Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 26: Part 2

  • 41) Abhimanyu, the best amongst chariot-warriors, upon Yudhisthira’s instructions, cut through the vyuha and entered the enemy’s army. Although Bhimasena and the rest of them tried to enter behind him, the King of Sindhu (Jayadratha) stopped all of them.
  • 42) When Jayadratha stopped him due to Rudra’s boon, although he was capable, Bhimasena did not override the boon knowing Sri Krishna’s decision that the son of Arjuna must be killed.
  • 43) Even as Bhimasena and the others were fighting Shiva who was inside of Jayadratha, the brave Abhimanyu entered the vyuha and caused great tumult amongst that huge army of the enemy.
  • 44) Even though he was being stopped by Drona, Duryodhana, Karna, Shalya, Ashwathama, Krutavarma and other great warriors, Abhimanyu moved around fearlessly amidst the enemy army and kept chopping off the heads of their followers.
  • 45) Abhimanyu held Lakshana, the son of Duryodhana, by force and killed him right in front of his father. He killed Bruhadbala (too). Possessing excellent strength and initiative, Abhimanyu also killed ten thousand great chariot-warriors with his arrows.
  • 46) Drona and the others, out of fear of Sri Krishna’s anger, failed to defeat Abhimanyu by facing him directly in battle. They discussed amongst themselves and, keeping Karna in front, quickly destroyed his bow, horses and chariot.
    • Note: None of the warriors tried to kill him in a face to face battle, fearing Sri Krishna’s wrath.
  • 47) Using arrows, Karna destroyed Abhimanyu’s bow while Krupa killed his charioteer and Drona quickly slew his horses. Destroying the sword, shield and the wheel of the chariot that were in his hands, they made him stand empty handed.
  • 48) Fearing Sri Krishna, when all of them hesitated to kill him, the son of Dushasana held a mace and faced Abhimanyu, who too was holding a mace. The two brave warriors died at the same time due to each other’s blows.
  • 49) Hearing the noise of the enemies’ celebrating upon Abhimanyu’s death, Bhimasena, possessing terrible valour, defeated Jayadratha and the others and went towards Yudhishthira.
  • 50) Then, Sri Vyasa, possessing unfathomable inherent greatness, consoled Dharmaraja and the others who were in sorrow. Having defeated the Samshaptakas, the great fighter Arjuna arrived there at night along with Sri Krishna.
  • 51) Hearing the news of his son’s killing, the brave Arjuna became very sorrowful and undertook an oath to kill Jayadratha. That night, Sri Krishna took him to Shiva.
  • 52-53) Although Sri Krishna himself performs all activities of the world including protection and possesses unlimited strength, in order to show (the world) that he provides his grace only through one’s Guru, he took Arjuna to his astra-guru Shiva in a nice manner and, through his blessings, got him a very potent weapon. He also got him special protection from Shiva.
  • 54) Sri Krishna went to Upaplavya, consoled Subadhra and, in the morning, tied the chariot and went to war along with Arjuna.
  • 55) Drona, having heard about the oath of Arjuna and having been requested by Duryodhana, himself took an oath declaring that he would protect Jayadratha at all cost and put together an impenetrable vyuha.
  • 56) Drona prepared a divine and excellent Shakatabja-chakra vyuha and himself stood at its gate. He placed Jayadratha at the back, under the protection of Karna, Ashwathama, Krupa, Shalya and others.
    • Note: The shakatabja-chakra was a combination of three vyuhas – shakata, padma and chakra vyuhas. The outer vyuha was shakata or chariot-shaped. Inside it was the padma vyuha in the shape of a lotus. The inner most vyuha was a chakra-vyuha shaped like a disc.
  • 57) After that, the fiery warrior and excellent archer Arjuna, protected by the eternal Sri Krishna, proceeded for war. He defeated Durmarshana at first and went to battle against Guru Drona.
  • 58) Suspecting that he was running out of time, Arjuna bowed to Drona, circumambulated him and moved ahead. Sri Krishna drove the chariot at the speed of mind, such that Arjuna’s arrows were falling behind the chariot.
    • Note: The speed at which Sri Krishna was driving the chariot was such that the arrows which Arjuna would release would fall behind the chariot by the time they hit the ground.
  • 59) Arjuna defeated Krutavarma effortlessly and entered that army. Just as a powerful elephant disturbs a tranquil lake full of lotuses, Arjuna caused turmoil in the enemy army.
