Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 22: Part 6

  • 201) At that time, Sri Krishna climbed on to Garuda and came to the place where the Yadavas were engaged in battle. Seeing him, Balarama was filled with joy. With overflowing happiness in his heart, he decided to kill Ekalavya.
  • 202) When Balarama picked up his mace with both hands and rushed towards Ekalavya, he ran away from there out of fear wanting to save his own life, after noticing the strength and anger of Balarama.
  • 203) Balarama too ran after him. The scared Ekalavya jumped into the ocean. After chasing him till the coast, the powerful Balarama stood there holding the mace in his hand.
  • 204) That great sinner Ekalavya, thinking that Balarama was still chasing him, swam a distance of eighty yojanas, reached an island and then turned around and looked back.
  • 205) Having defeated the powerful enemy Ekalavya in that way in battle, Balarama happily returned towards Sri Krishna. Paundraka Vasudeva, ignoring (the attack of) Satyaki, moved towards Sri Krishna.
  • 206) Sri Krishna rendered him chariot-less and weapon-less in an instant. Paundraka Vasudeva returned to his city and then sent a messenger to Sri Krishna. (The messenger said – ) “I alone am Vasudeva”.
  • 207) “Give up the usage of my insignia and surrender to me as I am eternal”. When the messenger spoke this, all the Yadava heroes laughed vociferously.
    • Note: Paundraka wanted Sri Krishna to give up using Shankha, Chakra and the other Vaishnava symbols, claiming them to be his own signs.
  • 208) Sri Krishna laughed loudly and said – “I desire to give you the weapons, which are your insignia, only in battle”. When he spoke thus, the messenger conveyed the same to Paundraka, who came back desiring battle. Sri Krishna proceeded to face him.
  • 209) Seeing Paundra sitting on a golden Garuda which was placed on his chariot, wearing artificial Chakra and other weapons and with a burnt chest attempting to get the Srivatsa sign, Sri Krishna laughed uncontrollably.
  • 210) Then, even as Paundraka was showering many astras and other weapons, Sri Krishna defeated him and beheaded him with his Sudarshana Chakra. Later, he also beheaded Paundraka’s maternal grandfather with an arrow.
  • 211) Sri Krishna, the Lord of all, made the head of that King of Kashi (grandfather of Paundraka) fall in Varanasi. Paundraka, who used to always call himself Brahma and Vasudeva, was condemned to Andhantamas due to his ignorance.
  • 212) The King of Kashi who helped him, Kirmeera, Hidimba, Salva and other Daityas had all fallen into Andhantamas. Similarly, this evil minded one too fell into Tamas.
  • 213) Having killed the two of them, Sri Krishna had already caused Pradyumna to be born (again) in Rugmini. Ekalavya, who was defeated by Balarama, performed a penance for appeasing Shiva. He obtained a boon of invincibility from Shiva.
  • 214) His ego boosted due to Shiva’s boon, Ekalavya rushed against Sri Krishna wanting to battle him. Stopping all his weapons and astras, Sri Krishna beheaded him with his Chakra.
  • 215) He too, being a great sinner, reached the terrible Tamas, where sorrow is forever, all due to his hatred of Sri Krishna. In this way, Paundraka and Kashiraja were killed by the best amongst Yadavas.
  • 216) Sudakshina, the son of the King of Kashi, performed a tapas with great devotion in order to please Shiva. When Shiva appeared, that sinner and evil-hearted one asked for a boon to eliminate Sri Krishna.
  • 217) Due to the Avesha of Asuras, Shiva’s mind too was polluted (at that time) and he gave a Daitya-shakti to him in the Dakshinagni. That Dakshinagni too had the Avesha of Asuras. Being worshipped by the son of the King of Kashi, that Agni increased in power due to Shiva’s boon and he left to the place where Sri Krishna was present.
  • 218) Sri Krishna, the most valorous one, sent his Chakra in order to remedy the Dakshinagni. That terrible, shining Chakra with extra-ordinary strength chased the Agni afar.
  • 219) That Agni was the son of the main Agni (-Devata). Having been chased away by the Chakra, that fire burnt away Sudakshina, his wife, children and his family and rendered them into ashes.
  • 220) The Sudarshana Chakra burnt the city of Varanasi and returned to Sri Vasudeva. That great sinner Sudakshina reached Tamas along with this family, due to his hatred of Sri Krishna.
