Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 18: Part 8

  • 142-143) “She will take birth as Draupadi and will consist of the five Devis. Those very Devatas i.e. Sri Vayu and others about whom you spoke the untruth shall become her husbands. Parvati will manifest in her (Draupadi) only for other activities (not when uniting with the husbands). This cannot be avoided”.
  • 144) “The Shruti confirms that Vayu and the others took birth as humans in order to achieve significant Devakarya. The insult to you is not the reason for their Avatara”.
  • 145) “Therefore you shall spend a long time on Earth” – saying thus Brahma went away. Shiva was thus born as Ashwathama. Indrasenaa, who had the five Devis inside her, was born as Draupadi.
  • 146) All the events mentioned here, as well as the earlier stated proofs, can all be obtained clearly from the Vedas, Puranas and even from the Mahabharata.
  • 147-148) When those two (Dhrishtadyumna and Draupadi) were born, all the Panchalas became extremely happy. Only because they had the company of humans and because they ate material food, it can be said that they had the traits of humans. Otherwise, as they were not born from a human womb, they did not have that many human frailties.
  • 149) Drupada’s wife requested Yaja and Upayaja to bless her such that the two of them develop affection towards her as a mother. The sages granted the same.
  • 150) Even after knowing that he was born to kill him, Dronacharya taught Dhrishtadyumna all the divine weapons in order to gain fame. The powerful Dhrishtadyumna too undertook study under him due to the desire of obtaining divine weapons of Sri Parashurama, which are otherwise unavailable even with the Devatas.
    • Note: Being Sri Parashurama’s shishya, Dronacharya knew many unique divine weapons.
  • 151) After getting to know the capture of the King of Panchala, Sri Krishna, in order to reveal to the entire world the special affection he had for Pandavas, sent Krutavarma to them.
  • 152) Krutavarma was the son of the daughter of King Shura’s brother. Out of devotion to Sri Krishna, and because he was a brother (cousin), he was greatly honoured by the Pandavas. He then returned back to Sri Hari.
  • 153-154) From then on, may Kings who had been defeated earlier by Sri Krishna deserted Jarasandha and took the side of the Pandavas, after getting to know the strength of Bhima and Arjuna. The special affection that Sri Krishna had for the Pandavas was also another reason for the same.
  • 155-156) All of them were previously under the control of Jarasandha due to his prowess and not out of affection for him. Now, after getting to know the strength of Sri Krishna and the Pandavas, they developed friendship towards the Pandavas due to the samskara of their previous births. They overcame the fear of Jarasandha and took refuge under them (Pandavas).
  • 157) The Asuras, however, in spite of knowing that Jarasandha had been defeated by Sri Krishna many times, did not desert him due to the their previous samskara. Isn’t samskara indeed very powerful (to overcome)?
  • 158) Devatas, even if they take the company of others due to unavoidable reasons, will never give up their internal love for (other) Devatas. Similarly, Asuras will never give up their attachment for other Asuras, even if they take the company of the Suras.
  • 159) Getting to know the strength of Bhima and Arjuna on multiple occasions, and due to his own natural inclination as a Devata, and also because he was the eldest amongst the princes, Dhritharashtra performed the abhisheka of Yudhishthira as the yuvaraja.
  • 160) Thereafter, Bhima and Arjuna defeated all the Kings in all directions and made them offer a tax of submission to Dhritharashtra. They were, however, never defeated by anyone.
  • 161) Dhritharashtra became very pleased with them. Similarly, the residents of the cities, country

|| End of chapter 18, known as ‘Bhimarjuna Digivijaya’, from the Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, composed by Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada ||
|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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