the caretaker of the southern direction; Jambavan was born earlier itself from the mouth of Brahma, who knows all the activities of the devatas.
  • 68 Chandra, who was first born from Brahma, was born again as the son of Sage Atri who himself was Brahma’s son; That Chandra was born as ‘Angada’; Bruhaspati was born as ‘Tara’; Indra’s wife Shachi was born as ‘Taraa’.
  • 69 Bruhaspati is the son of Brahma; At first, he was born, along with Shachi, from the mind of Brahma; He was then born as the son of Sage Angirasa, who was the son of Brahma; Shachi was born again as the daughter of Sage Puloma, who was the son of Sage Kashyapa, who in turn was the son of Sage Marichi.
  • 70 That guru of the devatas, Bruhaspati, was born by himself as a Vanara along with Shachi; Varuna took avatara as ‘Sushena’; The Ashwini devata twins were born as ‘Mainda’ and ‘Vivida’.
  • 71 The Ashwini twins were first born as the sons of Brahma through his nostrils; They then were born as the sons of Surya; Due to a boon, Vivida had the avesha of Indra in him; He was therefore more powerful than Mainda.
  • 72 Agni, who was born from Brahma, became ‘Neela’; Kama, who was born from Brahma, was born as ‘Pradyumna’ due to Lord Krishna, the consort of Sri, in the Rukmini form of Mahalakshmi; He also was born from Shiva as ‘Skanda’; And he is also the presiding diety of the Sudarshana Chakra.
  • 73 ‘Durga’, who is the presiding diety of Tamas, was Lord Hari’s ‘Chakra’ earlier; The presiding diety of Satva, the ‘Sri’ form of Ramaa devi was the ‘Shankha’; The presiding diety of Rajas, the ‘Bhu’ form of Lakshmi, was also the presiding diety of ‘Padma’.
  • 74 Vayu, who is the Lord of knowledge and strength, is the presiding diety of the Lord’s ‘Gada’ (mace); The diety of education, Sarasvati, is the diety of the ‘Shranga bow’; The Durga form of Lakshmi is the diety of ‘Charma’ (Gurani); The five forms of Vayu, viz Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana and Samana, are the dieties of the Lord’s (five) arrows.
  • 75 The ancient Chakra and others are thus; Kama, with the grace of Lord Hari, became the alternate diety of the Chakra and also obtained control over the word Chakra; Aniruddha, who was born from Brahma, became the son of Kama; He became the presiding diety of the Purusha Jiva and, due to a boon, also became the alternate diety of the Shankha.
  • 76 These two were born as ‘Bharata’ and ‘Shatrughna’, after the birth of Lord Rama; Prior to this, Sesha was born after Lord Rama as ‘Lakshmana’, the son of Sumitra.
  • 77 Lord Rama, who is Lord Hari himself, was the only son of Kousalya; Similarly, Bharata was the only son of his mother Kaikeyi; The other two were sons of Sumitra; In this way, the four best amongst the devatas were born as the sons of King Dasharatha.
  • 78 Lord Hari, in his Sankarshana and other two forms, had an avesha of Himself in Lakshmana and the other two; Similarly, Indra had an avesha in Angada; Hence, Angada became very powerful.
  • 79 In Kartiveeryaarjuna and the other thousand Emperors who had extreme strength, who were very dharmic and who had all noble attributes, Lord Hari’s special sannidhi was present in them.
  • 80 Then, Mahalakshmi, who is without a comparison, took avatara to serve Lord Rama through a plough; She came to be known as the daughter of Janaka, King of Videha, as she came about in the field of Yajna of the King.
  • 81 In this way, after referring to the Agamas, the entire details of the initial creation (outside the realm of the Universe) and the subsequent creation (within the Universe) has been decisively stated by me; In this, those who were born earlier are always greater in attributes than those born later; This is certain.
  • 82 The differences in creation stated in the later Kalpas have been stated differently in the Shrutis and Puranas when compared with the details of creation of the previous two Kalpas; In those Sargas, earlier birth is not a reason for supremacy; This truth is to be understood through the special statements (pramanas).
|| End of chapter 3, known as Sargaanursarga Pralaya Pradurbhava Nirnaya, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, 
composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

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