Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 8: Part 5

  • 161 Seeing the monkeys come alive once again, a cloud of fear engulfed Indrajit; Just like earlier, he again performed a homa with Agni, worshipped Shiva and became invisible.
  • 162 Due to the boons of Brahma and Shiva, Indrajit released the ‘Sammohana’ astra and once again tied up all the monkeys; Lakshmana, who had earlier acted as if he was bound by the astra as per the inclination of Lord Rama, now said thus to the Lord.
  • 163 “If you issue orders to me, I shall deploy the Brahmastra and destroy the evil-minded Indrajit and his entire family”; Listening to him, Lord Rama said thus – “To use that astra against him, who has vanished due to fear, is not appropriate”.
  • 164 “If you are incapable of facing this astra, then I shall use an ordinary arrow; Even if he is fighting without being visible; Or even if he is in Rasatala; Or in Satyaloka; I shall kill him”.
  • 165 Lord Rama had earlier allowed the astra (from Indrajit) in order to show the world the great powers of Garuda and Hanuman respectively; Now He, the One with limitless valor, picked up an arrow to kill him.
  • 166 “I have been spotted by Him” – Indrajt realized thus; He noticed the great power of Lord Rama’s shoulders; He also realized that Lord Rama has decided to kill him; He ran away from there in order to save his life.
  • 167 When Indrajit panicked and ran away from there, all the devatas proclaimed Lord Rama as ‘Vibhishana’; They called Him thus as He was especially terrible to his enemies; Then, Lord Rama converted that arrow into a ‘Vijnanastra’ and directed it at His own army.
  • 168 The ‘Sammohanastra’ of Indrajit was completely destroyed by the ‘Vijnanastra’ of Lord Rama; All the monkeys got up, with boulders in hand, praising Lord Rama and making loud leonine sounds.
  • 169 Lord Rama, who was showered with flowers and praised by devatas, the One with limitless strength, stood in front of the Rakshasas wielding His bow; On the other side, Indrajit reached ‘Nikumbhila’ and started performing a Homa with Agni.
  • 170 Vibhishana then requested Lord Rama in the following manner – “We must engage immediately towards the killing of that evil Indrajit; If he completes his Agni Homa this time, he will overcome death; Brahma has given him a boon to that effect”.
  • 171 Lord Rama did not desire to kill Indrajit himself as he had ran away from him as soon as he was spotted and therefore he was without true valor and was one who fought with deceit.
  • 172 Lord Rama sent his brother Lakshmana in order to kill Indrajit; The brave Lakshmana left for the annihilation of Indrajit, taking along Hanuman, Vibhishana and the rest of the monkeys with him.
  • 173 Lakshmana, who was with the monkeys, disturbed the Agni Homa of Indrajit and stopped it; At that moment, Indrajit climbed on to a chariot and picked up his bow and faced Lakshmana with the intent to battle, and gave out a loud roar.
  • 174 Both of them, being experts in the art of astras, hit each other with excellent arrows capable of destroying bodies; With their expertise and the power of the astras, they made all the directions go directionless (covered it) with their excellent arrows.
  • 175 Lakshmana countered all the weapons of Indrajit with more powerful astras of his own; And then he decapitated the head of his enemy which was shining due to dangling ear-rings, with a single arrow; At that time, devatas showered flowers on him.
  • 176 As soon as he fell like that, the Vanaras destroyed the crores of Rakshasas who had accompanied him; The few remaining ones went back and narrated the story of his son’s demise to the ten headed one.
  • 177 Listening to that displeasing and terrible news, Ravana sighed out of sorrow; He cried in many ways; And then he decided in his mind that he would also die, knowing fully well that death was certain for him.
  • 178 Having decided that death was certain, Ravana started preparing for battle; Meanwhile, he dispatched his excellent army to battle.
  • 179 Ravana sent 36,000 Mahougha Akshouhini army of his with the instruction – “You keep troubling Lord Rama, I will get ready and come”
  • Note: 1 Mahougha is 10 to the power of 60.
