Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 22: Part 4

  • 121-122) Since his wish was fulfilled Bhima became quiet. Dharmaraja then started worrying about how to defeat Bhishma, Drona and the others. Bhima would never desire opposing Gurus and elders. Therefore, all of them had to be engaged by Arjuna. Bhima would engage them only in a situation involving great peril.
  • 123) When Dharmaraja was worrying in this way, Sri Vyasa, the omnipotent and omniscient one, came there. He advised Dharmaraja who was sulking from his worries.
  • 124) “I shall grant you the upadesha of a mantra. With that Arjuna can win against Bhishma, Drona and the others. You teach that mantra to him”.
  • 125) Saying thus, he advised that mantra to Dharmaraja. As the power of the mantra would be more than required, he did not directly teach it to Arjuna.
  • 126) Only a limited amount of power (of the mantra) was sufficient to win against Bhishma, Drona and the others. It was not required to possess more power than that. Deeming a limited amount to be sufficient for Arjuna, Sri Vyasa did not instruct the mantra directly to him.
  • 127) After Sri Vyasa, the omniscient one who is the doer of all activity, left the place, Dharmaraja instructed the mantra to Arjuna in secrecy.
  • 128) Arjuna received the upadesha of that mantra and, after taking the blessings of his two older brothers, and giving a warm hug to his two younger brothers, left for the Indrakeela mountain.
  • 129) At the mountain, Phalguna performed a penance, meditating on Sri Hari who is present inside Rudra. After six months, he saw an Asura named Mooka on that mountain.
  • 130) That Rakshana put on the guise of a swine and rushed at Arjuna in order to kill him. Becoming aware of the same, Arjuna picked up his Gandiva and, having strung it, released numerous arrows at the body (of the Asura).
  • 131) After that, the three-eyed Shiva, along with Parvati, took the guise of a hunter and shot that Asura with arrows. Due to the arrows from both of them, the Asura died.
  • 132) Shiva then told Arjuna – “I came here chasing this pig. But you shot at it. Therefore, engage with me in battle now”.
  • 133) When he said thus Arjuna replied – “Stop! Stop! I will not let you go”. Speaking thus, the two best amongst men engaged in a battle.
  • 134) In that duel, Shiva swallowed all the astras released by Arjuna. Later Arjuna hit Shiva using his Gandiva.
  • 135) At that moment, Shiva let out a laugh and consumed the Gandiva too. After that, the two of them engaged in a wrestling match.
  • 136) Shiva then lifted Arjuna like a lump and threw him. Arjuna, troubled by Shiva, fell deeply unconscious.
  • 137) Earlier, Shiva had requested Sri Hari, the one with Garuda as his flag, thus – “When you grant the boon of invincibility to those lower than me, I should be able to win against them due to your blessings”.
  • 138) When requested thus, Sri Vishnu had granted that boon to Shiva. Therefore, Shiva won against Shwetavahana in that fight.
  • 139) Sri Vyasa, the one who is pure Chit, had not just given pure Vaishnava mantras to Arjuna to defeat Bhishma and the others.
  • 140) Sri Vyasa had thought that if Arjuna were to be given pure Vaishnava mantras, he would become extremely powerful due to the same and his ego would bloat.
  • 141-142) Once Arjuna regained consciousness, he desired to win in that battle. He started worshipping Shiva with the mantra given by Sri Vyasa. The flowers that he offered to Shiva climbed the head of that Kirata. Arjuna realized that the Kirata was none other than Shiva himself and bowed to him. Later, Shiva gave him the Pashupatastra.
  • 143) That Pashupatastra was presided by Sri Vishnu. Since Shiva had gained siddhi over it, it came to be known as Pashupata. At that moment, other Devatas appeared there and gave their astras also to Arjuna.
  • 144) Indra approached Arjuna and told him – “Arjuna! The one without any defects! You are dear to me. You have pleased that Supreme Brahman Sri Hari who resides in Rudra’s body. Therefore, you come to my loka. I shall send you my chariot”.
  • 145) Saying thus, Indra returned to his world. Matali came there with his chariot. Arjuna climbed it and left for the world of his father Indra.
    • Note: Matali was the charioteer of Indra.
  • 146) Arjuna was accorded a great reception by all the Devatas. Indra made him sit on his seat. Arjuna sat along with Indra on that excellent seat.
  • 147) Indra looked at the face of Arjuna, the great Kuru hero and his own other form, and hugged him and felt great joy. Arjuna stayed at Swarga for five years.
  • 148) Indra gave Arjuna many astras. All of them were great divine weapons. Then, Urvashi approached him. Considering himself as a human, he rejected her as she was the mother of his clan.
  • 149) Urvashi cursed him to become a transgender. Indra converted it into a boon by saying – “You shall go around in the guise of a transgender for one year. You shall never obtain transgender-hood”.
  • 150) Later Arjuna learnt the art of Gandharva vidya from the Gandharva Chitrasena. He also practiced the art of astras with Indra.
  • 151) Sri Krishna, who had gone back to Dwaraka along with Subadhra and Abhimanyu, once thought thus.
  • 152) “I had once given a boon to Shiva saying that I shall in turn seek a boon from him, in order to cause confusion to the Asuras”.
  • 153) “O Shiva! I shall take birth with one amsha of mine in the Dwapara yugas amidst humans and obtain boons from you by worshipping you”.
  • 154) “Through the Agamas that have been created, you cause the Asuras to turn away from me. Hide me from them. Due to this, the Asuras will not reach upper lokas but will go to the nether worlds only”.
  • 155) Rugmini got to know that Sri Krishna had decided to make those words of his come true, and spoke to him, seeking his affection.
  • 156) Although she already had obtained a son, she realized Sri Krishna’s decision to have a(nother) son and said to him – “O Lord! I want a strong and powerful son, who knows all astras, to take birth”.
  • 157) When Rugmini spoke thus to cause illusion to Asuras, Sri Krishna climbed on to Garuda along with her and left for Badarikashrama.
  • 158-160) “O Shiva, the powerful one! I shall create scriptures that will cause illusion to those who are evil. You too compose such works. Get others to compose such works too. Convey things that don’t exist as if they do. Speak about things such that they convey a different meaning. Explain things as if you are the Supreme one. Do not reveal my greatness. In order to confuse the world I shall worship you. Otherwise, the Asuras cannot reach Tamas. Thus is my opinion”.

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