Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 18: Part 4

  • 61) Standing in the aisles, the women and even children hurled stones and pestles and hurt the princes, who were brought up in great comfort.
  • 62) Due to his tapobala, Drupada had a boon from Surya – “Around a perimeter of one yojana surrounding your city, you will be invincible”.
  • 63) In this way, due to the boon, the princes who were brought up in great luxury got hit badly and ran back to where the Pandavas were present.
  • 64) Even as the women, children and elderly amongst the Panchalas chased them, the Kauravas ran back to the Pandavas exclaiming – “Bhima! Arjuna”.
  • 65) Seeing them being defeated like never before, the foremost warrior and brave Bhima picked up a bow, climbed his chariot, and moved forward.
  • 66) Arjuna, the son of Indra, came right behind him. The twins (Nakula – Sahadeva) started off on either side (of Bhima). Yudhisthira stayed back along with Drona as the overseer.
  • 67) Seeing Bhima coming ahead of all others while holding a bow, the Panchalas ran away with fear and reached the inside of their city.
  • 68) Drupada faced Bhima along with his sons. Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas stood as guards of his chariot-wheels on either side.
  • 69) The two of them were the Avataras of Vishwavasu and Paravasu, two Gandharvas. They also had the Avesha of Dhatru and Aryama, two Adityas. They were sons of Drupada and were great warriors. Behind them stood Satyajit.
  • 70) Satyajit had the Avesha of an Aditya called Mitra and was the Avatara of a Gandharva called Chitrasena. He was a brave and great warrior. In front of all of them Shikhandi, an excellent chariot-warrior, moved ahead discharging arrows.
  • 71) Behind him was Janamejaya, who was the Avatara of a Gandharva called Chitraratha and who had the Avesha of an Aditya named Tvashtru. He too was reigning a lot of arrows.
  • 72) Bhima, having rendered both of them chariot-less and also having disarmed their bows and shields, started hitting the army which included horses, chariots and elephants.
  • 73) Then, Uttamaujas and Yudhamanyu faced Bhima rendering a shower of arrows. Bhima made them chariot-less and weapon-less.
  • 74) In order to ensure the success of Arjuna’s vow for his teacher and to ensure the embarrassment of Karna, Bhima did not capture Drupada even though he was very close (to doing it). He employed Arjuna for the same.
  • 75) Arjuna quickly jumped into the chariot of Drupada, who was releasing many arrows, and broke his bow and captured him.
  • 76) Just as a Lion captures a deer, Phalguna caught him and returned to his chariot. The enraged Panchala army surrounded him.
  • 77) Bhima immediately responded by firing numerous arrows on the army. At that moment, Satyajit attacked Arjuna with many arrows.
  • 78-80) Arjuna destroyed his chariot and bow instantly. Addressing Bhima, who was still hurting the army, he said thus – “Let us not destroy the entire army of this brave King. He is worthy of developing a relationship. He was our father’s friend and follows Dharma. Out of respect for our Guru, let us capture only him”. When he said thus Drupada developed a friendly attachment to him.


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