  • 180 That army, which was invisible due to Brahma’s boon, was looking like the enraged ocean during the time of Pralaya; Picking up many kinds of weapons, it marched quickly against the monkeys.
  • 181 Looking at that army, which seemed endless and terrible like the waters of the Pralaya, the monkeys became weak hearted out of fear and started running in all directions.
  • 182 Brahma had granted those Rakshasas boons to make them invisible and also to allow all of them to stay in a small place (relative to their number and size); Therefore, the monkey warriors, including Sugreeva, the son of Surya, were not even capable of seeing them.
  • 183 At that moment, Lord Rama took up His bow and arrows and with the flood of His arrows, started killing that army of Ravana from all directions; He destroyed it completely by appearing Himself in front of it in all directions.
  • 184 Lord Raghava destroyed all of them instantly and was worshipped by the leaders of the monkeys; Lord Rama, who is the leader of all, was showered with flowers by the best amongst devatas out of joy and they also praised Him a lot.
  • 185 At that moment, Ravana, who was the leader of all the Rakshasas, put together his left over army and picked up all his big weapons and haughtily climbed his pushpaka vimana and proceeded towards his death.
  • 186 Two of them by name Virupanetra and Yupanetra and another two by name Mahaparshva and Mahodara¬† – all four of them ministers of Ravana – followed him even as he was marching towards battle with death leading in front.
  • 187 The monkeys then, out of their own strength and also by throwing huge boulders and rocks, destroyed the army of Ravana; Seeing this, the powerful Mahodara got very angry and he speedily proceeded towards them (the monkeys).
  • 188 When he was rushing thus, the monkeys observed his huge body and exclaimed – “This is that very Kumbhakarna” – and started running from there; Angada, the son of Vali, then took him on.
  • 189 “Stop! This is just a threat” – saying thus to his army, the powerful Angada, the son of Vali, stood in front of Mahodara.
  • 190 Mahodara then started shooting arrows at him; Angada held his head and smashed it to the ground; Using his feet, he smashed him again; Mahodara was crushed due to this.
  • 191 At that moment, Mahaparshva rushed towards Angada even while shooting arrows at him; Angada stopped his shower of arrows and broke his bow; He then snatched the sword from the Rakshasa’s hand.
  • 192 Holding him by his hair, he split him into two pieces from the left shoulder to his stomach along the line of the Yajnopaveeta; This minister of Ravana also fell down dead.
  • 193 At that time, the two remaining ministers of Ravana, Virupanetra and Yupanetra, picked up their weapons and attacked Angada; Just like how two clouds mask away the Sun, the two Rakshasas covered Angada with their arrows.
  • 194 Being imprisoned that way with their maze of arrows, the brave Angada was not even capable of moving; Then, King Sugreeva took a big sized boulder and threw it at their bodies.
  • 195 The two Rakshasas were destroyed into pieces with the boulder thrown by the very powerful Sugreeva; Ravana then pierced the heart of Sugreeva with an arrow; He fell down on the ground.
  • 196 The powerful ten-headed Ravana then chased away all the monkey warriors with his arrows and rushed towards Lord Rama; Lakshmana, the brother of Lord Rama, then stopped him with a flood of arrows.
  • 197 Ravana picked up a Shaktyayudha, which was like Yama’s danda, in his hand and delivered it on Lakshmana; That weapon was given by Brahma to Maya; And he had given it to Ravana during his marriage.
  • 198 The brave Lakshmana’s chest was split due to that weapon; He became deeply unconscious and rolled to the ground; Hanuman, the son of Vayu, picked up a huge hill and hurled it at the chest of Ravana.
  • 199 Due to that hit, Ravana was greatly pained and he started bleeding from all of his ten mouths; Meanwhile, Hanuman lifted Lakshmana along with that Shakti and took him towards Lord Rama.
  • 200 The Lord of all, Sri Rama, plucked out the Shakti from the chest of Lakshmana and sent Hanuman, the son of Prana, to fetch some excellent herbs; Hanuman brought that entire hill once again very quickly.

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