  • 60) Arjuna, the atiratha, appeared radiant in that chariot with Sri Vasudeva just like Devendra together with Upendra. The terror of enemies, through his arrows that caused damage to bodies, cut off the heads of the enemies in all directions.
  • 61) With two arrows, Arjuna killed Dhrudayu and Achyutayu and with two more arrows he sent Vinda and Anuvinda to the abode of Yama.
    • Note: Vinda-Anuvinda, killed by Arjuna on this day, were the Kings of Avanti. Duryodhana also had two brothers named Vinda-Anuvinda. Similarly, there were two Kings of Kekaya named Vinda-Anuvinda.
  • 62) Arjuna killed the Kamboja King Sudakshina and Ambashta. He then faced Shrutayudha, who was born to Varuna from a river. Varuna had given him a divine and faultless big mace.
  • 63-64) When he released sharp weapons against Arjuna, he was instantly rendered chariot-less by Partha. Climbing Arjuna’s chariot, he smashed the mace against Sri Krishna, the wielder of the Chakra. That mace then hit Shrutayudha’s head itself. His head split into a hundred pieces and he fell down on the ground.
  • 65) “If you use the mace against a person who is not fighting then you shall die, without fail, due to your own head being quashed by the weapon. Otherwise, this mace shall never go in vain”.
  • 66) Varuna had earlier informed Shrutayudha thus. Since he used the mace against Sri Krishna, who was not fighting in the war, his own head was burst by the mace.
  • 67) When his warriors were getting killed in hordes, and when his disturbed army started fleeing afar in groups, Duryodhana came to Drona and, in a miserable state, said – “O! You have neglected (the prowess) of Partha”.
  • 68) When Duryodhana said thus, Drona made him wear a kavacha that was impenetrable due to the power of great mantras. He told him – “Fight Arjuna with the same strength that you fight the rest of the Pandavas with. Go”.
  • 69) When Drona said this, Duryodhana picked up his bow and went against Arjuna, riding a golden chariot. Using arrows that were shining like fire, he stopped Arjuna.
  • 70) Arjuna too fired many terrible and speedy arrows at Duryodhana. They however did not pierce the kavacha. Burning with anger, Arjuna then picked up a divine astra in order to pierce that kavacha.
  • 71) Even as Arjuna was placing that divine arrow in the bow, Ashwathama, the guru-putra, broke it. Arjuna then killed the horses of Duryodhana and hurt him in his forearms. Ashwathama stopped Arjuna in battle using sharp arrows.
  • 72) Arjuna fought in battle against Ashwathama, Karna and the others. They stopped him with their arrows. For the sake of Jayadratha, a surreal and amazing battle took place between these warriors whose actions were full of extra ordinary prowess!
  • 73) When Arjuna entered the midst of the Kaurava army, Drona quickly waded through the Pandava army. Chasing away the chariots of the Pandava side with speedy arrows, he killed (many) warriors.
  • 74) Drona, the best amongst the brave, although aged, moved around the wielders of the bow appearing younger than the youngsters! Causing the heads of the terrible and valorous fighters to fall on the ground with his arrows, he approached Yudhishthira.
  • 75) Satyajit, the son of Drupada, realizing the intentions of Drona to capture Dharmaraja, immediately stopped him. When he did thus, Drona beheaded him with an arrow.
  • 76) That most brave Drona, having killed the smart warrior Satyajit, troubled Yudhishthira with a shower of arrows. Although Dharmaraja fought to the best of his ability, Drona quickly rendered him weaponless and destroyed his horses and chariot.
  • 77) When he stood on the ground, with his hands lifted upwards, Drona rushed towards him to capture him. Dharmaraja then climbed the chariot of Sahadeva and speedily departed from that place.
  • 78) Later Dhrishtaketu, the son of Shishupala, his sons, Sahadeva the son of Jarasandha, the King of Kashi, Shaibya and five Kekayas opposed Drona from all directions. Through their shower of arrows, they started hurting him.
  • 79) Drona then beheaded them one by one with excellent arrows and sent them to the lokas that are reached traveling through the surya-mandala by those practicing naishtika brahmacharya.
  • 80) When Drona was destroying the great army of the Pandavas, Bhimasena was slaying the Kaurava army. The warriors who survived started running away after being hurt by his blows.

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