Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 3: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 Lord Veda Vyasa, who has completeness, knowledge and other such attributes as His body, who is always risen, who has the garland of the rays of knowledge on Him always, who destroys the darkness of ignorance from the hearts of His devotees, who is a self-luminous Sun, is Supreme.
  • 2 Lord Sri Hari in the avatara of Rama is Supreme; He is without birth or death and has bliss as His body; He is illuminated by the radiance of Aishwarya; He is always glowing; He destroys the troubles of His devotees; He is the prime moon in the universe.
  • 3 Lord Sri Hari in the avatara of Krishna is Supreme; He is filled with the waters of infinite and complete strength; He is the abode of the best attributes which are like gems; He is a great ocean who is attained by those knowledgeable people who know Him as the best there is and that He is full of auspicious wealth.
  • 4 I offer my namaskara to Narayana, Nara, Narottama, Devi, Saraswati and Vyasa and then narrate the Jaya (Mahabharata).
  • 5, 6, 7 The Bharata which has been narrated by Lord Vyasa as ‘Jaya’ is history; Narottama is Vayu; Mahalakshmi has been addressed as Devi; Lord Narayana is the main theme of the work; Lord Vyasa is the author of the work; Both these are Paramatma Himself; Narottama Vayudeva is the prime instrument; Nara is the secondary instrument; Mahalakshmi is the giver of auspicious wealth & luck; Sarasvati is the abhimanini of speech; Hence all of them are worthy of worship at the commencement of the work; All of them have been propagated in the work itself as Vasishta Krishna, Yadava Krishna, Satyabhama, Bhimasena, Arjuna and Draupadi.
  • 8 The third avatara of Vayudeva, who goes by the name of Anandatirtha, after having established the purport of all shastras and having highlighted the cream of all statements in all shastras in the first two chapters, is now narrating the stories of the Lord.
  • 9 The Lord, who is without any difference in His forms, having taken the four forms, with an intention to create, had contact with the Maya form of Lakshmi through His first form ‘Vasudeva’; Then, Maya gave birth to ‘Virincha’ (Brahma).
  • 10 Through the Sankarshana form of the Lord and the Jaya form of Mahalakshmi, Vayu, who is the abode of knowledge and strength was born as a son; This Vayu is the designated first born ‘Virincha’ in the next Kalpa; Therefore there is none superior to him.
  • 11 That Vayu is ‘Sutra’; Virincha is ‘Purusha’; Then, through the ‘Kruti’ form of Lakshmi, the Pradyumna form of the Lord created female twins; The first amongst them is known as ‘Pradhana’; This mother of Shiva and others came to be known as ‘Prakruti’.
  • 12, 13 ‘Shraddha’ is the second one; The two of them got together with Purusha (Brahma) and Sutra (Vayu) respectively; From these two, with the orders of Lord Sri Hari, Shesha and Suparna (Garuda) were born; Shesha is also known as ‘Jiva’; Garuda became the controller of Time; The two of them became the vehicle and rest (bed) of Lord Vishnu; From the two of them (respectively), the attendants of Lord Vishnu by the name of Kala (and others) and Jaya-Vijaya (and others) were born.
  • 14 ‘Kala’ and ‘Jaya’ and others who are the presiding dieties of time are indeed the attendants of Lord Vishnu; All of them are created prior to the creation of the Universe, outside of the Universe creation process; Hence they are lesser than the devatas in hierarchy; Amongst these attendants, Vishvaksena is the son of Vayu and equal to Ganesha.
  • 15 The Aniruddha form of the Lord took all the devatas, from all four Varnas, from the Pradyumna form of Himself and seeded them in Shanti (Lakshmi) who is the presiding diety of the three Gunas.
  • 16 Then, from the form of Shanti devi, the presiding diety of Mahat tattva, ‘Virinchi’ and the presiding diety of speech, ‘Saraswati’, were born in their gross (material) form; Virinchi, in Sarasvati, created the presiding diety of Ahamkara tattva ‘Rudra’ and his half-bodied presiding diety of intellect ‘Uma’.
  • 17 The three formed Shiva, along with Uma, the presiding diety of intellect created the presiding dieties of the mind and the ten sensory organs from the Vaikarika Ahamkara tattva; From the Taijasa Ahamkara tattva, he created the ten sense organs and from the Tamasa Ahamkara, he created the five Bhutas (space, air, water, fire and earth) and the five matras associated with them (sound, touch, taste, sight and smell).
  • 18 The ‘purusha’ form of Virincha, along with the ‘prakruti’ form of Sarasvati, gave birth to Shiva; From Shiva, Indra and the other devatas were born; Then, the ‘Shraddha’ form of Bharati, along with the ‘Sutra’ form of Vayu, obtained the great devatas Sesha, Shiva and Indra as sons. Thereafter, from Indra, all the other devatas and the group who are the presiding dieties of Yajnas were born.
  • 19 Then again, the ‘Mayaa’ form of Mahalakshmi took the three forms of ‘Sri’, ‘Bhu’ and ‘Durga’ which are the controller dieties of Satva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas; In Sri, Vasudeva form of the Lord took avatara as ‘Vishnu’; With the Bhu form of Lakshmi which is the diety of Rajas, He took avatara as ‘Virincha’; And in the Durga form which is the diety of Tamas, He took avatara as ‘Sharva’ (Shiva); Thus, the three forms which came about from Him are not different from Him.
  • 20 All these devatas, who were incapable of creation, approached Lord Hari and praised Him – “You who possess limitless capability in creating an amazing Universe please grant us a proper place”
