Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 22: Part 5

  • 161) These were the words of Sri Vishnu to Shiva. Therefore, in order to render them true, when Sri Krishna arrived at Badarikashrama, all the sages there, being omniscient, worshipped him.
  • 162) At night, when Sri Krishna was seated amidst the Munis, two Pisachas by name Ghantakarna and Karna arrived there. They had been asked by Shiva to see Sri Krishna and hence they desired to go to Dwaraka.
  • 163) When the two of them saw Sri Krishna amidst the sages, they did not at first realize who he was and they got into creating nuisance that was typical of Pisachas. Later, they meditated and realized who he was.
  • 164) Seeing Sri Krishna who appeared in their hearts, they became very curious and, out of devotion, they praised him and bowed to him repeatedly. Inherently, they were noble souls.
  • 165) Sri Krishna, being pleased with them, touched them and in a moment converted them into excellent Gandharvas, granting them divine form and good voice.
  • 166) The two of them again worshipped Sri Krishna through their dance, singing and through excellent prayers. Lord Krishna then went to Kailasa, the King of mountains, and appeared as if he was performing penance there.
  • 167) Sri Vishnu, even as he was enjoying his own attributes through eternal knowledge (of the same), acted as if he was doing penance to please Shiva, all the while causing confusion amongst evil souls.
  • 168-170) In order to cause great confusion amongst Asuras Sri Krishna had earlier told Shiva – “I shall perform penance for twelve years appearing to pray to you, so Asuras may undergo confusion. May the Devatas be free of worry”. Therefore, Sri Krishna made Brihaspati cross the twelve rashis in a single day. Thus, as per Sri Krishna’s orders, that one day turned into twelve years.
    • Note: The time taken by Brihaspati or Jupiter to travel through one zodiac sign is considered as one year. By making Brihaspati travel across all twelve signs in a single day, the equivalent of twelve years was accomplished.
  • 171) Considering each rashi to be one year, Sri Krishna, in a single day, performed mentally all the required upavasas and the prescribed rituals.
  • 172) Sri Krishna completed the masa vrata in his mind in the time required to take a hundred and fifty breaths. He did so in order to grant the benefits of twelve years of vratas to his devotees.
    • Note: Masa vrata is the vrata undertaken for one month. A human takes 21600 breaths in a day. Considering this as 12 years, one year turns out to be 2800 breaths. Therefore, one month comes to 150 breaths.
  • 173) Then, Garuda and the other Devatas belonging to his close circle served Sri Krishna. He performed homa and other rituals. Although the focus of these rituals was himself, he made it appear as if he was doing all that to please Shiva.
  • 174) When Sri Krishna was engaged in penance in this way Brahma, Indra and the other Devatas, the best amongst the Yogis, Prajapatis, Pitrus, the best amongst the Munis and their families rushed to the lotus-eyed one. Gandharvas, Siddhas, Yakshas, birds and others too came there.
  • 175) Shiva too, noticing that the lord of all Devatas and his own master, Sri Hari, had come to his place, gathered his family and along with his wife rushed to him with great devotion and excitement, carrying along that which is required for performing his worship.
  • 176) Shiva approached the primordial lord of the Universe Sri Krishna and bowed his head down with devotion and prayed to him. He praised Sri Krishna, the one with a body made of the six auspicious attributes, one who is free from all defects, one who is full of great opulence and the one who is the best amongst all, with excellent stutis.
  • 177) Sri Krishna too, in order to cause moha to the ill-qualified souls, praised himself as present inside of Rudra. Listening to that, Shiva addressed all the Devatas and said – “I shall speak the truth. Listen to me”.
  • 178) “Mahavishnu is the one who should be worshipped by all people as the Supreme One. Myself, Vayu and Mahalakshmi are the instruments for obtaining him. Sri Vishnu is the best amongst all and is greater than me and Brahma. Thus is the definitive teaching of all Vedas and other shastras”.
  • 179) “It is the purport (of all shastras) that he is eternally greater than Mahalakshmi and all groups of souls. All of you keep remembering him again and again”. When Shiva spoke thus, all the groups of Devatas fell at the feet of Sri Krishna with extreme devotion and worshipped him.
  • 180) Thereafter, due to the other explanations of Shiva describing Sri Krishna and revealing the truth, Indra and the other Devatas, who were already knowledgeable, obtained even more enlightenment (from Shiva’s teachings).
  • 181) The Devatas are always aware that Sri Hari is the best amongst all Devatas. However, since the pramana granthas are too many in number, whatever doubts had arisen in their minds due to their reliance on logic were cleared from the discourse of Shiva.
  • 182) Later Sri Krishna, in order to make his earlier words – “I shall obtain a boon from you to have a son” – to Shiva come true, spoke thus.
  • 183) “Grant me a son”. Shiva replied – “A son named Pradyumna has already been born to you. Let people think that he is the one who was granted by me”.
  • 184) “Earlier, Kama had been burnt by me. His wife Rati had asked me – ‘Grant me my husband’. I had then said”.
  • 185) ” ‘When he will be born as Pradyumna to Sri Krishna, may you obtain him as your husband’. O Lord Sri Hari! As per your orders may it be known now that he was granted by me to you”.
  • 186) “O Lord of all Devatas! I am your servant. Protect me as I have taken refuge in you” – speaking thus, Shiva bowed to Sri Krishna and again addressed the Devatas.
  • 187) “O Devatas! Listen to me. I shall let you know why Sri Krishna has come here (to Kailasa)”.
  • 188) “An Asura named Vakra had become invincible due to the boon of Brahma. Apart from the just-born Manmatha, the son of Sri Krishna, he could not be killed by anyone else”.
  • 189) “In order to kill him, Sri Krishna held his son Pradyumna in his stomach and came here. Here, he brought out his son and burnt that Asura. Notice that forest which has been burnt”.
  • 190) “Due to the series of flames, that Asura Vakra, who was terrible, was burnt by Sri Krishna along with the forest through Pradyumna, whose tejas increased greatly”.
  • 191) “Sri Krishna once again placed his son in his abdomen. He again got him to take birth through Rugmini. And then he made him a young man immediately”
  • 192) “All of this has been witnessed by Sage Narada and others. In this way, the Deva plays, possessing unimaginable opulence”.
  • 193) When Shiva informed them thus, Indra and the other Devatas bowed to Sri Krishna.
  • 194) Sri Krishna was praised by Brahma, Indra and the other Devatas. Sitting on Garuda’s shoulders, he was worshipped by Shiva again and again. On the third day, he got back to his city (Dwaraka).
  • 195) On the day Sri Krishna left for Kailasa, at nightfall, Paundraka Vasudeva attacked Dwaraka along with Ekalavya, his mother, father and an army of three akshouhini.
  • 196) Upon getting to know that Dwaraka was being destroyed, the great Yadava warriors, including Balarama, Satyaki and others engaged in battle. Then, Ekalavya, the leader of the Nishadas, showered arrows upon them.
  • 197) Due to his weapons and astras, all the Yadava heroes became worried. All the lights in Dwaraka got extinguished. All of them, along with Balarama and Satyaki, returned to the city.
  • 198) All of them picked up large torches and, being led by Balarama, came out of their city wielding weapons in their hands. It was like lions rushing out of their caves.
  • 199) Then, Balarama climbed a chariot and faced Ekalavya. Satyaki engaged with Paundraka Vasudeva. Satyaki and Paundra fought against each other and rendered each other chariot-less.
  • 200) Later, Satyaki and Paundraka had a battle with maces. Similarly, the brave Balarama and Ekalavya rendered each other chariot-less and started fighting with maces.


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