Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 20: Part 6

  • 201) “Although I raised numerous objections, my older brother did not listen to me. I went ahead and made arrangements for stay of this scheming person near the palace of our women as I did not want to violate the words of my elder”.
  • 202) “But this is all done now. When we were not around, he has kidnapped our kanya. There is no loss of prestige for us in this. On the other hand, it is a loss of prestige for him as he is a very proud person. All of you now know that he is Arjuna, from the words of Viprutha”.
  • 203) “We have to give our kanya (to someone). There is no other groom equal to Partha. He is from the Kuru vamsha. He is the grandson of Vedavyasa Krishna, the one with infinite strength. He is the son of our paternal aunt. He is an excellent warrior and possesses good character”.
  • 204) “Being Indra’s son, it is we who should have sought him. But he himself has kidnapped the girl. Therefore, our work is not spoilt. On the other hand, if you chase him and lose, your fame will certainly be destroyed”.
  • 205) “If you defeat him and bring back the kanya, none else will agree to marry her citing her being taken away by him. Therefore, I do not think it is wise for you to chase him” – saying thus Sri Krishna, the best amongst all, became quiet.
  • 206) Balarama heard Sri Krishna and said – “Do not go. I have understood his intention. Following his words is the sure instrument for our victory, glory, peace and salvation in the other world”.
  • 207) Where there is Arjuna, there is no defeat – such is the dictum of Sri Krishna. As per his orders, Arjuna proceeded in that chariot along with his wife and entered Indraprastha, which was ruled by his brothers.
  • 208) All the brothers welcomed Arjuna with great joy. He narrated all the incidents to them. Sri Krishna, after all the Yadavas had calmed down due to his words, proceeded towards the Pandavas, along with the wielder of the plough.
  • 209) Sri Krishna went to Indraprastha, along with many carts full of precious stones, and was worshipped by the Pandavas. Along with Balarama, he gave the Pandavas and Draupadi and Subhadra, lots of jewels and ornaments.
  • 210) Balarama spent a few months there and returned to his own city (Dwaraka). Sri Krishna stayed back for many years, all the while being greatly worshipped by the Pandavas. In this way, he showed his great affection towards them.
  • 211) Draupadi gave birth to five noble sons. All of them were Vishwedevatas. They also had the Avesha of give Gandharvas named Chitraratha, Abhitrama, Kishora, Gopala and Bala respectively.
  • 212) The five of them, named Prativindya, Shrutasoma, Shrutakeerti, Shrutaneeka and Shrutakriya, were born to Yudhisthira and the others respectively. Abhimanyu was born after the first two (amongst the five).
  • 213) Abhimanyu was the Avatara of Budha with the special Amsha of Chandra in him. He was born of Arjuna in the womb of Subhadra. He also had the Amshas of Yamadharma, Sri Vayu, Indra and the Ashwini Devatas. In addition, he also had the presence of Sri Krishna.
  • 214) All of them were brave warriors, handsome, devotees of Sri Vishnu and knew all the Shastras. The Pandavas derived great joy from them, and especially from Abhimanyu, the son of Subhadra.
  • 215) Later, Sri Krishna and Arjuna once left for the Khandava forest, in order to relax, along with Satyabhamaa and Subhadra, complete with their assistants and riding their chariots, even as the best amongst Gandharvas sung songs for their pleasure.
  • 216) The two of them were relaxing in that forest, which was full of pleasant winds and was resplendent with flowers. They also relaxed in the waters of the Yamuna in the company of their precious women.
  • 217) Then, Agni appeared in front of them in the guise of a Brahmana and asked them for food. With due permission from Sri Krishna, Arjuna asked him – “Let me know what food you need”. He replied – “I am Agni. I desire this forest”.
  • 218) “I asked for wages from the Devatas in the form of two Ahutis named Prayaja and Anuyaja for the task of carrying their havis. They granted me the same, but after cursing that my digestion would weaken”.
    • Note: The Prayaja ahutis are five in number – Samit, Tanunapat, It, Barhi and Svahakara. The Anuyaja ahutis are three in number – Barhi, Narashamsa and Svishtakrut.
  • 219) Agni bowed to Brahmadeva and asked him – “When will my strength return completely like earlier?”. Brahma said – “When you shall consume the Khandava forest your full strength shall return”.
  • 220) “This Khandava forest belongs to Indra. Hence he is creating hurdles in my way. Therefore, I am requesting you” – when Agni said thus, Arjuna replied – “If I obtain a chariot and a bow I can face Indra”.
  • 221) Since Arjuna had the Avesha of Nara in him, and because he had promised to grant him food, he opposed Indra though he himself was the Avatara. Sri Krishna’s encouragement was the main reason. Agni had requested thus primarily to resolve his opposition to Indra.
  • 222) Once given, Indra would not oppose it again. Wasn’t Partha himself Indra! However, if Sri Krishna did not encourage him, he wouldn’t oppose. Hence Agni requested Sri Krishna.
