Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 8: Part 4

  • 121 Hanuman then thought for himself – “I can easily kill him in battle; Still, I shall leave him alive so that the glory of Lord Rama can come to the fore”.
  • 122 “Let Lord Rama be glorified by killing him, who is out of bounds for everyone else; He himself has given such a boon to his doorkeepers, hasn’t he?”
  • 123 Lord Hari, who is the controller of even Brahma and Rudra has given a word saying – “You shall be slain by myself in all three births”; Even if I kill him now, the Lord shall only bless me and shall not be upset with me; But doing so is not proper Dharma on my part.
  • 124 Thinking this way, Hanuman went towards the monkey warriors; Kumbhakarna rushed towards Lord Rama, eating all the Vanaras on the way.
  • 125 The monkey warriors, who had been swallowed this way, came out of his sense-organ holes (ears, nostrils, ..); Few others came out from the root of his hair follicles; Some of them climbed on him as if they were climbing a mountain.
  • 126 Like a huge tusker, Kumbhakarna shook away all the monkeys on his body, felled them down and went alone towards Lord Rama in order to battle Him; On the way, he continued eating the monkeys and also his own army; He enjoyed the smell of blood and kept drinking it.
  • 127 Lakshmana stopped him with a shower of arrows; But he ignored Lakshmana and went towards Lord Rama holding a hill in his hand; Lord Rama also invited him to battle.
  • 128 Lord Raghava, the lord of all, then took a terrible bow in His hand and pierced the Rakshasa’s body with arrows that were like Indra’s Vajra; Just like how He pierced the body of other Rakshasas previously.
  • 129 That Rakshasa did not fall down for the amount of strength it took the Lord to bring down Khara and others; The Lord then, with a smile, displayed a tiny fraction of His infinite strength and sent some excellent arrows at him.
  • 130 Lord Rama amputated the two hands of the Rakshasa with two arrows; He removed the two legs of the Rakshasa with two more arrows; With another arrow, he decapitated him and made his body fall into the ocean.
  • 131 As soon as the mountain like body of Kumbhakarna fell, the ocean rose with major waves; All the devatas were extremely happy and they praised Lord Rama and showered him with flower petals and congratulated him.
  • 132 Kumbhakarna had originally grown to 3 lakh yojanas; Later, in order to stay in the city of Lanka, he had reduced his size.
  • 133 When he died, he again grew back to his original size; That is the reason the ocean rose so high when his body fell on to it.
  • 134 After that, most of the Rakshasas who were with him were quickly destroyed by the monkey warriors; A few remaining ones ran away from there; They went to Ravana and gave him the news of his brother’s death.
  • 135 Ravana, who was filled with sorrow, fell unconscious; He lost all desire on his life; His son Indrajit then requested him – “Hand over the responsibility of destroying the enemy to me; Let there be no delay!”
  • 136 “I had previously captured the King of devatas himself; This one, afterall, is the son of a human King; Why are you afraid of him?” – Saying thus, he performed the homa of Agni, worshipped Shiva and mounted his chariot.
  • 137 Taking his bow and arrows in his hand, he climbed on to the sky in his chariot and became invisible; By the grace of Shiva’s boons, he released ‘Nagapashas’ on the groups of monkey warriors and bound them by it.
  • 138 When Lord Vishnu was earlier instructing all the devatas to take avatara on earth, Garuda had requesed Him – “Please give me too an opportunity to serve you”.
  • 139 Lord Vishnu told him – “You need not take avatara on earth; I shall receive your service in a different way; You should obtain fame with that; Dharma should be protected by that; And you should have ended up performing your duty as well”.
  • 140 “When Ravana’s son Indrajit shall bind all the monkeys and Lakshmana with his snake chains, you come there and release everyone from the bindings”.
  • 141 “Myself, Lakshmana and Hanuman are all capable of clearing those chains; But none of us will do it; O Garuda! as per your desire, I am ordering you; You have to come and do the task”
  • 142 Since He had Himself said so, Lord Rama did not release anyone at that moment; Similarly Lakshmana also did not do so; And Hanuman, the son of Vayu, also did not do so; After all, isn’t he the one who knows all the divine secrets always?
  • 143 Having tied up Lakshmana and the monkeys in that manner, Indrajit quickly approached his father; Seeing his son come back with that achievement, Ravana became extremely happy and praised his son a lot.
  • 144 Garuda, the king of birds, remembered the orders of Lord Hari and quickly came over there; The monkeys were all freed from their chains by the mere touch of the air from his wings.
  • 145 Garuda, who was adorned with the best ornaments, flowers and scents, bowed to the Supreme Lord and left; The great monkey warriors got up with great excitement, picked up trees and boulders and started roaring.
  • 146 Hearing the majestic roar of the monkeys, Ravana and his son became greatly worried. “They have all been freed from the Nagapasha; What should we do next?” – such a worry engulfed them.
  • 147 Once again, he worshipped Agni and climbed his chariot and became invisible; With the power of Shiva’s and Brahma’s boons, he rained great astras on them continuously.
  • 148 Being greatly hurt by those astras, the monkey warriors along with Lakshmana once again fell down upon the ground; But none of those astras were capable of even touching Sameera, the son of Vayudeva.
  • 149 At that time, Vibhishana had gone inside the city in order to know the happenings there; As soon as he came back, he saw that the entire army of monkeys fallen down; He also saw that Hanuman was completely unharmed.
  • 150 Vibhishana took Hanuman along with him and went to Jambavan, who was deeply unconscious; He sprinkled some water on him and asked him if he was alive. Jambavan replied – “Yes”.
  • 151 Jambavan asked then – “Is Hanuman alive? If he is alive, then all of us are alive. If he is not, then all of us are dead”; When he said so, Hanuman replied – “Yes, I am”
  • 152, 153 When Hanuman said so, Jambavan requested him thus – “Near the Meru mountain, there is another mountain known as Gandhamadana; From that mountain, you should bring four medicines (medicinal plants); The four medicines are ‘Mrutasanjeevini’, ‘Sandhanakarani’, ‘Savarnakarani’ and ‘Vishalyakarani’; Out of them, Mrutasanjeevini is the most important; But the other three are also important”.
  • 154 As soon as Jambavan said so, Hanuman instantly jumped into the sky and reached the Gandhamadana mountain; Just like an arrow released by Lord Rama.
  • 155 Noticing that the medicines became invisible then, he plucked the entire mountain which was 100 yojanas in size, out of anger.
  • 156 The son of Vayu, who is the abhimani devata for strength, plucked that mountain and placed it on his palm and swung; He jumped into the sky with great pace, just like how Lord Hari had done so in his Trivikrama avatara.
  • 157 Hanuman reached the place where the monkeys had fallen down in an instant; By the mere touch of the air from the mountain, all the monkey leaders got up immediately.
  • 158 Lakshmana, the brother of Lord Rama, and all the others worshipped Hanuman, that excellent warrior; They all became very happy; The flowers which devatas showered fell on the head of Hanuman.
  • 159 Devatas, Gandharvas, Maharshis and all the other noble people praised Hanuman a lot; Lord Rama gave him a deep embrace with his arms; Hanuman then threw the mountain which was 100 yojanas standing there itself and made it fall back to its original place.
  • 160 The mountain which Hanuman threw back got fixed in its original position very firmly; The monkeys then picked up trees and boulders and got up shouting loudly in order to do battle.

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