Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 18: Part 7

  • 122) Sri Vayu, the Lord of the Universe, spent a long pleasant time with her. Later, he warned sage Mudgala and went back to his loka.
  • 123) After that, sage Mudgala went to a different country and performed penance there. Having been separated from her husband, Indrasenaa too got into a big penance.
  • 124) Inside her, only Bharati Devi performed tapas to please Sri Hari residing inside Sri Shankara in order to surrender all her Karma to him.
  • 125-126) Parvati and the others performed penance to Sri Rudra from inside that body. When Sri Rudra and Sri Hari appeared in front of them, all five of them sought boons so that they may attain their own husbands. Those words (seeking the boon) were uttered five times from that body.
  • 127) Sri Vishnu residing inside Shiva granted Bharati Devi her husband as a boon. Shiva himself granted the other four Devis their husbands through boons.
  • 128-129) Those four Devis (apart from Bharati Devi), as soon as the boon was granted, heard it and understood it as – “Devi! you shall obtain your husband soon” since they did not recollect that their presence was to ensure the Avatara of the Devatas and also because they had contact of the sentient world. It was like milk getting mixed with water (their behavior and state).
  • 130) When they heard the boon from Sri Vishnu once and from Sri Shiva four times, they understood it wrongly and thought that a single woman would obtain five husbands.
  • 131) Being in the same body, they thought of themselves as one individual and started crying. Sri Mahendra came there at that moment. He asked those excellent ladies thus.
  • 132-133) “Why are you crying?”. She replied pointing to Sri Rudra who was in the form of a young Brahmana and said – “I asked a boon but he gave me five husbands”. Indra, without realizing that it was Sri Shiva, asked loudly – “O evil minded one! What is this? When all three worlds are ruled by me, why did you curse this lady without any reason?”.
  • 134) When Indra said thus, Shiva said – “May you fall down from Swarga and be born as a human. You will be her husband and she will attain you”.
  • 135) “Under this hill, you can see all the Devatas who insulted me and have fallen down” – when Shiva said thus, Indra lifted the hill and saw (many) Devatas there.
  • 136) Indra saw that Sri Vayu, Yama and the Ashwini Devatas, all of whom were Indras earlier in previous manvantaras were secretly discussing there about taking birth in human form.
  • 137) After that, Indra undertook penance of Sri Hari, the one who is worshiped by all, and having pleased him, he was born with the Amsha of Nara on Earth.
  • 138-139) Sri Brahma then cursed Shiva thus – “You have lied about Sri Vayu and others saying that they have fallen due to them insulting you. May you be born soon as a human and you shall be defeated by that very person to whom you lied i.e. Indra with the Amsha of Nara”.
  • 140-141) “Although I had cursed the Devis, you granted them a boon that they shall obtain their husbands without consulting me. Therefore you will be born on Earth as a human but will not obtain your dear one in that form. After Bharati Devi gets out of that body, you will obtain your wife but only in your world. Let your boon fail in your own case”.


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