  • 21 Lord Purushottama, after being praised thus, accepted Mahalakshmi in order to create the Universe; That Sri Devi accepted the golden semen of the Lord Adhokshaja and gave birth in the middle of water.
  • 22 All the devatas, along with Sri Hari Himself, then entered the Universe; From the navel of the Lord, a Lotus which was the base of the Universe came about; In the middle of that, the four-headed Brahma who is the form of noble attributes was born again.
  • 23 From Lord Brahma, all the devatas were once again born; Even though all of them knew of (the superiority of) Vayu, in order to establish the truth in the Universe, all of them came out from the body of Brahma who came about from the Lotus; They then entered it again.
  • 24 As soon as Vayu left, the body fell down; As soon as he entered it, it got up again; Therefore, Lord Vayu alone is the best amongst all devatas; Therefore, the entire group of devatas are always under the resort of Vayu; Sri Hari and Brahma were inactive (in order to establish supremacy of Vayu); Therefore, apart from the two of them, Lord Vayu is the controller of all the other devatas.
  • 25 After that, Brahma created the fourteen worlds without any effort; And then from Brahma, Shiva and the Vaikarika devatas and Rishis were born.
  • 26, 27 From ‘Ahankara’ came Shiva first; Then came ‘Uma’ from ‘Buddhi’ and then Indra and Kama came together; Then, from the mind, Bruhaspati, Manu, Daksha, Aniruddha along with Shachi Devi came about; From the eyes and ears and from the skin came Surya, Chandra and Yama; Varuna was born from the tongue; From the nostrils came Nasatya and Dasra in order.
  • 28 After that, Sanaka and the other three and Marichi and the other devatas, and other animals were born; After that, Asuras and other Rakshasas, Rishis and Humans were born; From Brahma, thereafter, this unique and special world was also created.
  • 29 In this order of creation, except Asuras, the one who is born first is better than the one born later; In the subsequent recreation cycles, if the first born is born later, even then he will not be lesser than the (now) first born in any way.
  • 30 The attributes, by virtue of the impact of time, the defects of father and mother or because of prarabdha karma will go down; The ones born in this way will undergo destruction cyclically; During pralaya, Lord Hari remains along with Mahalakshmi.
  • 31 The Lord, during Pralaya, along with Sri, will be sleeping experiencing complete, unlimited, whole and natural bliss. He will have infinite heads, faces, hands, thighs and feet; With infinite forms, infinite strength and unlimited joy, the Lord will remain in His original form experiencing bliss, knowledge and the other infinite attributes continuously.
  • 32 Lord Hari in this way recreates the entire Universe; In this way, the flow of this Universe is without a beginning or an end; The souls are also eternal; Nature is eternal too; Time, also, is eternal; Need it be said explicitly that the Lord of the Lords is also eternal?
  • 33 Just like the way rivers, that originate from the ocean, go and join the ocean again, similarly, this eternal and real flow of the Universe gets created by Lord Hari and then always joins Him again.
  • 34 In this way, those who understand the special, infinite and eternal capabilities of Lord Purushottama will have all their defects burnt away due to His grace; They will also reach Him, who is the Lord of all devatas and is full of attributes, very quickly.
  • 35 Lord Hari will retain in His abode those devatas who have liberated from all their defects and appoint similar devatas with equal yogyata and from the same hierarchical group, in the place of the former(s).
  • 36 From Sage Kashyapa Devatas were born again through Aditi and Asuras were born from Diti; Cows, animals, birds, snakes and all other creatures too were born (from Kashyapa) through the daughters of Daksha.
  • 37 Then, Lord Hari, who never undergoes an end, having seen the earth submerged in the ocean of pralaya, quickly took the avatara of Varaha and for the sake of Brahma lifted the mountain filled earth from the ocean and stabilized it on the surface.
  • 38 After that, the doorkeepers of Lord Hari (Jaya-Vijaya) were born thrice on earth due to a curse; In Diti, they were first born as Hiranyakashipu-Hiranyaksha; Then they were born as two Rakshasas (Ravana-Kumbhakarna); Then they took avatara as the nephews of Lord Hari (Krishna avatara – as Shishupala-Dantavakra).
  • 39 Among the two sons of Diti, the younger one Hiranyaksha was killed by Lord Hari due to the prayers of Brahma who did so for the sake of the devatas; During the incident of the earth being lifted from the ocean, the Hiranyaksha who was first killed was born from Brahma.
  • 40 After that, a powerful asura named Hayagriva stole the Vedas that emanated from the face of Brahma; Lord Hari, in the form of the Matsya avatara, destroyed the asura and protected Vaivasvata Manu and the Rishis during the Manvantara Pralaya; He returned the stolen Vedas back to Brahma.

One thought on “Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 3: Part 1

  1. Dear Sir,
    The first amongst them is known as ‘Pradhana’; This mother of Shiva and others came to be known as ‘Prakruti’.
    Virinchi, in Sarasvati, created the presiding diety of Ahamkara tattva ‘Rudra’ and his half-bodied presiding diety of intellect ‘Uma’.
    He took avatara as ‘Virincha’; And in the Durga form which is the diety of Tamas, He took avatara as ‘Sharva’ (Shiva);
    Who is the mother / father of shiva / rudra ? Is Sharva and shiva / rudra are same? confusing . Please reply

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