  • 223) Without Sri Krishna’s help Arjuna would not succeed in the task. Hence Agni obtained permission from Sri Krishna too. After that, he went to Sri Hari who was at Badari and obtained the Chakra from him and handed it over to Sri Krishna.
  • 224) The Chakra had earlier come to Sri Krishna at the Gomanta. Agni gave the same one back to Sri Krishna with devotion. The disc of Sri Vishnu exists in multiple forms. The one given by Agni now and the earlier one were both the same.
  • 225) Agni gave the Gandiva bow to Arjuna. That bow belongs to Brahma. He controls everything through it. He had given an Amsha of it to Shiva. Similarly, he had given it to Indra, Chandra and Varuna.
  • 226) With that bow they had won the three worlds due to the grace of Brahma. Others could not bear that bow. It would grant victory and weighed a lakh ‘bhara‘. It was very auspicious.
  • 227) An auspicious chariot with white horses, two quivers with arrows that would never exhaust and the mast of Sri Rama that had the sign of Sri Hanumanta – all these were obtained from Varuna by Agni and handed over to Arjuna.
    • Note: In the commentary on this work, Sri Vadiraja Tirtha reveals that the chariot was the same one given by Indra to Sri Rama during the final war with Ravana.
  • 228) If Hanuman is present in the mast, a special invincibility arises. After all, isn’t he the very personification of victory? All those were divine and unbreakable. The string of the Gandiva had a lustre that was like lightning.
  • 229) Due to the blessings of Sri Krishna, Arjuna was able to hold that unbearable bow. Shiva and the others too were able to bear it only with the blessings of Brahma. Only Brahma had the ability to bear it naturally.
  • 230) Brahma had given a boon to Indra. Therefore, Arjuna was able to hold it since Indra himself had taken birth as Arjuna. Using it, he created a covering made of arrows.
  • 231) Arjuna quickly created a web of arrows that spawned twelve yojanas. Agni too lit up in that forest and started burning it with bright flames.
  • 232) Indra, the one with a thousand eyes, felt hurt that his forest was being burnt and tried to douse the fire by using a shower of rain whose drops were the size of a chariot’s wheel.
  • 233) Sri Krishna and Arjuna stopped that rain with their astras and faced Indra, who was with his group of Devatas. He was defeated. Seeing the strength of his son, Indra became very pleased.
  • 234) Noticing the affection Sri Krishna had for Arjuna, and the strength of his son, Indra became very pleased at heart. He withdrew the clouds, bowed to Sri Krishna and hugged his son.
  • 235) Sri Vishnu, the eternal one, had come with Indra and, although he is no different in his Avataras (than the original form), he embraced Sri Krishna. He stood alongside Indra only to show his leela. He did not fight even a little.
  • 236) Brahma and Shiva came to Sri Krishna and bowed to him. They gave Arjuna the name of Krishna, since he was especially skilled in weaponry. All the Devatas gave word that they would grant him their astras.
  • 237) Brahma and the others took the permission of Sri Krishna and left. Indra fought in that instance only for play. He also wanted to grant fame to his son out of love. Later, he left for Swarga happily, along with the Devatas.
  • 238) All creatures including Daityas, Nagas, Pisachas and Yakshas were killed in that forest by the two of them. None survived there except four birds, Ashwasena and Maya.
  • 239) The birds chanted the Veda mantra starting with ‘ayamagne jarita‘ and praised Agni and survived without getting burnt. Ashwasena was the son of Takshaka. He had been swallowed in reverse by his mother.
  • 240) While flying in the sky, Arjuna had cut off the head (of his mother) and his own tail had also been cut when he fell down. He was taken care of by Indra. Because of his mother’s killing, and because of his own tail being cut, he got into the quiver of Karna out of great anger towards Arjuna, wanting to kill him.
  • 241) Maya, bearing a Chakra, took refuge with Arjuna in order to save his life when Sri Krishna stared at him. Because of Arjuna, Sri Krishna did not kill him. He was also spared because he was a great devotee and possessed a lot of skill with magic.
  • 242) “Since I am the enemy of Devatas, Sri Krishna has great anger towards me. Therefore, I shall take refuge in Arjuna, who is none other than Indra. In this way, I shall become dear to Sri Krishna” – thus was his thinking.
  • 243) Maya asked Arjuna what he could do for him as he had saved his life. Arjuna replied that it was Sri Krishna who had spared him and therefore he should do something favorable to him.
  • 244) Sri Krishna ordered him to construct a special palace for Dharmaraja. Having been requested by Agni to ensure no animals leave (the Khandava forest), the two of them, having done the same, left from there.
  • 245) Seeing the two of them, Pandavas heard all the incidents and were extremely joyed. Sri Krishna, the one with infinite strength, bliss, knowledge, lordship, magnanimity and valour, experienced great happiness there with the Pandavas.

|| End of chapter 20, known as ‘Khandava Vana Daha’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||



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