Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 27: Part 4

  • 122) When Sri Krishna asked him again, Arjuna conveyed his decision. Hearing that, Sri Janardana scolded him and said again.
    • Note: Arjuna had, in the fit of anger, berated his elder brother. But the fact that he had transgressed Dharma by abusing his father-like older brother caused him great distress, and he decided to commit suicide.
  • 123) “Causing harm to one’s own body knowingly is a route to great sin. Isn’t one’s body the instrument to achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha?”
  • 124) “Therefore do not forsake your body. But you do praise yourself. Addressing Gurus and elders in singular is killing. Praising oneself is suicide”.
  • 125) When Sri Krishna said thus, Arjuna greatly praised himself out of pride.
  • 126) Guru-ninda and self-praise can never be instruments for achieving Dharma. Still, Sri Krishna brought to light the mindset of Arjuna in that manner. Sowing the seeds of modesty in him, he relieved the ego that was growing.
  • 127) Sri Krishna got all of that done through Arjuna in order to nicely inculcate the lesson that he was unaware of the greater Dharma and that Sri Krishna was his resort, and also to remove all defects in him.
  • 128) The King (Yudhishthira), being unaware of all of this, got angry and said – “Let Bhima become the King. You become the prince. Kill me. Or I, being useless, shall proceed to the forest”. Saying thus, he got up from his bed.
  • 129) Sri Krishna, the leader of the world, stopped him and explained all the reasons and calmed him. Arjuna fell at the feet of Dharmaraja and asked forgiveness. Dharmaraja became very pleased.
  • 130) The two brothers, being relieved from great danger due to the grace of Sri Krishna, became very pleased. They praised the lord of the Universe profusely and said – “O Hari! Who other than you is our biggest well-wisher?”
  • 131) Arjuna later bowed down to his elder brother and was hugged by him out of affection. Being complimented with his blessings, he proceeded for battle.
  • 132) When Arjuna expressed doubts over his ability to win against Karna and started to sweat, Sri Hari reminded him of his previous accomplishments and increased the Avesha of Nara in him. With this, Arjuna’s confidence became firm.
  • 133) Bhimasena by then was chasing away the enemy army. He killed all those brave warriors who came for battle. And he did all of this while having a jovial chat with his charioteer (Vishoka).
  • 134) Shakuni then went to fight against Bhimasena, along with his army and a few brothers of Duryodhana. Bhima quickly rendered him chariot-less and weapon-less and brought him down on the ground, hitting him with his arrows.
  • 135) Since it was his own arrangement in the hall of dice that Shakuni was Sahadeva’s portion, Bhima did not kill him. Duryodhana carried away Shakuni, who was unconscious with only his breath remaining, on his chariot.
  • 136) Ten brothers of Duryodhana ran away speedily from Bhimasena in that battle. Seeing Sri Krishna and Arjuna then, and getting to know about the well-being of Dharmaraja, he became pleased.
  • 137) Dushasana picked up a bow and attacked Bhimasena, who was killing warriors from the enemy side and chasing away their army. Bhima attacked him like a lion.
  • 138) Even as Dushasana kept on uttering cruel words, Bhimasena quickly rendered him chariot-less and brought him down on the ground after seizing him. With a blow of his mace, he cracked his chest.
  • 139) Pressing his neck with his foot, he sat on his abdomen and, seething with anger, stared at his face and drew out his great sky-hued sword from its sheath and knifed his chest with it.
  • 140) Creating a big pool of blood in his chest, he drank the blood as he liked, just as a thirsty person drinks Amruta. Even as Dushasana’s eyes started to roll, Bhima reminded him of the sinful things he had done in the past.
  • 141) He reminded Dushasana again and again all the arrow-like sharp words he had spoken earlier. Knowing very well human blood to be unfit for consumption, Bhima ensured that the blood did not go beyond his teeth.
  • 142) Still, in order to create fear amongst the enemies, he repeatedly appeared to taste the blood and drink it. Remembering Sri Narasimha, the Bhagavan and Lord of all, he realized the Manyu Sukta with great devotion.
