Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 8: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 Lord Rama listened to everything that Hanuman said and was pleased; He wished to undertake the journey; Climbing on to Hanuman, He started off along with Lakshmana who was on the shoulders of Angada, and with Sugreeva and the army.
  • 2 The Lord, Sri Rama, reached the southern ocean; He is the main Guru of the world; He has extraordinary strength which no one can face; Even then, in order to show the world that it is Dharma to first act softly, He lied down on the coast as if requesting the ocean for a route.
  • 3 At that time, a person named Vibhishana came there; He was the younger brother of Ravana; He was deserted by Ravana because he was following dharma and was a devotee of Raghupati Lord Rama; He took the refuge of the best amongst Raghus.
  • 4 The son of Brahma, the son of Surya, the leader of the army Nila, Mainda and Vivida, Angada, Tara and others told Lord Rama very firmly thus – “He has come from the land of the enemy; He is his (Ravana’s) brother; Hence disqualified from acceptance”.
  • 5 On this issue, the other form of the God of strength (Vayu – i.e. Hanuman) said thus – “He has come for refuge; And he has extreme devotion at the feet of Lord Rama; Therefore, he is perfectly acceptable; Having realized that Ravana will be destroyed soon, he has come here so he can obtain the kingdom”.
  • 6 When Hanuman said thus, Lord Rama, who had earlier listened to his words in the case of Sugreeva, once again concurred with him and said – “I will certainly accept him as he has taken my feet; This is my eternal word”.
  • 7 “Even if the group of Devatas, led by Brahma, and along with Daityas, humans and others all come together, they cannot even shake my finger; What fear do I then have of this nocturnal Vibhishana? That apart, I know fully well that he is of a very satvic nature”.
  • 8 Having thus spoke, Lord Rama took Vibhishana as his servant and gave him the kingdom by performing Abhisheka; Lord Rama, who is the embodiment of limitless and excellent knowledge and strength, ignored the king of Rakshasas, Ravana, as if he was a blade of grass and gave Lanka to his brother.
  • 9 Lord Rama gave him the kingdom of the Rakshasas till the end of the Kalpa and the longetivity to rule till then; He also granted him His own world at the end of the Kalpa; Seeing that the ocean has not come to Him even after 3 nights, He got angry; He glanced at the ocean with His red eyes.
  • 10 That ocean starting drying out the moment the Supreme Being Lord Rama cast His angry glance at it; The children of Danu and other creatures in the ocean got panicky; The ocean took a visible form, and appeared in front of the Lord with items of worship on his head; He fell at the feet of the Lord and said thus.
  • 11 “O Complete One! The One who is complete with respect to space, time and attributes! The One who is without any defect and the One who is the primordial Being! We, ordinary beings, could not understand you; You create devatas through Sattva Guna; You create humans out of Rajas Guna; And you create groups of Asuras from the Tamas Guna”
  • 12 “Please proceed as per Your wish; O brave One! You destroy Ravana who is troubling the three worlds; He is the dirt of Sage Vishravas; You obtain your wife back; You build a bridge over this water; By that, your fame will spread even further; All the kings who wish to proceed on a conquest will come near it and praise it”
  • 13 Lord Rama immediately blessed him after he said thus; Lord Rama released that arrow which was aimed at him at asuras, known as Antyajas, who were residing in that ocean and burnt all of them; All of them had become invincible and without death due to the boon of Shiva.
  • 14 Lord Rama is the destroyer of samsara; All of His activities are without a parallel; He converted the desert there into a fertile land; Many varieties of roots and fruits started to grow there from then; Nala was the avatara of the divine architect Vishwakarma; He was born out of him as well; Lord Rama instructed Nala and the other excellent monkeys to build a bridge.
  • 15 Lord Rama got the bridge built with the peaks of hills and trees that were uprooted and brought on the shoulders by the monkey-leaders; He entered the burnt Lanka very quickly keeping Vibhishana in front, along with Sugreeva, Neela, Hanumanta and others.
  • 16 The ten headed Ravana listened to the news that Lord Rama, who is the supreme warrior with unlimited valor in all the worlds, and who has unlimited radiance, and who is Supreme, has arrived; His heart was pained due to fear and he got very confused about what to do next.
  • 17 Lord Rama, who has all auspicious attributes and is the Supreme One, sent across Angada as a messenger in order to display political righteousness; When Ravana did not accept that also, he surrounded the four big gates of the Rakshasa’s city with His excellent army.
