Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 24: Part 1

  • 1) Later, after discussions and having obtained the permission of Sri Krishna, King Drupada sent his purohita to Dhritharashtra for negotiations.
  • 2) Drupada’s purohita went to Hastinapura and addressed Dhritharashtra, who was seated along with Bhishma, Drona and the others. He said – “It is not good for you to oppose Dharmaraja”.
  • 3) “Bhima and Arjuna are the warriors-in-chief for Yudhisthira. Sri Krishna is their leader. You have anyways heard the news of Jarasandha and others being killed by Bhima”.
  • 4-5) “Due to the boon of invincibility from Shiva, three crore great Rakshasas had occupied all the Tirthakshetras and were causing obstacles for Tirthayatras. Bhimasena, desiring the welfare of his brothers, the Brahmanas and the entire world, killed all those brave ones. Due to this, all the Tirthakshetras on Earth are now approachable by humans”.
  • 6) “The sinner Jatasura had become invincible by taking refuge in the boon of Parvati. By putting on the guise of a Brahmana, he stayed with the Pandavas, all the while cheating them”.
  • 7-9) “In spite of knowing that he was an Asura, Bhima had not killed him as he was appearing as a Brahmana. Once, when Bhima had gone hunting, he captured Dharmaraja, the twins and Draupadi, and started running. When he saw Bhima, he released them and started battling Bhima. Pulling him down on the ground, Bhima crushed his head with his foot. He departed to Andhantamas. (This being the case,) Should I explicitly say he (Bhima) is capable of slaying your sons? You would have also heard that the Nivachakavachas were killed by Arjuna”.
  • 10) “On the other hand, you anyways know the capability of Sri Hari. This entire world, including sentient and insentient beings, along with Brahma, Shiva, Indra and the others are all under his control”.
  • 11) “Therefore you return back the wealth to Dharmaraja, who is looked after by these people”. Even when he spoke thus, Dhritharashtra did not do as requested.
  • 12) Later both Arjuna and Duryodhana left at the same time to meet Sri Krishna, who had left for Dwaravati along with the Yadavas, in order to seek help for the war. Duryodhana outpaced Arjuna.
  • 13) “I being the King of Kings cannot sit by the feet” – thinking thus Duryodhana sat near the head of Sri Krishna, with great ego.
  • 14) Sri Krishna, being the omniscient and all-capable one, knew of their impending arrival. Although being the one without sleep, he acted as if he was sleeping. Arjuna bowed to Sri Krishna’s feet and, out of excessive Bhakti, stood near his feet with folded hands.
  • 15) Lord Sri Krishna, although he knew Duryodhana had arrived first, saw Arjuna and said – “Arjuna! Welcome!”. When he said thus, Duryodhana spoke – “I came here first”. Sri Krishna welcomed him too and offered him hospitality.
  • 16-17) Getting to know of the reason for their arrival, Sri Krishna said – “One of you came first. (But) I saw the other one first. Therefore, I shall offer equal help to both of you. On one side it shall be me without any weapons. On the other side will be ten lakh brave sons of mine as soldiers”.
  • 18) When Sri Krishna said thus, Arjuna selected Sri Krishna himself. This was due to his deep Bhakti in him. Duryodhana, being devotion-less, selected the sons (Gopas) of Sri Krishna who would take part in battle.
  • 19) Although Sri Krishna would help only the Pandavas, he acted as if he would treat both of them equally in order to show (the world) that Duryodhana had no Bhakti in him. Later, Sri Krishna proceeded towards the Pandavas, along with Arjuna.
  • 20) Duryodhana went to Balarama. Although he possessed friendship towards him, Balarama said “I cannot help you” due to fear of Sri Krishna.
  • 21) At Upaplavya when Balarama had spoken in support of Duryodhana in the gathering, Satyaki had refuted him in front of Sri Krishna himself.
  • 22) Therefore, he did not go with Duryodhana. Along with Krutavarma, Duryodhana left for Hastinapura. Bringing together the Kings of many nations, Duryodhana gathered an army of eleven Akshouhinis.
  • 23) The army of the Pandavas became seven Akshouhinis in size as Virata, Drupada, Kekaya, Dhrishtaketu, Sahadeva – the son of Jarasandha and the King of Kashi joined them.
  • 24) Purujit, Kuntibhoja, Chekitana, Satyaki and all the others who were on the side of the Devatas moved towards the Pandavas along with their armies.
  • 25-27) Vinda and Anuvinda from the Avanti country, Jayatsena, the other Kekayas, Kshemadhoorti, Dandadhara, Kalinga, Ambashta, Shrutayu, Achyutayu, Bruhadbala, Sudakshina, Shrutayudha, Jayadratha, the Rakshasas Alambusha, Alayudha and Alambala and all the other Daityas took the side of Duryodhana. Since he was personally invited by Duryodhana, Bhagadatta joined him.
  • 28) Bahlika along with his sons and grandsons, Bhishma, Drona and Kripa joined Duryodhana in order to please Dhritharashtra. Veerasena, the King of Pandya country, took the side of the Pandavas.
  • 29) Learning of Shalya’s march towards the Pandava camp, Duryodhana arranged excellent rest houses throughout the route, all of which were full of material luxuries.
  • 30) Assuming that Yudhishthira had arranged all of those, Shalya said – “I shall fulfill the desire of the one who has arranged these”.
  • 31) Listening to those words, the hiding Duryodhana came out and said – “Make your words come true. Help me in the war”. Shalya, in order to increase his fame, and to keep his word, said – “May it be so”.
  • 32) Later Shalya went to the Pandavas and obtained their consent. When Dharmaraja asked him to denigrate Karna for the sake of Arjuna, he said yes and went to the Kaurava camp.
  • 33) Later Dhritharashtra sent Sanjaya to the Pandavas in order to negotiate. Sanjaya argued that it was against Dharma to engage in war.
  • 34) In the intense debate that ensued, Dharmaraja spoke about the Dharma that Bhima and Draupadi had taught him (in the forest) and rendered Sanjaya speechless. Sri Krishna too spoke about the genuineness of war.
  • 35) Sanjaya, who could not counter the arguments, bowed to Sri Krishna and the Pandavas and returned to Dhritharashtra. Having returned that way, he berated Dhritharashtra and went home.
  • 36) Having been insulted that way by Sanjaya, Dhritharashtra called Vidura at night and asked him questions about Dharma. Then, Vidura advised him that it was Dharma to hand over the Kingdom to the Parthas.
  • 37) “Handing over the Kingdom to the Pandavas will ensure happiness in this world. It will also avoid condemnation. If you do not do so, Dharma will be violated and it will lead to the destruction of all your sons”.
  • 38) Not inclining towards that, Dhritharashtra, in order to rid himself of the sin of hating Pandavas by obtaining the knowledge of Brahman, asked him the truth about Sri Vishnu. Vidura then remembered Sage Sanatana.
  • 39) Sage Sanatsujata arrived there and instructed him about the essence of Sri Vishnu. He also told him that a charlatan would never attain Sadgati. The next day, in the morning gathering, Sanjaya conveyed the message of the Pandavas in front of all the Kauravas.
    • Note: Sanatsujata was also known by the name of Sanatana.
  • 40-41) Listening to it, Dhritharashtra, although overcome by fear, did not hand over the Kingdom out of attachment towards his son. King Yudhisthira had earlier told Sanjaya – “If our father is ready to hand over the Kingdom, you or Vidura may come here. Otherwise there is no need”.


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