Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 1

  • 1) When the King of Chedi (Damaghosha) returned to his place, Sri Janardana got to know that Rugmini, who was Mahalakshmi herself, was getting ready for a Swayamvara.
  • 2) Her elder brother Rugmini hated Sri Hari, the lord of Ramaa, and had stopped the marriage of Rugmini, who was dear to Sri Hari, with Sri Krishna.
  • 3) When the Swayamvara was announced, Jarasandha, along with other warriors such as Salva, Paundraka, Shishupala and others left (for the Swayamvara).
  • 4) Then, Sri Krishna quickly left for Kundinapura. Garuda too reached him as soon as he (Sri Krishna) remembered him.
  • 5) Due to the wind speed from his wings, the Kings fell down on the ground. When Garuda’s strength itself is so much, what to say of Sri Hari’s strength?
  • 6 to 10) “What shall we do now for our good?” – thought all the Kings. At that time Jarasandha said thus – “This Krishna, who keeps winning, is definitely Vishnu himself. Or else, how can he be pakshivahana (rider of Garuda)? All of us have lost to him alone every time in battle. Even though we have attacked him together, we have never won even once. His brother Balarama had almost killed me. When I was badly hurt, he left me after listening to an ashareeravani. What else to say of his (Sri Krishna’s) strength? Without himself getting hurt, he is rendering us almost like a blade of grass everytime. In such a grave scenario, what may be good for us to do?”
  • 11) Speaking thus, Jarasandha lowered his lustre-less face. The King of Chedi, Shishupala, spoke next. Dantavakra too spoke at that time. The two of them were earlier the servants of Sri Hari and therefore their thinking used to be straight sometimes.
  • 12) “O best amongst the Kings! Listen to us. There are some who say that Krishna is Sri Hari himself, the Lord of even Brahma and Shiva. It couldn’t be false”
  • 13) “When we look at him, the two of us too sometimes develop devotion in him. At other times, hatred develops”
  • 14) “We do not know the reason (for this). There is not doubt that Sri Hari is the greatest amongst all. Since we desire good, let us give up enmity and take refuge in him”
  • 15) “This is good for us. Otherwise, no good shall occur”. When they spoke thus, Jarasandha stared at them as if he would burn them (merely by his looks).
  • 16) At that time Salva ridiculed both of them. Scolding them, and getting furious, he said thus to Jarasandha who was boiling with anger.
  • 17) “There is no doubt that Krishna is Sri Janardana himself and that he is born as a Yadava only to kill us. But all of us are the best amongst Danavas”
  • 18) “It is our Swadharma to constantly and firmly hate Sri Hari. If we follow our Swadharma, we will obtain sadgati even if we are killed”
  • 19) “For us Shiva alone is our Supreme God. You (Jarasandha) are our Guru and Hari is our enemy”. When he said thus, Jarasandha said “Fine! Fine!”
  • 20) Thereafter Rugmi, and the others, filled with ill-thoughts, decided firmly in favour of battle (with Sri Krishna), and were joined by the Kings of Karusha (Dantavakra) and Chedi (Shishupala).

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