Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 27: Part 3

  • 81-82) In order to get Yudhishthira released, Bhima destroyed Duryodhana’s chariot and hurt him badly with many sharp arrows at his vital parts. Shalya then pointed him (Duryodhana) out to Karna, who let off Dharmaraja and went there. When Karna proceeded thus to protect Duryodhana, Yudhishthira quietly went back to his camp and slept off.
  • 83) Ashwathama and Krupa too moved towards Duryodhana. Bhima faced Ashwathama and Karna. Duryodhana, who had been hit by the arrows coming out of Bhima’s shoulders, was taken into his chariot by Krupa.
  • 84) When Duryodhana was driven away by Krupa, both Karna and Ashwathama, who were hurt by the cluster of arrows from Bhima, left him and proceeded further, destroying the Panchala army with their flood of arrows.
  • 85) Arjuna then, not seeing King Yudhishthira in the battlefield, being encouraged by Sri Krishna, started towards the camp. Dhrishtadyumna, seeing his army being destroyed by Karna, started troubling the Kauravas.
  • 86) Ashwathama stopped Arjuna, the bearer of Hanuman in his flag, as the latter came forward. Dhrishtadyumna stopped Dushasana.
  • 87) The two Atirathas Dushasana and Dhrishtadyumna started raining arrows on each other, causing darkness (in the sky).
  • 88) Dushasana stunned Dhrishtadyumna in that battle. In spite of trying very hard, Dhrishtadyumna’s efforts did not succeed and he ended up being rendered weapon-less.
  • 89) Then the most terrible battle took place between Arjuna and Ashwathama. In that battle too, Ashwathama arrested Arjuna through a cage of arrows and cut the string of the Gandiva.
  • 90) Arjuna then, with his strength enhanced by Sri Krishna, killed Ashwathama’s charioteer and cut off the ropes of his horses. He chased him away with his arrows.
    • Note: Sri Krishna once again blessed Arjuna that caused his strength to increase. This allowed him to defeat Ashwathama.
  • 91) When Partha proceeded further after winning against the son of his Guru, Karna started chasing away the army of the Pandavas with his arrows. Duryodhana too followed him.
  • 92) Seeing Karna approaching, and chasing away his army, Dhrishtadyumna picked up another bow and faced him.
  • 93) The two of them fought a great battle on equal terms for a long time relentlessly. At the same time, the brave Satyaki stopped Duryodhana.
  • 94) Stopped by him, Duryodhana killed Satyaki’s horses and broke Dhrishtadyumna’s bow.
  • 95) In the middle of this, Karna killed Dhrishtadyumna’s horses and brought them down. As soon as Satyaki and Dhrishtadyumna lost their chariots, the Pandava army ran away.
  • 96) Noticing his army being destroyed in many ways, Bhimasena, one with a lion on his mast, let out a roar that shook the Earth and took on the army of the Kaurava King.
  • 97) Because of Vrikodara’s roar, and due to his arrows, the Kuru army was destroyed and it ran away in all directions. Duryodhana lost his chariot and weapons to Bhimasena in battle.
  • 98) Seeing this, the Pandava army returned to battle with an unstoppable force. Due to this, the Kaurava army lost and ran away farther and more.
  • 99) Seeing the army of Duryodhana running away after getting hit by the Panchalas who had taken refuge in Bhima, Karna started burning in anger.
  • 100) Karna picked up an unassailable astra by name Bhargava whose propitiating Devata was Sri Parashurama. It was an astra that could destroy all other astras and had no counter-astra.
  • 101) Karna released that potent astra against the army where Bhima and others were present. Due to Sri Parashurama’s grace Bhima was spared by that astra.
  • 102-107) Some of them ran from it. Few others reached the abode of Yama. That astra would not kill anyone who ran away from it. Dhrishtadyumna and the other Panchalas, the sons of Draupadi, Satyaki and others survived as they ran from it. Arjuna too saw the astra approaching and, knowing that it did not have a counter, did not face it and requested Sri Krishna – “I shall leave elsewhere leaving Karna. Otherwise one cannot survive against this astra”. When he spoke thus, Sri Krishna, the doer of all activities, ensured he got away from Karna and took him to Bhima through another route. There, Arjuna requested Bhima – “Please proceed to check upon Yudhishthira. Get his news and come back. The remaining Samshaptakas are inviting me. Therefore I shall proceed in battle against them”.
  • 108) When Arjuna spoke thus, Bhima, who knew his own strength that none else could comprehend, told him – “I alone shall face and battle the Samshaptakas, Karna the son of the charioteer and the Kauravas. You approach the King”.
  • 109) “I shall never go from here quitting battle. No one should be able to ridicule me saying I was scared of battle” – when Bhima spoke thus, the omnipotent Sri Krishna praised his most dear one with great affection.
  • 110) Sri Krishna went to Yudhishthira’s camp in order to see him, along with Arjuna. Dharmaraja saw them and, assuming Karna was dead, started praising them.
  • 111) Arjuna bowed down to him and said – “I will kill Karna soon”. When he said thus, Dharmaraja condemned Arjuna and said – “Hand over the Gandiva to Sri Krishna. He shall kill Radheya. There is no doubt about this”.
  • 112) “Or if you quit the war, Bhima will himself fell him down. Kunti giving birth to you was a waste. You are a shanda. You make false vows”.
  • 113) “I on the other hand am alive due to the bravery of Bhima, after I was subject to torment by Karna” – when the elder brother spoke thus, Arjuna pulled out an excellent sword from his sheath.
  • 114) The omniscient Sri Krishna asked him – “What is this?”. Arjuna replied – “It is my solemn vow that I shall slay him who asks me to hand over my Gandiva to another person Therefore, I shall kill him now”. Sri Krishna then said.
  • 115) “Truthful words are indeed beneficial. However, it is very difficult to ascertain what is truth. That which does good to the noble is alone the truth!”
  • 116) “Following the path of Dharma is beneficial indeed. However, knowing what is Dharma is difficult. That which leads to protection of the noble is Dharma. This is certain”.
  • 117) “A brahmana by name Kaushika once revealed to dacoits the place where villagers were hiding. Due to this he reached Naraka”.
    • Note: Once a few villagers were being chased by dacoits to loot their wealth. The innocent villagers hid in the ashrama of Kaushika. When the dacoits asked him, Kaushika, having a faulty understanding of Satya, revealed their place of hiding. The dacoits killed the innocent people. This led to great sin being accumulated by Kaushika and he consequently reached Naraka after death.
  • 118) “Once a hunter killed a deer in order to feed his parents and obtained Swarga due to this. That deer was actually an Asura that was performing tapas to cause harm to the world. Hence his state”.
    • Note: Although the hunter killed a deer and undertook violence, it caused benefit to his aged parents. Not only that, the deer was actually an Asura in disguise and the hunter indirectly rid the world of an evil. Hence he obtained Swarga.
  • 119) “Therefore, know that that which causes the sustenance of the noble alone is Dharma. Therefore, do not kill the King. Address him in singular and thereby fulfill your vow”.
    • Note: According to Shastra, disrespecting an elder is equivalent to killing them. And calling an elderly person using the singular is a great disrespect. Hence Sri Krishna’s advice.
  • 120-121) When Sri Krishna advised thus, Arjuna angrily berated Dharmaraja with many words saying – “You are cruel, ingrate and without any valour. You always speak in vain. We do not have any joy due to you. You have no right to condemn me. Only Bhima, who is our refuge, can condemn me. Even now he is out there fighting the brave warriors. You can only speak ill of others”. Berating him with these and more words, Arjuna withdrew his sword once again, this time in order to kill himself.

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