  • 18 When Lord Rama attacked him thus, Ravana sent across his terrible son Indrajit to the western gate; He sent across Prahasta to the eastern side and sent Vajradamshtra to the southern side, which is the side of Yama, the leader of all Pretas; And to the northern side, which is the side of Chandra, he himself went.
  • 19 Coming to know of this plan of Ravana, Lord Rama sent across Hanumanta in order to win the battle with Indrajit; He then sent Neela in order to kill Prahasta and sent Angada, the son of Indra’s son Vali, in order to kill Vajradamshtra.
  • 20 Lord Rama, who has excellent radiance in His body, and who is the Supreme Being in the Universe, lifted His bow, pointed his arrow at the direction of Ravana, took a sword and went there Himself, after placing Sugreeva in the middle of the army.
  • 21 Indrajit, who got trapped at the hands of Hanuman, realized his valor and ran away far from there; Neela and Vibhishina hit Prahasta with boulders and the Shakti weapon, respectively, and handed him over to the control of Yama.
  • 22 ‘He will not come under Neela’s control’ – Having realized thus, Vibhishina joined him and smashed Prahasta with his excellent Shakti weapon; At the same time that he died, Angada engaged with Vajradamshtra; He felled him on the ground and killed him by smashing his head with his legs.
  • 23 When all of them were killed thus, the Lord of the Rakshasas sent Dhoomranetra from the western gate; He pounced upon Hanuman, the one with endless strength, and got burnt away.
  • 24 Having been inspired by the Lord of the nocturnals (Ravana), and being emboldened by the boon of Shiva, a Rakshasa called Akampana rushed towards Hanuman but was killed in an instant.
  • 25 Then, inspired by the bravest of Raghus, Lord Rama, all the monkeys took big fire torches aided with astras, and burnt the city of Lanka.
  • 26 After that, Ravana, who was extremely agitated, sent two Rakshasas named Nikumbha and Kumbha; Both were sons of Kumbhakarna; Both of them got very excited and arrived for battle by chasing out many monkeys from all sides.
  • 27 Kumbha won battles with the son of Brahma, Tara, Neela, Nala, the sons of Ashwini devatas viz Mainda and Vivinda, and with Angada; Then, he engaged in a fierce battle with Sugreeva, the son of Surya; Finally, Sugreeva sent that evil one to the abode of Yama very quickly.
  • 28 Afer that, Nikumbha took a ‘Parigha’ weapon that was capable of smashing big mountains and rushed towards the son of Surya; Sugreeva, who got extremely frightened jumped a distance of 100 bows towards the west.
  • 29 As that brave Rakshasa started wielding the Parigha, all the directions and the sky, including the Sun and Moon, panicked; And the devatas sulked after noticing his immense strength and recalling the boon given to him by Shiva.
  • 30 Noticing that he will not subside to anyone else, Hanuman, the son of Vayu immediately jumped and stood in front of him; Showing his chest, he said “What from these people? You hit your weapon over here”.
  • 31 As soon as he said thus, that evil Rakshasa threw the indestructible weapon on his chest; As soon as it fell on the indestructible chest of Hanuman, the weapon was smashed to pieces; Just like what happened to the Vajrayudha when it fell on Garuda.
  • 32 When his weapon was destroyed thus, Nikumbha went to the son of Vayu and lifted him and placed him on his shoulders and started off from there.
  • 33 The son of the main Vayu held his neck tightly and freed himself; Hanuman then threw him on the ground.
  • 34 In the Yajna called ‘Yuddha’, where the Lord of Lakshmi is the devata, the son of Prabhanjana made the Rakshasa as the sacrificial animal; The devatas then gave out a loud cheer of happiness.
  • 35 36 Suptaghna, Yajnakopa, Shakuni, Devatapani, Vidyujjihva and Pramathi got together with Shuka and Sarana and went to battle, inspired by Ravana; They started destroying the monkeys; All of them, who had won over death due to the boon of Brahma, were killed by the arrows of Lord Rama.
  • 37 Six Rakshasas, by name Yuddhonmatta, Matta, Devantaka, Narantaka, Trishiras and Atikaya got ready to battle, as per the orders of Ravana.
  • 38 Narantaka, who was the son of Ravana, rode a big horse holding a weapon called ‘Prasa’; He battled the monkeys without any fear.
  • 39 Seeing him burn away the army, the strong Yuvaraja Angada quickly jumped in front of him and showed him his chest.
  • 40 The Rakshasa smashed the ‘Prasa’ weapon on his chest; But due to the radiance of the son of Vali, that weapon split into two.

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