Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 21: Part 8

  • 281) “If I had the means, I would have killed Bhimasena. I would have stopped Krishna’s agra-puja too. No doubt about this”.
  • 282) “All the Kings are behaving like Vaishyas and giving tax to the Pandavas. Who can desire to live seeing such wealth of theirs?”
  • 283) When Duryodhana spoke thus, Shakuni, in order to strengthen his hatred, said – “O best amongst Kings! What is the use of hating the powerful Pandavas?”
  • 284) “All of them are superior in qualities and more powerful. You should pacify such heroes” – when Shakuni stated thus, Duryodhana got very angry and said.
  • 285) “If all of their wealth doesn’t come under my control, I shall definitely not live. I am stating the truth to you”.
  • 286) “Their wealth can never be taken away with force. Even Indra cannot win them in war. What then to say about humans?”
  • 287) When Duryodhana said thus, that most sinful Shakuni spoke thus to the Emperor of sinners (Duryodhana).
  • 288) “That bright wealth which you are seeing with the Pandavas can easily be brought to you by me, through gambling”.
  • 289) When Shakuni spoke thus Duryodhana’s became very pleased. Both of them went to the son of Vichitravirya (Dhritharashtra).
  • 290) Shakuni, the Avatara of Dwapara and the personification of atheism, told Dhritharashtra – “Your son has sulked. He has paled and lost his hue”.
  • 291) Listening to those words, Dhritharashtra felt sad and asked “Why?”. Immediately the two of them narrated the discussion they had on the way to meet him.
  • 292) As soon as he heard them, the King said – “That is not possible. What is against Dharma will cause destruction. Your thinking is bad. I do not like it. The Pandavas have amassed huge wealth due to their own prowess”.
  • 293) “You too win in all directions and perform great Yagas. Do not feel jealous about such noble ones, especially because they are your brothers. They are also extremely valorous”. When he advised thus, Duryodhana replied.
  • 294) “If you do not agree to taking away the wealth of the Pandavas through gambling, then consider me dead already. You can live happily with the Pandavas”.
  • 295) “If you wish to see me alive then invite the Pandavas, along with their wives, immediately for playing the game of dice. There is no adharma in this”.
  • 296) “The Vipras sustain on the Vedas. Kshatriyas survive due to Shastras. That which destroys the enemies is Shastra, nothing else”.
  • 297) “Therefore this is very much our Swadharma. You too will get great benefits from this” – when he said thus Dhritharashtra replied – “I do not desire any benefit. You can keep it all”.
  • 298) Although he spoke thus, Dhritharashtra came under the Avesha of Kali and, out of attachment towards his son, sent Vidura to the Pandavas.
  • 299) When the occasion had (earlier) arisen for the obtaining of a son, Kali had entered him. He had not left him since that day.
  • 300) Till the time he eventually left Hastinapura and went to the forest, his mind was always filled with sinful thoughts due to this.
  • 301) Vidura, the one with great intellect, stopped Dhritharashtra and said – “This action is a great sin. It is also detrimental to the lineage. There is no doubt about it. Do not do this. You will also garner ill-fame”
  • 302) When he said thus, Dhritharashtra responded – “There shall be no conflict. (If it happens) we can stop it. I desire to see my children, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, getting together and playing”.
  • 303) “Therefore bring the Pandavas immediately” – when he forced Vidura thus, the latter went to the Pandavas. At the same time, Sri Krishna had gone back to Dwaraka.
  • 304) After Duryodhana had left the Pandavas, Sage Narada, upon being asked by Dharmaraja, told about an enemy having arrived at Dwaraka.
    • Note: After Duryodhana returned from Indraprastha, Sage Narada visited the Pandavas. When asked by Dharmaraja about the happenings elsewhere, he mentioned the arrival of a strong enemy at Dwaraka.
  • 305) When asked by Dharmaraja about which of the Kings were engaged in preparation for war, Sage Narada said – “Salva, the King of Saubhara, has obtained a boon from Shiva for winning against the Yadavas”.
  • 306) “For many years he performed a penance surviving only on one fistful of mud every day. Doing thus, he obtained a boon from Shiva to win against Sri Krishna and has come here”.
  • 307) “He got to know about the killing of Jarasandha, the digvijaya of the Pandavas, the Rajasuya yaga and the killing of Shishupala”.
  • 308) “He is going to attack the Yadavas soon” – listening to this Dharmaraja looked at the face of Sri Krishna that was appearing like the moon’s constellation.
  • 309) “So be it” – saying thus Sri Krishna sent Pradyumna and the other Yadavas. After a few days he too left along with Balarama.
  • 310) Vidura then went there and invited Dharmaraja. Even as his brothers and Draupadi stopped him, he got ready to leave. Along with Kunti, his brothers and Draupadi, he quickly proceeded towards Hastinapura.
  • 311) Even though he invited Dharmaraja as per the orders of his elder brother, Vidura explained the ill effects of gambling in many words and asked him not to come.
  • 312) He said – “Gambling is full of many defects. In spite of this, it is your uncle’s order that you should definitely come. Ponder over these two deeply and engage in that which you feel is appropriate for you”.
  • 313) Even though Vidura warned him thus, Dharmaraja went to Dhritharashtra, along with his soldiers, since Kali had entered him.
  • 314) Due to Kali entering him, Dharmaraja had undertaken a vow long back – “If anyone invites me for gambling, I shall never refuse to go, no matter who stops me”.
  • 315) Therefore, even as his well wishers stopped him repeatedly, he immediately left for Hastinapura. How can gambling be Dharma, especially for a Kshatriya who is the protector of the world?
  • 316) Dhritharashtra accorded great respect to the sons of Pandu. They stayed with him that night. In the morning, Bhishma and the others, along with Kings and the Pandavas assembled in the palace hall.
  • 317) While Dhritharashtra came to the hall along with Vidura, his sons Duryodhana and the others came along with Karna and Shakuni. There, Shakuni invited Dharmaraja for a game of dice.
  • 318) Kali had entered inside all of them, apart from the four Pandavas including Bhima and Kunti, Draupadi and Vidura. Therefore, even as they engaged in that which was to destroy their lineage, Bhishma and the others could not stop them.
  • 319) Even as Bhima and the others and Vidura stopped him, Dharmaraja staked all his wealth in the game of dice and lost. He was quickly defeated by Shakuni who knew the art of gambling. Later he staked Nakula.
  • 320) After losing him, Dharmaraja staked Sahadeva, Arjuna, Bhima, Draupadi and then himself one after the other, and lost everyone. Then, Duryodhana sent his charioteer to Draupadi.


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