  • 221) At Dwaraka, Sri Krishna, the one with eternal bliss and one who is complete, once sportingly spoke to Rugmini. Although he never fought with the defectless Rugmini, he did so in order to mock the behavior of Grihasthas.
  • 222-223) “O auspicious one! I have no purpose to be served from you. Only in order to humiliate my enemies I brought you in that manner”. Mahalakshmi, the omniscient one, although knew that she never separates from her consort, appeared as if she was sad just to show wives should behave thus with their husbands. Sri Krishna, the lord of lords, consoled her in order to teach the Dharma of Grihasthas, although he himself is eternal blissful.
  • 224) When Sri Krishna was thus sporting with Rugmini, Balarama went to Gokula once, based on Sri Krishna’s directions. There, he met Nanda and Yashoda and was respected by them. They asked him about Sri Krishna’s well-being.
  • 225) There he stayed for two months and spent time enjoying with the Gopikas. Being intoxicated, Balarama asked the river Yamuna to come to where he was. When Yamuna, knowing that he was intoxicated, refused, the great warrior pulled her with his plough to where he was.
  • 226) When she bowed to him, he let her return. Later, he returned to Dwaraka, having been seen off by Nandagopa. He narrated to Sri Krishna the devotion that Nandagopa and the others had in him.
  • 227) Then, Mainda and Vivida, friends of the son of Bhumi (Narakasura) and possessed of Asura avesha, started destroying the Anarta country after Bhauma’s death, out of hatred for Sri Krishna. Balarama was asked by Sri Krishna to kill them.
  • 228) Sri Krishna granted him a boon – “This Mainda and Vivida are invincible due to Brahma’s boon and due to the fact that they have drunk Amruta. Yet they shall be killed by you. Proceed”.
  • 229) Having proceeded thus, Balarama first killed Mainda when he attacked him angrily at the peak of the Raivata mountain. On the next day, the doer of the most excellent tasks killed Vivida by hitting him with his plough, even as he attacked him with showers of rocks.
  • 230) The Asuras who were present inside the two of them reached Andhantamas while the Ashwini Devatas reached their own loka.
    • Note: Mainda and Vivida were the Avatara of the Ashwini Devatas. They also had the Avesha of two Asuras inside them.
  • 231) Duryodhana had a daughter named Lakshanaa. She was Rati’s Avatara and was very beautiful. In her Swayamvara Samba held her by force. She too developed a liking for him.
    • Note: Samba was Sri Krishna’s son born to Jambavati. He was the Avatara of Manmatha.
  • 232) When he held her by force, Karna and the others, including Duryodhana became fiery with anger and engaged in battle (with him). They rendered him chariot-less with great difficulty even though he was alone. Relying on his physical prowess, and due to the company of Karna, Bhurishravas and others, Duryodhana captured him.
  • 233) As soon as they heard the news, all the Yadavas got ready for a battle against the Kauravas. Balarama stopped them, and desiring peace, went to the Kauravas himself, along with Uddhava. 
  • 234) Stopping outside Hastinapura in a garden, Balarama sent Uddhava to the Kauravas. All the Kauravas came and paid reverence to him. He conveyed the orders of Ugrasena to them.
  • 235) “Our King Ugrasena has ordered you. All of you have gotten together and, with great difficulty, captured our Prince who was alone. But we have forgiven the same as you are our relatives. Release Samba immediately”.
  • 236) When Balarama conveyed the orders of Ugrasena thus, the Kauravas berated him out of anger and returned to their city. Balarama became furious at this.
  • 237) Balarama pulled the city of Hastinapura into the waters of the Ganga with his plough. When he started to leave, all the Kauravas came there and bowed to him, requesting him not to do so.
  • 238) Being worshipped by Duryodhana, Balarama then received Samba with his wife and son, along with many gifts, and returned to Dwaraka.
  • 239) Balarama, who had the Avesha of Sri Krishna, and who was the Avatara of Sesha, performed many such wonderful deeds. Noticing the time of the Avesha of Sri Krishna in him, even Bhima would avoid engaging in a duel (during those times).
  • 240) Whenever he engaged in a duel with him for sport, Bhima would notice the temporary Avesha of Sri Vishnu that Balarama would have, and out of devotion for Sri Hari, would not hit him back even when he would get hit (by Balarama).

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