Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 8: Part 2

  • 41 Then, Angada immediately smashed his hand at the face of the Rakshasa’s horse; Both the eyes of the horse gorged out and fell; It fell down and died as well.
  • 42 He drew a big sword and immediately started fighting the monkey; Angada snatched the sword from him and killed him (with his own sword).
  • 43 Thus, when the son of Ravana, Narantaka, who was born to a Gandharva lady, was killed in this manner, his older brother Devantaka came rushing there.
  • 44 When he came rushing, all the monkeys, who were under the leadership of Jambavan, got scared by the shower of his arrows and started running away.
  • 45 He took an arrow which resembled the club of Yama and smashed it at the chest of Angada; Angada rolled to the ground; He lost his consciousness as well.
  • 46 Then, Sugreeva, who is the son of Surya who gives sharp rays, lifted a hill full of trees and threw it at the Rakshasa.
  • 47 Noticing from a distance that the hill was about to fall on him, Devantaka quickly aimed an arrow at it and brought it down; He then aimed another arrow.
  • 48 He pulled that arrow, which was like the maze of Yama, till his ear and hit it at the chest of Sugreeva, the king of monkeys; He (Sugreeva) too fell down.
  • 49 Seeing the amazing strength of Surantaka (Devantaka), the son of Vayu invited him to a battle just like how Lord Keshava had earlier invited Kaitaba.
  • 50 Seeing him rushing at him, Hanuman smashed his chariot along with his charioteer and horses; Then he snatched his bow and broke it.
  • 51 Then Hanuman held the hair of his enemy, who was rushing towards him with a sword, and threw him to the ground; And then in battle, the son of Vayu pressed his head very hard with his foot.
  • 52 The son of Vayu killed that Rakshasa, who had become invincible due to the boon of Shiva; The best of devatas then sang in praise of him; The monkeys became very happy seeing this.
  • 53 After that, Trishiras (- the one with three heads) came rushing there causing the monkeys to run helter skelter, all due to the boon of Brahma; Hanuman destroyed his chariot and bows, snatched his sword and ensured he did not have even a single head.
  • 54 After that, ‘Yudhonmatta’ and ‘Matta’ started destroying a lot of monkeys; Their arrogance was due to the boon of Parvati; Both of them died unable to tolerate the fist of Hanuman.
  • 55 After that, the one who came to battle was Atikaya; He sat in a chariot given by Brahma and went around like the fire of armageddon, destroying the monkeys; He was born to Ravana out of a Gandharva woman.
  • 56 Atikaya had a body which was overly big; He had pot-like ears; Hence, he too was known as ‘Kumbhakarna’; He defeated the son of Surya and other monkeys, and quickly rushed towards Lord Rama.
  • 57 He came, shooting arrows like a big cloud which was showering; He came roaring like thunder; Lakshmana then stopped him with his flood of arrows.
  • 58 Both of the great warriors showered each other with arrows resembling the Vajra of Indra; Due to excellent practice, they outdid each other with quick astras and arrows and caused darkness in the sky due to the shower of arrows.
  • 59 Lakshmana, by countering his arrows with his own and his astras with even more powerful great astras, rendered him futile; He chopped off his head along with two shoulders; But the two shoulders of his became four; and he got two heads in place of one.
  • 60 Every time he chopped his heads and shoulders, they started doubling; At that time, Vayudeva, who is inside of the whole world, told the worried Lakshmana thus.
  • 61 “O One with the pretty face! Due to the boon of Brahma, he will not die with any weapon except the Brahmastra”; Having said so much, Sameera (Vayudeva) returned to the skies without being seen nor heard by Atikaya.
  • 62 Then Lakshmana, the brother of the Supreme Lord, released the Brahmastra at the son of the ten-headed; Atikaya, who was one of the best amongst those wielding astras, was burnt to ashes along with his chariot, charioteer and horses.
  • 63 When his sons were destroyed thus, the king of the Rakshasas, Ravana, wished to go to battle himself; When he was getting ready to do so the son of Khara, the one who had made name for himself as an excellent archer, spoke to him.
  • 64 “O King! I need to kill the one who killed my father; Therefore, please grant me permission; I shall kill him along with Lakshmana and the other monkey warriors and give you great joy”
  • 65 Ravana deputed him for battle after he spoke that way; That warrior, by name Makaraksha, defeated Angada and other monkey warriors and also defeated the son of Surya and moved forward.
  • 66 Disregarding the arrows that Lakshmana was throwing at him, he invited Lord Rama to battle; He told Lord Rama thus – “You killed my father Khara who was a citizen”.
  • 67 “He was the best amongst archers; You killed such a person with some (dubious) plan; I shall give you the result of that act of yours” – Speaking thus, He, who had become invincible due to the boon of Brahma, started showering astras.
  • 68 Lord Rama countered his astras with his own astras, all with a pleasant smile on His face; The Lord, who cannot be comprehended, removed the Rakshasa’s head, which was glowing with excellent ear-rings, with an arrow which was like (Indra’s) Vajra.
  • 69 A few of his followers who had still survived the excellent monkeys wielding trees and hills ran helter skelter; Just like how the followers of Dhoomraksha had fled when he died.
  • 70 Then the Lord of the Rakshasas, Ravana, got ready and went to battle holding a bow and climbing a chariot; Behind him, an army with a thousand, ten-thousand, crore senadhipatis followed.
  • 71 The army of the monkeys, being tortured by the Rakshasas’ army with various kinds of weapons, started to run away; The best of monkeys then started attacking and destroying the Rakshasas.
  • 72 Gava, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Vrusha and Gandhamada were born from Kubera; These five were Prana and other Maruts themselves; Kathana was Kubera’s avatara itself; All of them started destroying the army of Ravana.
  • 73 Using six excellent arrows, Ravana hit all of them and brought them down; Then, Mainda and Vivida, who were the sons of Ashwini Kumaras, along with Jambavanta, smashed him with three big boulders.
  • 74 Ravana quickly destroyed those boulders with his arrows and shot other arrows at the three of them; He brought each one of them down with those arrows; Then Angada, the son of Indra’s son Vali, rushed towards him.
  • 75 Ravana hit him in the chest with an arrow even as he was rushing towards him with a boulder; Angada fell down having been hit badly by the arrow; Then, the son of Surya came ahead to confront him.
  • 76 The ten headed one (Ravana) left a swift arrow and split the tree, which he was holding, into pieces; And then he sent an arrow at his throat area; Sugreeva, who was heavily injured at that, fell down.
  • 77 Hanuman then lifted his shoulder, which was like Sesha’s body, and gave a big blow on the chest of the Lord of the Rakshasas; Ravana fell down spitting blood from all his ten faces.
  • 78 Once Ravana regained his consciousness, he showered praises on the son of Vayu saying “There is no other being in this world who can match you. Who else can bring me to this condition?”; In reply, Hanuman said thus.
  • 79 “I hit you with very little of my force; The fact that you are still alive is proof of that”; Ravana replied back – “Now you watch the force of my fist”; He hit Hanuman with his fist.
  • 80 When Hanuman stood there acting as if he was pained by the blow, Ravana thought – “This is my chance to escape”; Even though Hanuman asked him not to leave, Ravana went towards Neela, the son of Agni; He didn’t stay there at all.

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