Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 19: Part 4

  • 61) As soon as Sri Vyasa, the one with infinite attributes and the Lord of Ramaa, said thus, Bhima agreed and did as asked to. Every morning, before sunrise itself, Hidimbi used to carry off Bhima on her shoulders to places where the Devatas used to roam.
  • 62) She used to relax in the Nandana and other vanas along with Bhima and would return to Kunti and the other Pandavas by evening. In this way, half a year passed by. They had a son who had immense strength and valour.
  • 63) The Rakshasa form of a Devata named Nirruti was born as Ghatotkacha, along with the Avesha of Shiva. When he was born his head was bald like a pot. Within minutes, he had thick hair. Hence he got that name.
  • 64) As soon as he was born, Bhima ordered her to leave along with the son, as per the injunction of Sri Vyasa. She left for the Deva lokas after assuring the Pandavas that they would appear as soon as they remembered them.
  • 65) Sri Vyasa, the one who is the source of infinite excellent auspicious attributes and the one with infinite great bliss, took the Pandavas along with him and quickly left for Ekachakra in order to ensure the killing of Baka, who had become invincible and could not be killed, due to the boon of Shiva.
  • 66) Sri Vyasa placed them in the house of a Brahmana saying – “These are my shishyas” since they were in the guise of Brahmana youth. “I shall return at the appropriate time” – saying thus he took leave of them. Pandavas resided there, always reciting the Vedas.
  • 67) Whenever they sought bhiksha, Bhima would carry a pot, the size of a house, made by a potter and seek bhiksha from the house of Vaishyas. Fearing that every roar of Bhima would reveal their identity as Pandavas, Yudhishthira said thus (to Bhima).
  • 68) “You protected the house of the potter from fire by lifting the entire house with just one hand of yours. Due to that the potter gave you this pot, using which you are seeking bhiksha while letting out a roar”.
  • 69) “Due to your extreme adherence to Dharma and immense strength, the spies of Duryodhana may get a clue about us. Such is my fear. Therefore, you stay back (at home) along with our mother. You can consume whatever Arjuna and the others bring. But you do not go for bhiksha”.
    • Note: Bhima would seek bhiksha from only the house of Vaishyas. And only after letting out a roar, which would scare them and they would offer food. Since he was a Kshatriya in reality, he could not accept bhiksha but could only accept it if the giver offered it out of fear.
  • 70) When Dharmaraja said thus, Bhima immediately agreed to it. The others used to beg silently in order to protect their Dharma. Once when the four of them had gone out Bhima was at the home along with his mother.
  • 71) At the same time, Bhima heard the crying of the Brahmana and the lady who owned the house they stayed in and told his mother. Thinking that his own entry may cause embarrassment in the house where women stayed and took care of young children, he did not go himself.
  • 72) “Please find out why the Brahmana is crying and come back. I shall resolve the problem appropriately” – when he said thus Kunti left immediately. She stayed in the corner and overheard their conversation. The Brahmana was speaking thus with his wife.
  • 73) “We have to offer a ton of eatables and savouries to that Rakshasa Baka as tax, along with an ox and a human. There is no human ready to be offered. On the other hand, if we do not hand over (a human) our destruction is guaranteed”.
  • 74) “I had told you earlier itself that we shall move elsewhere. O dear! You did not like it. (Therefore) I shall leave myself and fall prey to the Rakshasa” – when he said thus his wife replied – “You should not go. I will leave for there”.
  • 75) “By sacrificing my life for you I shall obtain the loka meant for chaste wives. Otherwise, the nether world is guaranteed for me”. At that moment their daughter said – “I shall go there. What is the use of a young girl?”. When she said thus, the Brahmana said – “Fie on me!”.
  • 76) “Kanya means one who brings glory to two families, isn’t she? The Shruti says patni means one who is a friend. The son, on the other hand, is the other form of oneself. Therefore, I can never knowingly hand any of you over to that cannibal”.
  • 77) When they were wailing thus, the little girl pointed to the blade of grass she was holding and said – “I shall kill the Rakshasa with this”. Kunti, at that appropriate (auspicious) moment, entered their home.
  • 78) When she asked, the Brahmana said – “Bakasura’s valour and capabilities are such that there is none amongst even the Devatas, the enemies of Asuras, who can match him. He is the maternal uncle of Ravana. Once every thirteen years, everyone has to pay him his tax”.
  • 79) “That valorous Bakasura, who possesses immense strength, had hid himself in a cave out of fear of the unmatched arrow of Sri Ramachandra. After Sri Rama left for his abode, he has subjugated numerous Kings and is causing fear and extracting tax out of them”. Hearing this Kunti became very joyous.
  • 80) “By killing such a powerful one, Bhima shall gain a lot of fame and punya. Because of him we too can gain a share in the punya” – thinking thus, she spoke to the Brahmana.

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