    • Note: Bhimasena had realization of the Manyu Sukta as he killed Dushasana and offered it as a sacrifice at the feet of Lord Narasimha.
  • 143) The sukta starting with ‘yaste manyo’ has Narasimha as its Devata. Bhima saw Narasimha himself while offering the blood as Somarasa in that battle which was like a Yajna. Thinking of the enemy’s chest as Soma he chanted the Sama mantra started with ‘Iha‘ and crushed it with the mace.
  • 144) Bhimasena, the foremost amongst men, fulfilled his vow in front of the whole world and said – “All those women who had husbands earlier are now without husbands. But the one who was called as being husband-less is now with her husband”.
    • Note: Bhima was referring to the mocking of Draupadi during the game of dice by Duryodhana, Dushasana and Karna who had addressed her as being without any husband.
  • 145) “See the amazing power of Sri Hari, the best amongst all. He who was known as a potent seed earlier has now become an impotent seed. He is being held by me. If there is any man amidst you, he can come here and get him released”.
    • Note: Dushasana and the others had mocked the Pandavas during the game of dice calling them ‘shanda-tila’ or oil-seeds without potency. Hence this retort by Bhima.
  • 146) Speaking thus, Bhimasena started drinking his blood just as the best amongst Devatas drank Amruta. Later, even as he was still breathing, Bhima let go off him and started going around the enemies, holding no weapons, letting out a leonine roar and started dancing.
  • 147) “All those who had mocked us earlier calling us ‘Ox! Ox!’ – we will mock them now by dancing and calling them ‘Ox! Ox!'”
    • Note: When the Pandavas were departing the hall of dice, the Kauravas had mocked their walk animatedly and had called them Oxen. Hence this retort by Bhima.
  • 148) Speaking thus, Bhimasena danced around the enemies and roaringly called them to battle. At that moment, Karna, Ashwathama, Duryodhana and the others did not even dare to look at him.
  • 149) Out of fear, Karna’s bow slipped from his hands. He closed both his eyes. When repeatedly called out by the King of Madra (Shalya) he regained sense and somehow survived as he was destined to be Arjuna’s share (of victims).
  • 150) Ashwathama left Bhima’s vicinity and went afar. Bhimasena said – “I have performed Somapana in the battlefield today. Now, Duryodhana must be killed in order to please Sri Hari”.
  • 151) As soon as he declared thus, he left the dead Dushasana and rushed angrily against the enemy Duryodhana. Seeing the terrifying warrior Bhima approach him, a scared Duryodhana ran away from there.
  • 152) Apart from Sri Krishna and Arjuna, both the armies had left Bhima and ran away from the field out of fear. The battlefield was empty for one muhurtha. Bhima then danced out of joy with tiger like footsteps.
  • 153) Seeing Bhima resolving, like a tiger, to kill enemies like animals and dance (after that), Sri Krishna laughed with joy. Arjuna too laughed. With great joy, both of them praised Bhima.
  • 154) Due to Bhimasena, the battlefield became empty for a muhurtha. After that the brothers of Duryodhana faced the great warrior Bhima, showering him with a flood of arrows.
  • 155) Using excellent arrows, Maruti cut off their heads and quickly dispatched them to the abode of Yama. On that day, twenty Kauravas were killed by Bhima. The remaining ones ran away.
  • 156) When Bhima was thus accomplishing tasks impossible for others to succeed in, the enemy camp got very frightened. Karna too closed his eyes out of fear. Vrushasena, Karna’s son, then went against Nakula.
  • 157) Nakula halted Vrushasena with a flood of arrows, who in turn rendered him chariot-less. Nakula then picked up a sword and shield and killed three thousand followers (soldiers) of Vrushasena.
  • 158) Vrushasena cut off his shield and also showered many arrows against Bhima and Arjuna. With a single arrow, and in one go, Arjuna then cut off the neck, arms and thighs of Vrushasena.
  • 159) When his son was killed by Arjuna, Karna rushed against him. An amazing and most terrifying duel took place between those two foremost knowers of all astras.
  • 160) Devatas and Asuras took sides between them. Other Jeevas too gathered in the skies. A big dispute arose between them. Shiva then requested Brahma.

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